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Chapter 243: Return to Whale Island

After finishing his fight with Netero, Allan temporarily left the Hunter Association back to Whal island.

His purpose was to see how far did Gon had advanced since he last saw him a month ago.

In the forest of Whale Island, Allan found Gon.

His Nen became much stronger than before.

“It seems like you are stronger than before, Gon.” Allan laughed.

“Since I left, I spent almost 15 hours training every day.

Except for sleeping and meals, I spend the rest training.” Gon replied.

“As long as you keep that, you will become very strong.” Allan encouraged.

Gon nodded then said: “Allan, can you please spar with me, I want to see how much I improved.”

Suddenly, the systems gave Allan two choices.

[Ding! Make a Choice]

[1: Accept Gon’s request and win.

Reward: Three Months of training experience.]

[2: Reject Gon’s request.

Reward: One thousand Nen point.]

Allan picked the first choice and said: “Well, let go.”

Gon was happily haring this.

“Gon, go all out, I won’t go easy on you.”

“I’m happy to hear that.”

Gon clenched his fist and released his Nen which was quite strong and made him look amazing.

Gon was an enhancer and he was best at strengthening his body.


With an explosion, Gon rushed toward Allan and punched.

Although Gon’s attacks were simple, they allowed him to perform to the best of his abilities.

Allan didn’t dodge but let the punch land.

He didn’t block Gon’s fist using Nen, but he used his physical strength instead.

When the punch landed on Allan, he could feel that Gon was indeed stronger than before.

Even though Gon improved quite a bit, he was still far from reaching Allan’s current power.

Allan flashed as if he teleported and arrived behind Gon, and with a chop to the back of Gon’s neck, Gon fell unconscious.

Gon used Ken to defend but it wasn’t enough.

[Ding! You knocked Gon out, you received three months of training experience.]

In a moment, Allan felt his power increase a little bit.

‘I have to say, Gon is really an experience package.’ Allan thought, but he didn’t consider Gon to be a tool.

Allan picked Gon and went back to Mito’s place.

Seeing Allan, Mito was surprised and delighted.

After not seeing him for a while, she found that Allan grew taller again, and was no longer the boy he once was.

His body exuded a faint aura of a powerhouse as well.

The next day, while eating breakfast, Gon said: “It seems like I’m still far behind if you can easily knock me out like that.”

Seeing Gon so down, Allan comforted him: “Come one, you don’t get strong overnight, training needs time.”

“I decided! I will train with defeating you as a goal.” Gon said firmly.

Hearing this, Allan smiled: “Yes, you can challenge me anytime.

I will not hold back and knock you down each time you do.”

“I’m serious, you just wait.” Gon said.

Gon was someone to joke around and from that day onward, he regarded Allan as his target.

He still held to his goal of finding his father, the difference is that he wants to be a better hunter than his father, while he wants to defeat Allan.

But in general, whether it was Allan or Ging, both held an important place in Gon’s heart.

Two days later, Allan was about to leave Whale Island.

Before leaving, Allan went to Gon in the forest and said: “Gon, training alone can’t make you improve quickly, I suggest you go wander the world for experience.”

Gon thought for a bit and found it reasonable.

“If that’s the case, I will go outside, but where should I go”

Allan thought for a bit and said: “You can go to Killua, didn’t Killua go back to the Zoldyck family to train last time I think he will also want to go out, so you can train together.”

Hearing Allan’s suggestion, Gon said: “You’re right, then I’m going to find Killua.”

Suddenly, Gon thought of something: “By the way, Allan, do you want to go find Killua together”


Seeing Allan hesitating, Gon said: “Allan, you just have to take me there and nothing else.”

“So you don’t know how to get there and want me to take you”

Gon nodded sheepishly: “Although we went there last time, I forgot how to go there.”

[Ding! Make A Choice]

[1: Agree to Gon’s request and go with him to the Zoldyck mansion.

Reward: Shadow Clone Jutsu.]

[2: Reject Gon’s request.

Reward: One thousand Nen point.]

“Well, I will take you there then.” For the sake of the reward, Allan agreed.

In fact, he wasn’t in a hurry right now, so taking Gon there won’t waste much time.

The next morning, Allan and Gon left Whale Island by boat and headed toward the Zoldyck Family.


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