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A crisp bone-cracking sound echoed.

Even if Uvogins body was like steel, his neck cracked after Allan landed a Leaf Strong Whirlwind on it.

“My neck…”

Uvogins head was covered in cold sweat as Allans kick almost torn his head off his body.

“This is bad!”

Although cracking his neck didnt do too much damage, he was still affected.

He couldnt make large movements anymore as the severe pain from torn muscles and shattered bones in his neck was unbearable.

Right now, Uvogin could only grit his teeth and try to move his neck back into its original position.

If he moved it too fast, he wouldnt be able to reposition it back smoothly, but the pain would be severe if he moved too slow.

However, as he tried to move his damaged neck back into position, Allan flashed in front of him.

Leaf Whirlwind (Konoha Senpu)!

Although this attack was slightly weaker than Leaf Strong Whirlwind, no one can underestimate it.

Uvogin hurriedly raised his arms to block the attack, but this kick was just a faint.


Allan sneered.

As soon as Leaf Whirlwind was blocked, he turned around and punched.

Uvogin was unable to guard against this attack, and instantly Coldness spread over his body.

Uvogin was stunned by Allans attacks.

He couldnt predict any pattern in his attack from start to finish.

“No, if he freezes me, its over.” This thought crept into Uvogins head as he instantly controlled his Nen to fight the Coldness.


Uvogins Nen once again burst out, dispelling the Coldness.

Allan jumped up in the air with Moon Walk.

Then he sharply looked at Uvogin.

He spread his hands, and the cold Aura erupted around him, forming an Icicle.

Allan held the Icicle, then launched it toward Uvogin.

As soon as Uvogin raised his head, pain assaulted him from his neck.

But he didnt care about the pain at this moment.

He poured Nen into his fist and faced Allans Icicle head-on.

With a loud bang, Uvogins punch crashed the Icicle.

Simultaneously, Allan used Moon Walk to crush down toward Uvogin with a kick to the head.

With Uvogins current injury, he cant receive any blow to the head, or else he is done for.

Therefore, Allan aimed his attacks at Uvogins sore spot, his neck.

Uvogin gritted his teeth and roared.

He could only endure the pain as he once again punched.


The ground under Uvogin cracked, but Allan didnt finish his attack yet.

Without giving any chance to Uvogin, he rolled around and covered his hands with Ice gloves and punched.

Login didnt dare to be careless.

He instantly punched out again.

And even though Allan was tattered as well, he didnt receive much damage.

He was in good shape compared to Uvogin.

“Damn it! What A Joke! Im the strongest!!!”

Uvogin roared angrily as his Aura soared.

He concentrated all of his remaining Nen into his fist before slamming it down.

Big Bang Impact!

In an instant, Uvogins hand turned red as he hit the ground.

Uvogins fist created a giant crater on the ground with a loud bang as the Towers floor tiles scattered with the impact.

The entire Tower shook slightly as if an earthquake or a missile just hit it.

This was Uvogins strongest attack.

He aimed to make it as strong as a nuclear warhead, but he still didnt reach that power yet.

He wanted to have the power to level a city with one punch.

But even though he wasnt that strong yet, his punch was as powerful as a small missile.

The Trick tower was built specially to hold prisoners, so even with Uvogins attack, it wasnt destroyed and only shook slightly.

The ground floor was destroyed, though.

In the center of the Crater, Uvogin stood straight.


After using Big Bang Impact, Uvogins Nen was depleted, and his breathing was ragged.

“That guy, where did he go”

Uvogin didnt relax as he remained vigilant while looking around for Allan.

He knew that his punch didnt affect Allan.

At this moment, he felt a crisis approaching him and directly looked up, ignoring the severe pain from his neck.

He noticed a huge Icicle rapidly descending on him.

“This is Bad!”

Uvogins Nen was depleted and couldnt muster enough power to punch the Icicle away.

He could only block it with his body.

He was blasted down and smashed into the crater he created before the Icicle broke apart.

Uvogin vomited a mouthful of blood.

His injury was severe.

Allan Flash Stepped in front of him.

Thanks to Moon Walk, Allan was able to stay away from Uvogins Big Bang Impact.

He used that opportunity to prepared a giant Icicle to finish Uvogin off.

All this happened so quickly that which caught Uvogin off guard.

Allan was no longer afraid as he is confident that he can kill Uvogin.


Seeing Allans haughty expression, Uvogin shouted unhappily as he resisted the pain in his body and punched Allan.


Allan snorted and avoided the punch with the Observation Hakis help.

Simultaneously, he lifted his leg and punched Uvogins chest.

Uvogin flew upside down while Allan moved quickly with a Kick.

Leaf Whirlwind!

Allan kicked Uvogins stomach sending him sliding on the ground before he hit a pillar far away.

Allan continued his attack as he approached with Flash Steps before kicking again.

After five or six kicks, Uvogin was almost losing consciousness.

Blood spurted out of his mouth after each kick as his body was dyed red with blood.

He was angry, his pupils were bloodshot, and a growl escaped his throat.

Allan didnt give him a chance to get back up as he made an Icicle in his hand and shouted.


Ice Slash!!

Allan slashed Uvogin with the Icicle intending on killing him.

Chrollo, Hisoka, and Illumi, who already moved away as soon as Uvogin used his Big Bang Impact, stared with wide eyes at the scene in front of them.

Chrollo resisted the urge to rescue Uvogin as he only stared at Allan slashing his partner.

Uvogins Ken shattered, and the slash hit his bare flesh without any resistance.

Blood spattered as a thirty-centimeter wound appeared on Uvogins body.

If Uvogins body wasnt so tough, that slash couldve chopped him in half.

Uvogins pupils were wide open.

His face looked at the wound on his body in disbelief before intense pain spread all over.


A violent roar escaped Uvogins hoarse throat like a demon.

His gaze was filled with anger, hatred, and Killing Intent.

Suddenly his eyes were fixed on Allan as he clenched his teeth, and veins bulged out of his body rapidly.


His Aura erupted once again as he roared.


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