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His eyes were red with madness.

Killing Intent and Anger burst out of his body in waves.

The only thing that mattered was defeating the person in front of him.

“This Guy…”

Allan frowned with a gloomy face.

The Enhancers were special; their powers can increase due to their emotions.

Initially, as Uvogin consumed so much of his Nen, he shouldnt have this much left.

But because of his anger, his body generated Nen like crazy, and a few moments, he returned to his peak.

But with his current injuries, the pain Uvogin was experiencing would render a grown man to a crying mess, but Uvogin didnt care at all.

Allan was impressed by Uvogins Aura.

He was standing ten meters away, but he still felt the Aura like hot flames burning.

“What is this”

Suddenly, Allans face changed.

He looked at the wound on Uvogins body, and to his surprise, it was healing at speed visible to the naked eye.

Enhancers were among the few Nen types that can increase the healing rate using their Aura.

“Damn it!”

Allan said darkly.

If Uvogin recovered, everything he did from start to now would go down the drain.

Allan was preparing to launch a surprise attack.

Uvogin gave up healing his wound and jumped up to intercept Allan and punched him.

Flash Steps.

Allan directly avoided using Flash Steps.

Uvogins punched empty air, but it sent a massive shockwave that damaged the ground like a hammer.

Allan was surprised by the power that casual punch had.

If Allan gets hit by that punch, his bones will crack.


Uvogin was still in a frenzy.

His fist started ramming down like a machine gun.

After a while, the dust created by Uvogins punches was lifted, and dozens of pits appeared on the ground with varying sizes.

The smallest pit was 3 meters wide, while the largest was 10 meters.

However, Uvogin wasnt happy.

He was panting heavily as his eyes looked around.

Suddenly, he caught on the figure approaching him quickly.

With air Superiority, Allan escaped the last outburst unscathed.

Allan was holding a crystal Icicle with both hands as he used Flash Steps to increase his momentum.

Although Uvogin consumed a lot of energy in his frenzied attack, his reaction wasnt affected as he avoided Allans attack by stepping to the side.

The Icicle passed dangerously close to Uvogins body.

At the same time, he punched him with the back of his hand.

Allan used the Icicle to block the punch, but it broke.

Uvogins punch rushed toward Allan without decreasing in speed.

Allan instantly kicked with his legs and jumped to the air to distance himself from Uvogin.

Uvogin picked up two rocks from the ground and threw them at Allan, who was in the air, but the latter dodged while looking for an opportunity to approach Uvogin.

He was saving his energy for a heavy blow.

His gaze locked on Uvogins head and neck.

That was the only way he could injure him.

‘Damn it! My neck hurts more and more, and if I leave it alone, I wont be able to perform large movements.

I must move my neck back to its original position; otherwise, I will be restricted.

Allan saw Uvogin stop throwing rocks and twisted his neck.

Taking advantage of this moment, Allan launched his attack directly.

Leaf Strong Whirlwind.

Allan kicked while falling from the sky, and Uvogin had no choice but to use a single hand to block this attack.

However, he underestimated this kick as he almost fell to his knees.

Allan turned around and kicked again.

Uvogin couldnt defend himself, and his face was kicked.

His neck injury aggravated as intense pain spread all over his body like an electric current.

Uvogins concentration broke as sweat beads covered his forehead.

Allan knew that this was a rare opportunity and immediately poured what little power he still had and used Konohas Taijutsu techniques to attack Uvogin repeatedly.

At this moment, Uvogin grabbed Allans wrist and took a deep breath.

Allan felt immense danger arise from his heart.

He knew what Uvogin was about to shout.

He knew this attack from the show, but he isnt clear how loud Uvogins roar could be.

If he was unprepared, his eardrums would burst out, and he would die.

“Damn, I cant avoid this.” Allans brain was trying its best to find a way to cope with Uvogins Roar.


Uvogin roared.

Almost everyone in the tower could hear this roar, and it made nearly all of them tremble.

Gon, Killua, Kurapika, Leorio, and many other candidates in the tower and the prisoners all paled after hearing this roar.

When Uvogin was about to shout, Allan instantly used Conquerors Haki without restrain and used it to protect himself.

He used Conquerors Haki to diverse the sonic impact while also impacting Uvogins consciousness.

(T/N: I have no idea if thats possible, but thats what the Author wrote.)

Allan felt uncomfortable.

Although he used his Conquerors Haki to withstand the Sonic boom in time, the distance was too close, and his eardrums were affected, and his head was buzzing.

For the time being, both sides stared at each other without doing anything.

“You are getting better and better as time passes,” Uvogin said.

After such a fierce, Allans power exceeded his imagination.

Although they were enemies, Uvogin felt amazed by Allans progress.

Allan said: “So”

“Im very excited.

Lets continue.” Uvogin said with a grim expression.

Uvogin already put back his neck to its position, and although he still felt pain, it wasnt that intense anymore, and his movement greatly improved.

Allan didnt show any weakness, although he used most of his stamina.

When the two were still fighting, someone wearing glasses and had a roosters haircut intervened.


“Go away!” Uvogin angrily shouted.

Allan frowned and looked at the other party, quickly recognizing him as the examiner of this phase of the Exam.

“Are you the examiner”

Sure enough, the Rooster head replied.

“Yes, Im Lippo.

Im warning you two.

If you dont stop, I will eliminate you from the Hunters Exam.”

Allan frowned.

Uvogin didnt care if they eliminated him.

His eyes were on Allan, wanting to defeat him.

Lippo glanced at the two of them and said: “This is the Hunter Exam, not somewhere you two could fight.

If you have grudges, you can settle them after you leave.

Moreover, you two already rendered the tower into such a sorry state; if you two continue, you will destroy the Tower.”

Allan said coldly: “That big guy is to blame.

He inflicted 80% of the damage.

It has nothing to do with me.

He attacked and forced me to defend myself.”

“What are you talking about.” Uvogin glared at Allan.

He didnt expect Allan to be so shameless.

Although he did cause most of the damage, it was because Allan dodged his attacks.

Allan looked at him provocatively.

He wouldnt give in to someone as rude as Uvogin, or else the latter would think he was afraid of him.


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