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Hisokas eyes narrowed as he said: “I just came here to see you, nothing else.”

Illumi said: “Awesome.

Youre really strong!”

Allan didnt want to pay too much attention to these two, and after a few words, he took Ponzu to the forest to hunt some food.

After the fierce battle with Uvogin, he was really exhausted and needed to replenish his energy urgently.

The fastest way to do so is to eat meat.

And probably because this was the Associations territory, the forest was rich with wildlife.

Of course, while hunting, Allan didnt forget to keep an eye on his surroundings.

After all, he couldnt guarantee that no one will take advantage of his current weakness and deal with him.

Fortunately, no one attacked him.

After a fulfilling meal, he transformed all of the meat he ate into Nen to quickly regain his strength.

At this moment, Ponzu said: “Someone is coming over here.”

She released her bees to scout the surroundings and notice anyone approaching them.

The bees she released are named Sentry bees, a special breed used for guarding.

Allan was puzzled right now.

If she had some bees like this, why didnt she release them in the show when she worked in the NGL Expedition team.

But it wasnt time to think about this now, since she noticed someone approaching, he took a look to see who it was.

Allan was stunned.

The one who came was Chrollo.

He immediately became vigilant.

He is very familiar with the show and knew that Chrollo could steal Nen Ability, but he didnt know the conditions.

He needed to be careful.

Compared to Uvogin, who is simple-minded, Chrollo was very difficult to deal with.

But, once he noticed that Chrollo came alone, he felt relieved.

Neither Pakunoda nor Uvogin accompanied him, which means, Chrollo wasnt here to cause trouble.

After making Ponzu retreat temporarily, Allan asked: “Okay, can you tell me what do you want”

“Then, I will directly say it.

You know who we are, right”

Allan didnt answer directly.

He didnt expect Chrollo to ask this, but he nodded in the end: “Thats right.”

“Sure enough.” Chrollo wasnt surprised when he heard this.

Allan was abnormal when he saw Chrollo on the ship, which made Chrollo suspect that he knew their identities.

“Have you seen us before”


“How did you recognize us”


“Well, besides confirming my guess, I have something else to ask you.”

“What is it” Allan already guessed what Chrollo wanted, but he still asked.

Chrollo thought for a bit before he said: “Youre strong.

I want to invite you to join us.”

As Allan expected, Chrollo wanted to recruit him: “Its an honor that the leader of the Genei Ryodan is personally inviting me.”

Chrollo was taken aback for a moment before he smiled: “Its okay; you have the right to choose.

I wont force such a thing.

Moreover, I know that you cant merely agree to join us.

After all, for those who know about the Genei Ryodan, it isnt the right place to go.”

Allan frowned and asked back: “If thats the case, why would you invite me”

“Because we are short of people,” Chrollo replied without revealing much.

Allan doubted that, but Chrollos mouth rose slightly: “This time, were here to take the Hunter Exam to take the License as well as observe if there are any suitable candidates to invite to join us, and you are one of them.”

“Okay then, its an honor, but let me refuse.

I dont want to join the Genei Ryodan.”

Chrollo already knew that Allan would refuse, but he still smiled: “Okay, but if you change your mind, you can contact me anytime.”

After saying this, Chrollo took out his Card from his coat, handed it to Allan, and said: “That Card has my contact information.

You are welcome to call me anytime.”

After saying this, Chrollo turned around and left, while Allan picked up the Card and before coldly saying: “Tsk, what good would I gain from joining the Genei Ryodan I dont want to become a criminal.”

However, a choice appeared in front of him.

[Ding! Accept Chrollos Invitation to join the Genei Ryodan.

Reward: Magma Magma Devil Fruit.]

This time, The system gave him one choice without any time limit.

However, the reward moved Allans heart.

The Magma Magma fruit was a logia fruit with one of the strongest attacks in One Pieces world.

With that power, Allan would become strong instantly.

When the time comes, even if Uvogin attacked him, he would melt without any choice.

If he decided to join the Genei Ryodan, he would instantly gain such power.

If it were anyone else, he would almost immediately agree to join the Genei Ryodan.

However, Allan didnt have any intention to join them.

His reasoning was simple: he didnt want to work under them.

If he becomes one of them, he would be forced to do things against his principle.

So after thinking this thoroughly, Allan didnt make a choice.

The Magma Magma fruit was good, but Allan preferred Aokijis Ice Ice Fruit and Kizarus Light Light Fruit in terms of preference.

The Ice fruit was compatible with his Nen, and it will significantly enhance his power.

As for Light Fruit, he would be able to reach light speed.

Even Neteros 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva wouldnt be able to touch him.

Other than those, he also liked Kumas Paw-Paw Fruit.

If the reward given by the system were those fruits, he might have joined the Genei Ryodan.

Unfortunately, the reward wasnt any of these fruits.

Of course, even if Allan didnt want to join the Genei Ryodan now, it didnt mean he cant change his mind in the future.

Time flew by as the 67 hours of the third Phase of the Exam passed.

Candidates reached the Trick Towers ground floor one after the other.

However, Allan didnt see Killua or Gon.

This made him puzzled.

Could the test be so complicated that even with Gon and Killuas power, they couldnt pass

Or did they encounter someone they couldnt deal with

Even Hisoka and Illumi were worried…

If Gon was really eliminated like this, it would be a shame.

Hisokas joy was discovering interesting youths in the Exam and watch them grow stronger.

As for Illumi, he was concerned about Killua.

If his little brother failed the test, he wouldnt have any reason to continue participating in this Exam.

Fortunately, one minute before the 72 hours come to an end, Gon and Killua got out of the tower.

At the same time, Leorio, Kurapika, Hanzo and Pokkle got out as well.

The six of them were in the same group.

Because they were six people, conflicts were inevitable between them, which wasted time.

Otherwise, with Gon and Killuas abilities, they would have passed in the first ten hours.

After this test, Gon got acquainted with Kurapika and the others, and they became friends.

Allan felt a little bit interested now.

Because, in the end, Gon and Kurapika became friends in the Hunter Exam.

Lippo gathered the crowd after the Third Phase came to an end and announced.

“A total of 31 candidates passed the third Phase of the Exam.

One died, two are seriously injured and cant continue in the Exam, so 28 candidates are remaining.

Please board the Airship prepared by the Association to reach the fourth Phases location, but before that, please draw a card first.”

After that, Lippo took out a box and placed it in front of everyone.

“Why do we need to draw cards” Gon raised his hand and asked like a good student in a classroom.

Lippo paused then said: “Well, who can guess”

Allan, who knows how this Phase will be, said: “It should be related to the next phase.”

“Bingo, you are right.” Lippo glanced at Allan in appreciation and explained to everyone: “In the fourth phase, everyone will have a prey, and they are the prey of others, and those cards decide that.”

Hearing this, many candidates frowned.

Although it wasnt possible to know the detail of the test, they somewhat guessed it.

A few people, such as Hisoka and Uvogin, showed quite an exciting expression.

Hunting people was one of their best hobbies…

There were 28 candidates, and each one will draw a card.

The first person to reach the tower is the first to draw a card and so on.

Hisoka was the first to draw a card, followed by Illumi, Chrollo, Pakunoda, and Uvogin.

Allan was the sixth to draw a card, and Ponzu was the seventh.

Gon and Killua were the last to draw their cards.

The Number written on the Card corresponds to the Number the prey will have.

In other words, everyone here is a prey and a hunter at the same time.

You can hunt others, and others can hurt you.

This is the fourth Phase of the Exam.


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