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“Chief, that mission wasnt easy.

Those guys from the Kurta clan were quite strong.”

Chrollo nodded: “Yes, once they get angry, their eyes turn scarlet red like a beautiful fire, and their power increase very much.

They were impressive.”

Uvogin said: “But, Chief, you sold those beautiful eyes in the end, right”

“Because once I obtained them, they werent as exciting as before.

We humans are such creatures, we covet what isnt in our hands, but once we obtain it, we lose interest.”

Chrollo said calmly.

Although he felt sorry for killing all of the Kurta Clan, he didnt repent or care at all now.

It was as if his past-self committed those crimes, and it had nothing to do with the current him.

Uvogin was the same, he once got interested in woman, doing different things with them, but after a while, he found out that fighting is more interesting.

Still, Uvogin showed a slight interest in the Kurta clans survivor.

“Chief, when did you know that #404 is a survivor of the Kurta Clan”

Chrollo replied truthfully: “When I saw him in the First Phase of the Exam.

His clothes were very eye-catching, so I instantly remembered them.”

“I originally didnt intend to pay attention to that guy since he survived that catastrophe.

But since he is your target, I told you about him.

What will you do, Uvogin”

“I will, of course, take his badge and kill him, so he wont be able to take revenge in the future.” Uvogin was eager to fight and kill Kurapika.

Chrollo shook his head: “If you do that, you will be eliminated.”

Uvogin nodded: “Well, I will take his badge and break his legs.”

“Well, just dont kill him.” Chrollo agreed.

Uvogin grinned: “Chief if I let him know that we are the one who killed his clan, what would be his reaction”

“He will get angry, and his eyes will turn red in an instant.”

Its not hard to imagine how angry Kurapika would get if Uvogin told him.

Login grinned evilly and said: “Thats exciting.

Chief, do I let him know”

“No, you cant do that.” Chrollo denied his request.

“Why” Uvogin was puzzled.

Chrollo explained: “Uvogin, you are only doing this for your pleasure.

You want to see him angry and full of hatred, right

But this will bring instability to the group.

Although I dont think he can do anything as the Sole Survivor, deliberately revealing about identity will do us no good here.

At least, wait till the exam is over and do whatever you want.”

Uvogin was a little unhappy, but he still accepted: “I understand, I wont make messy.”

“Then, I will see you later.

Im going to find my target.” Chrollo said.

“Arent we going together” Uvogin was a little surprised because they always went together.

We cant communicate on the island, so I dont know where she is, but she should be going after her target.”

“By the way, Chief, who is Pakunodas target” Uvogin asked curiously.

“She told me it was #99.”

“Who is that”

“The silver-haired kid with the little hedgehog named Gon who is with Allan.

His name is Killua.”

“Oh, its that kid.

He doesnt seem ordinary, but Pakunoda should be able to handle him.”

“Well, dont underestimate her,” Chrollo said.

“Then, Ill go now, Chief.

I will deal with #404 first.

His name is Kurapika, right”

“I think it is.”

“Okay, then Im leaving.

See you later.”

Uvogin directly jumped on a tall tree and roared like a beast: “#404, wait for me.”

On the north side of the Island, Kurapika, who was walking through the wood, suddenly stopped.

He was sure that no one was following him, but he had an uneasy feeling in his heart for some reason.

He also heard something from the other side, but he couldnt understand what was said because of the dense trees.

He didnt think much about it and continued his plan.

Although this exams time limit is a week, it wasnt easy to find his target.

His target was #44, the magician, Hisoka.

Although Kurapika didnt speak with Hisoka before, he observed him closely, and his intuition told him that Hisoka was dangerous.

If possible, Kurapika didnt want to find trouble with him.

But there is no way now.

He needs to take that #44 badge.

If he gave up on getting Hisokas badge, he would have to take three other badges, which was difficult.

So he decided to go for Hisoka first, and if he couldnt do it, he would change his goal.

“I need to find Hisokas location, then make a plan and be careful of anyone going after me.”

Kurapika muttered.

In the west of the island, Hisoka was leaning against a tree and enjoying the breeze.

Hisoka yawned with a lazy expression.

Several butterflies flew around his shoulder.

His wound was quite deep, but Hisoka didnt care much about it.

He can handle it casually.

He used hisTexture Surprise (Flimsy Lies) to cover his injury.

As he removed the Flimsy Lies from his shoulder, his wound had already healed quite a bit.

But it wasnt completely healed either.

Anyone with a good nose can smell the blood, which was why those butterflies danced around Hisoka.

They werent normal butterflies.

They are known as Hemotropic Butterfly, and they can detect the scent of blood from a good distance.

Hisoka didnt care about this.

He jumped on top of a tall tree and placed his right hand over his eyes to act as a spectacle, and looked far away.

Soon, he found his target.


Uvogin -> Kurapika

Gon -> Uvogin

Pakunoda -> Killua

Allan -> Pakunoda

Chrollo -> Ponzu)


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