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He didnt hide anything at all.

Allan hung his badge on his chest without any fear.

If someone came looking for him, he could see his number without any hindrance, and if he wanted to take it, he made it seem easy.

He wanted to expose himself deliberately.

There were two reasons for this: he wanted to attract other candidates to try and take his badge, and he was lazy.

Although he still didnt know who is after him, he was confident in keeping his badge from whoever that is after him.

After walking for a while, Allan suddenly heard a scream not far away.

The scream was quite pained.

It seems someone fell into a trap.

It can also be a strategy to attract others to the sound in the hope of getting a badge for free.

Even if it was a trap, Allan wanted to take a look.

Driven by his curiosity, Allan turned around and walked toward the source of the scream.

About a kilometer later, Allan saw a man lying down on the ground.

Allan didnt have any impression of this person.

He only knew that he was one of the 28 candidates but didnt know his name.

At this time, there were several playing cards struck on his body.

The man continued to scream as he lost his mobility.

The cards were embedded on both of his legs, arms, abdomen, shoulders, and face.

Allan knew who was responsible for this instantly.

It was one of Hisokas masterpieces.

At this moment, a few playing cards flew toward Allan swiftly.

Allan was aware of his surroundings and moved his body slightly to the side, avoiding them.

At this time, Hisoka walked from behind a tree.

“Hisoka, do you want to die” Seeing Hisoka appearing, Allan frowned with displeasure and said in an angry tone.

If someone else were here, he would definitively be dead now.

Hisoka squinted his eyes and smiled: “Dont be angry.

Im just saying hello.”

Allan snorted: “I dont like your greeting.

If you attack me next time, I will fight back.”

Hisoka smiled and changed the subject: “Allan, who is your goal”

Allan said coldly: “It is not you anyway.”

“Thats great.

If Im your target, I would be in danger.”

Hisoka sighed,In relief.

Allan didnt believe Hisoka in the slightest.

If his target was really Hisoka, the latter would be very excited.

Allan pointed at the man lying on the ground and asked: “Is he your target”

Hisoka shook his head and said: “He is #118, and I dont know his name.

I just happened to see him; he isnt my target.”

Hearing this, Allan frowned.

Hisoka seemed to hunt anyone he stumbles upon randomly.

If thats the case, would Hisoka fight him now

“Who is your target” Allan asked suddenly.

Hisoka replied truthfully: “My goal is #80.”

“#80” Allan wanted to make sure.

“Do you know who it is” Hisoka asked.

Allan replied: “It doesnt matter.

You will hunt others anyway, whether its #80 or not.”

“No, I changed my mind.

I want to get #80 now.”

Allan sighed.

Seeing Allan sigh, Hisoka suggested: “Allan, in exchange for the information about #80, I will give you the #118 badge I just got.

How about it It is worth 1 point.”

Allan relaxed and said: “Well, listen well.

It should be Uvogin.”

Hisoka was stunned for a moment: “Is it true”

Allan secretly smiled as he saw Hisokas expression.

It seems like he was reluctant in provoking Uvogin.

“What is it, Hisoka Are you scared” Allan teased.

“No, its just troublesome.

That lunatic is not easy to deal with.” Hisoka seemed to have a headache.

However, as he looked at Allans smiling face, Hisoka knew something.

He directly looked at Allan and said: “Youre lying, arent you #80 isnt Uvogin, right”

Allan knew that he shouldnt continue playing with Hisoka, if he believed him and fought Uvogin, it wouldve been good, but since he didnt believe it, it wasnt good to continue deceiving him.

“Okay, okay, #80 is a girl named Piper.

She uses a sniper.”

Hisoka thought for a bit and nodded: “So its her, I know which one now.”

Hisoka gave Allan the #118 badge as he promised, and with it, Allan needed another 4 points.

He wanted to get those four points with only two badges.

One is Pakunodas and another random badge.

Allan decided to take the second point first before going after Pakunoda.

Allan raised his head and looked at Hisoka, who said: “Whats the matter Are you still trying to get me a badge”

Allan sneered: “I thought about it, but forget it.

It too much trouble for almost nothing.”

After saying this, Allan waved his hand and said: “Ill take my leave then.”

Hisoka suddenly remembered something and asked: “Speaking of which, Allan, you know who is Chrollo and the others, right Including Illumi and I.”

Allan nodded: “Yes, I know many things about everyone, including the fact that youre a fake spider.”

As he said this, Allan directly left using Flash steps without waiting for Hisoka to reply.

He didnt want to be questioned by Hisoka after all.

Seeing Allan leave, Hisoka narrowed his eyes: “He even knows that Im a fake member of the Ryodan, so most likely, he knows that I joined them to fight Chrollo.

Who is this guy How does he know so many secrets This is really making me curious.”

“No one knows about that except for Illumi.

Did he tell Allan

No, I dont think so.

Illumi isnt someone with a big mouth.

So who told Allan”

Thinking about this, Hisoka suddenly thought of something else: “If Allan tells Chrollo, what will Chrollo do I look forward to it.

But I will be in trouble.

Maybe he would kick me out of the Ryodan and then hunt me down himself.”

Hisoka felt so excited that he couldnt hold his Killing Intent down.

“No, I was provoked by Allan and couldnt tone down my Killing Intent.

I must kill someone quickly.”

As he said this, Hisoka looked at the Cameras in the bushes that would supervise all candidates in this Exams phase.

“There are cameras everywhere.

If they saw me kill someone, they will eliminate me from the Exam, but I must kill someone.

My Killing Intent is already aroused.”

His eyes fell on the #11 Candidate on the ground.

“No, this person is already defeated by me.

Even if I kill him, it wont quell my Killing Intent.

I must find another target…”

With his Killing Intent shrouding him, Hisoka started walking with a scary face.

If he finds anyone right now, he will kill him no matter what, or else his Killing Intent wont calm down.

On the other hand, Allan suddenly felt the Killing Intent.

“This Killing Intent, is it Hisokas Did he release this much Killing Intent because I knew he was a fake spider, which provoked his Killing Intent” Allan thought.

To be safe, Allan wanted to make sure.

He took a closer look at Hisokas Killing Intent and found out that it looked kind of Evil as if demons were dancing around Hisoka.

Then he realized that Hisoka wasnt going toward him; instead, he was moving away.

While Allan was confirming his guess, an arrow was released at him from behind a tree 30 meters away.


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