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Pakunoda seemed ready to kill him, which made Allan smile: “Drop it, Pakunoda-San, you have already lost, and it wont do you any good to fight further.”

“Dying is better than submitting to you.” Pakunoda pointed her gun at Allan and shot it without hesitation.

“Huh, is this your final answer”

Allan sneered.

He just killed the Heavenly White Tiger; does she think a normal bullet will kill him

Allan disappeared and appeared in front of Pakunoda, who couldnt react and disarmed her.

“I will temporarily confiscate this dangerous toy for now.”

Allan twisted his hand and broke her wrist, and easily took her gun off.

Although he was a bit rude, he did not pity a woman like Pakunoda.

At this time, Pakunoda snorted and kicked Allan between his legs.

“Pakunoda-San, you shouldnt kick a man there.” When Allan saw the kick coming, he clamped his legs to ensure his little brothers safety.

Allan restrained Pakunoda, causing her to shout: “Let me go!”

Allan arrogantly gazed at her body and said: “I can let you go, but you have to hand over your Badge.

That the only thing that matters to me.

Hand it over, and I wont do anything to you.”

Although he didnt know where Pakunoda hid the Badge, he could guess that she hid them on herOppai since there was no other place to hid them looking at her clothes.

2D Oppais space is infinite.

They can hold anything.

Pakunoda turned her head around proudly and said: “Give up, you wont take my badge.”

Allan laughed and wasnt angry! “Up to you.”

Seeing that Allan was about to do something, Pakunoda tried her best to struggle out of Allans hold, but she wasnt strong enough.

“Pakunoda-San, you arent strong compared to the other spiders, are you”

Allan guessed this from the power Pakunoda was exerting to struggle out of his hold.

So, he concluded that she was at the bottom of the Ryodan in strength.

Allan tried to suppress her gently, but her struggle started to annoy him.

“Pakunoda-San, you can stop the needless struggle.

If you dare move again, I will do this seriously.”

After saying this, Allan stretched his left hand and grabbed Pakunodas neck, lifting her four or five centimeters above the ground.

The moment Allan picked her up, she seemed like a weak woman that couldnt defend herself.

Pakunodas specialty should be espionage.

This is why she wasnt as strong as the other members.

Allan didnt let her go.

He wanted to make this woman feel the fear of death.

Although she wasnt afraid of death, it was still worthwhile to let her understand a thing or two about it.

While she didnt struggle anymore, Pakunoda still had no intention to give Allan her Badge.

She had that look on her face that said:Id rather die than surrender.

As a member of the Ryodan, her pride doesnt allow her to compromise.

And another thing, they were the Ryodan, they were the ones to do the robbing when was it the other way around

Thats why she was reluctant to hand over her Badge.

If she compromises, she felt that it would be the defeat of the Ryodan as a whole.

“Pakunoda-San, you sure are a proud woman.”

Seeing her like this, Allans smiled as he decided to crush this womans pride completely.

He tightened his hand around her neck, making her face red.

“Pakunoda-san, how do you feel about suffocating”

Allan sneered as his hand tightened further.

Pakunoda couldnt breathe anymore, and her consciousness became blurry.

She felt death approaching bit by bit.

‘Is this guy truly going to strangle me to death

When she saw Allans sneer, Pakunoda realized that he was joking or scaring her.

He really planned on killing her.

Allan finally said: “Listen, Pakunoda-san, I will give you one last chance.

Although I know that youre not afraid of death, is it worth it to die for a numbered badge

Moreover, even if you dont give it to me, I can still kill you and take it from your corpse.

That pride wont do you any good.”

Allans words shook Pakunoda.

Indeed, if she calmed down a bit, she would realize that death is not worth a badge in an Exam.

Seeing her reaction, Allan spoke: “Pakunoda-san, if you dont hand over your badge willingly, then I will even do something Ecchi to you.”

Although Pakunoda wasnt experienced in that field, she wasnt too dense to not understand his meaning.

She coldly said as Allan threatened: “Do you dare threaten me”

Allan simply laughed: “Yes, its a threat.

You should be clear about your current predicament.

You have no choice.

If you dont cooperate, even if you are a member of the Ryodan, I will still follow through my threat.”

Pakunoda glared at Allan: “If you dare touch me, I promise you will regret it.”

Allan sneered: “Why Do you think Chrollo will kill me Or do you want all of the Ryodan to chase me down”

Hearing Allans words, Pakunoda could tell that Allan knew them very well: “Who are you”

“You dont need to know who Im.

I wont hesitate to kill you even if youre a member of the Ryodan.

Thats what you need to know.

If they annoy me, I will just kill them all.”

Of course, Allan was bluffing.

If someone wanted to fight with all the Ryodan, unless they are as powerful as the Zoldyck or a monster like Netero, they wouldnt be able to do anything.

So he just wanted Pakunoda to know that he wasnt easy to deal with.

He understood the Spiders and knew each of their weaknesses.

Allan was making a bet.

He wanted to see if he can subdue Pakunoda.

He won the bet as Pakunoda handed over the Badge to Allan without a word.

Not just one but two.

One was her Badge, and the other was Killuas.

Allan frowned because he knew that Badge #99 belonged to Killua.

“I got this badge from the silver-haired kid,” Pakunoda said honestly.

‘Sure enough, Allan immediately asked: “It shouldnt be so easy for him to give his Badge to someone.

How did you get it”

“Of course, I took it by force.

Do you think someone will just hand over his Badge to others” Pakunoda said coldly.

Allan shrugged.

He didnt care about her current reaction.

“By the way, you didnt kill Killua, did you” Allan changed the subject subtly.

He knew that the Ryodan didnt care about life at all.

They would kill anyone standing in their way, but he didnt believe that she could kill Killua.

“Killua Is it that silver-haired kid” Pakunoda said coldly.

“He tried to attack me just now, but he was sent flying by my Nen Beast.

I dont know if he is alive.”

Allan was surprised, but he wasnt worried about Killua.

Even without Nen, he could survive an attack from that tiger with his physical strength, but he probably hurt.

Pakunoda thought for a bit before she said: “Listen well, Allan, dont think that just because you won today, I will give up.

You took something from, and I will get it back, so for now, keep the #18 badge, and I will take it back someday.”

Allan didnt refuse: “Okay, I will be waiting for the, but…” He looked at her and sneered: “If you fail, you will most likely be enlightened about the thing that happens between a man and a woman.”

Pakunoda understood his meaning and snorted before walking into the forest.

Although nothing is wrong if you look at her, her body was injured.

First, she used too much Nen that her body was current like a desert, wholly deprived of Nen, then Killua broke a few ribs, Allan broke her wrist, then almost suffocated her.

Therefore, she needed a quiet place on the island to rest before the hunter Exam is over.

She wont be able to move freely in the next few days.


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