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Ye Zhi walked very slowly.

She finally realized how Gu Ren felt because of his night blindness.

After a while, she couldnt hear any more footsteps.

She guessed that Gu Ren had stopped, so she raised her hand to take off the blindfold.

When Ye Zhi took off the blindfold, she noticed Gu Ren happened to take off his blindfold too.

Ye Zhi raised her eyes and Gu Ren lowered his gaze almost at the same time.

Two of them looked deeply at each other as their eyes met.

From Ye Zhis perspective, Gu Ren looked too handsome.

She took a deep breath to calm her racing heart.

Gu Ren smiled: “How did you feel just now”

Ye Zhi shook her head: “Its pretty difficult.”

Gu Ren pondered for a moment and then spoke: “One of the challenges will definitely require us to be blindfolded.

If we get separated at that time for any reason, you should just stand where you are and let me come to you.”

Ye Zhi felt a little puzzled.

A very faint smile appeared on Gu Rens face: “I am more familiar with the darkness than you.”

So, you just need to stand still.

From Gu Rens tone, he was downplaying the matter, but it made Ye Zhi think of how helpless Gu Ren must have felt when he first learned that he had night blindness.

She had experienced the darkness just now and became more aware of the deep sense of loss and helplessness felt in the darkness.

Gu Ren noticed the change in Ye Zhis emotions and he tried distracting her: “Lets give it a try”

Ye Zhi: “Okay.”

This time, Gu Ren put on the blindfold, but Ye Zhi did not wear it.

She gently walked to the other side of the room, stood still and said, “Lets start.”

Gu Ren nodded.

Ye Zhi called his name: “Gu Ren.”

Gu Ren began to discern the direction of her voice.

He listened very carefully before lifting his foot and walking in a direction.

Then Ye Zhi called out his name again: “Gu Ren.”

The surroundings were extremely quiet, leaving only Ye Zhis voice.

It swirled deep in his heart, eliminating the sense of emptiness.

Gu Ren tilted his head and listened carefully.

Unknowingly, he was already very familiar with Ye Zhis voice.

When he heard her voice the first time, it reached deep into his ears.

After hearing it twice, it made its way directly into his heart.

Gu Ren followed Ye Zhis voice and walked closer and closer to her.

Gu Ren could perceive that Ye Zhis voice seemed close at hand.

Ye Zhi stood still and looked at Gu Ren approaching her step by step.

His steps were firm and without doubt.

Gu Ren had completely determined Ye Zhis position and stopped right in front of her.

Gu Ren raised his hand and took off the blindfold.

Dim sunlight suddenly poured into his eyes, causing them to narrow slightly.

After Gu Rens eyes adjusted to the light, he looked straight ahead.

Just as he expected, Ye Zhi stood right in front of him.

In the next moment, corners of his mouth slightly curled upward, forming a thin smile.

Gu Rens clear voice sounded: “I found you.”

His voice was so clear that Ye Zhis heart thumped suddenly and she didnt even dare to look at Gu Ren for a while.

She hummed softly.

Ye Zhis face was a little red.

In order to hide her shyness, she changed the subject: “In addition to practicing indoors, we should also try practicing outdoors.”

Gu Rens expression had returned to his usual cold look.

He nodded: “The 《Perfect Couple》program will mostly be filmed outdoors.”

Ye Zhi said, “Lets practice in the garden then.”

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