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Sheng Man remembered the apology incident when her eyes met Ye Zhi, and her eyes were filled with anger once more.

Song Lie looked at Ye Zhi, somehow unexpectedly hoping that Ye Zhi would choose him.

Ye Zhi went straight to Qian Hong and sat down next to him.

Now, Everyone had a position except for one.

Gu Ren.

Gu Ren came in, and all eyes fell on him.

“Im so curious who Gu Ren will partner with.

I think no one else can match with our idol as well as Ye Zhi.”

“Everyone has changed partners, Gu Ren probably wont choose Ye Zhi again.”

Yueling was very excited.

There was only one vacancy next to her.

Gu Ren was likely to partner with her.

Gu Ren came in, his eyes ignoring everyone else, and looked at the last table at the back, where Ye Zhi and Qian Hong were seated.

Gu Rens dark eyes sank a little, then quietly moved away from long-striding his gaze.

He began to choose a partner.

If he chose someone who already had a partner, Gu Ren would have to force someone to give up their position because he had the highest score.

Gu Ren walked slowly.

Headed over to Yueling, by her table, completely ignoring the vacant seat next to her and going straight toward the back with his long-striding legs.

All eyes followed Gu Rens movement and watched him stop right in front of Ye Zhis table.

Others were stunned, including Yue Ling, and even Ye Zhi was startled.

Gu Ren… What does he want

The guests were stunned, and even the comment sections had exploded!

“Is Gu Ren going to take Qian Hongs seat Is my long-awaited drama happening”

“Is Prince Charming ready to rob a partner Its so exciting.

He is such boyfriend material!”

At this moment, Gu Ren stood at the last table, his tall strong back facing everyone, while his eyes fell on Ye Zhi.

From where Ye Zhi sat, she could see his cold, porcelain-like jaw, and the daylight cast a shadow on his defined chin.

The light extended upward and stopped at Gu Rens thin lips, which resembled the moon in a quiet and silent night.

Ye Zhi and Gu Ren looked at each other silently, his inky black eyes gleamed slightly in the dark.

She looked into Gu Rens eyes and saw a flame that was inextinguishable in the silent snow.

For a while, Ye Zhi was in a little bit of a trance.

Gu Ren watched Ye Zhi in the silence, and his thin lips curved suddenly into a slight smile.

The curve of his smile was so small and he instantly returned to his normal emotionless expression.

Ye Zhi almost thought she had imagined it.

But her heart rate was accelerated involuntarily.

After a few seconds, Gu finally slowly slanted his eyes, his jaw shifted a little away to the side and his dark eyes fell on Qian Hong who was sitting next to Ye Zhi.

Gu Ren bent slightly, slowly extended his hand, and tapped the jet black desk with his cold jade-like fingers lightly.

He spoke inadvertently, his tone was neither light nor heavy, but a subtle coldness echoed in his clear voice.

Gu Rens voice reached everyones ears, “Sorry, youll need to sit in a different place.”

His statement was casual, but it showed his attitude.

He still wanted to partner with Ye Zhi this time.

“Yeah, Gu Ren and Ye Zhi are the unbeatable couple team.

Im looking forward to seeing them do tasks together!”

“It seems that Ye Zhi is really good, everyone wants to be partnered with her, shes very capable, so I think they will take first place again.”

“I envy Ye Zhi, she is always partnering with my Prince Charming.

I wish I was Ye Zhi.”


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