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His eyes suddenly narrowed: “Who asked her to pick up this movie”


Cheng Qi was taken aback.

He remembered very clearly that when he first thought of proposing this project to Ye Zhi, he had the consent of Gu Ren.


Cheng Qi pursed his lower lip and beads of cold sweat appeared on his forehead.

He could only tell Gu Ren the truth: “It was you.”


Gu Ren was silent for a while.

He reached out and pressed his temple.

Without leaving any room for discussion, he decided: “I won’t participate in the afternoon activities.”


“This… I will have to explain it to the brand.” Cheng Qi replied with some hesitation.

After all, only one hour was left before the event started.


Gu Ren’s reputation in the industry was very good mainly because of his professional conduct.

He would not be late, lazy, or make mistakes in his work.


Gu Ren said in a low voice, “I will pay for the liquidated damages.”


Cheng Qi went to handle the problem.

Gu Ren changed his car and drove to the hospital.

He didn’t want to cause trouble for Ye Zhi.


The temperature was low because of winter.

Gu Ren wore a black coat and completely covered his face with a black mask and hat.


Ye Zhi’s agent Zhou Pingyu was waiting for Gu Ren and directly took him to Ye Zhi’s ward.


“Go talk with the film crew.

It’s time for the casting to be made public.

Are they fine with their female lead being scolded by netizens” Gu Ren said.


Zhou Pingyu nodded: “I’ll go right away.”


The corridor of the VIP ward was very quiet.

Gu Ren gently opened the door and went in.

The door closed, leaving only him and Ye Zhi in the ward.


Ye Zhi was lying on the bed, still sleeping.


Gu Ren didn’t speak.

His footsteps were very light, for fear of disturbing her.

His expression was filled with worry.


Gu Ren went to the hospital bed and saw Ye Zhi lying unconscious.

He sat down beside her and his eyes gradually swept over her familiar facial features.


His slender hand moved toward her cheek, but at the moment when he was about to touch her, he came back to his senses and stopped his hand.


After some time, Gu Ren’s dark eyes flickered and he lowered his head, shortening the distance between them.


He was just inches away from k̲i̲s̲s̲i̲n̲g̲ her.


He was not sure how long he remained in that position, but he suddenly noticed that Ye Zhi’s eyelashes moved slightly.


There seemed to be signs of awakening.


Gu Ren’s body stiffened because he didn’t have enough time to fix his posture.

A rare expression of confusion surfaced on his face as thousands of excuses passed through his mind.


Unexpectedly, Ye Zhi’s eyes shook no longer.

Her expression calmed down, but she still looked groggy.


Gu Ren immediately stood up and observed Ye Zhi for a few more minutes, seemingly amused.

A very light smile floated across the corners of his mouth and he sat down by the bed again.


Perhaps because of being too tired, Ye Zhi slept peacefully.

Gu Ren looked at her next to him.

He postponed all his work today.

Ye Zhi was the most important.


Members of the Gu family also came to check her condition and brought porridge and other nutritious foods along with them.

Ye Zhi’s studio’s staff members also visited her.

All came and went, leaving Gu Ren.


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