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Although it was winter, Ye Zhi felt scorching hot in her heart.


“When you held my hand for the first time in this life, I strangely felt attracted to you.”


“I have met you in both of my lives, and felt the same way for you each time.

I just couldn’t stop myself from falling in love with you.”


On a silent winter night, Gu Ren smiled softly: “Ye Zhi, thank you for coming to my life again.”


The life that used to be dark and dull had been given vivid colours because of her.


Ye Zhi’s heart went erratic again.

She could even hear her heart beating loudly upon her ears when Gu Ren said his first sentence. 


When Ye Zhi heard Gu Ren’s confession, she actually felt complex about him. 


A cold person like him actually had such an emotional side.


He was someone who had always maintained a certain distance from everyone and usually kept to himself.

Since he said that he loved her, she must hold a significant place in his heart.


Gu Ren and Ye Zhi gazed at each other as their images reflected in their eyes.


Gu Ren and Ye Zhi remembered the first time they met in their previous life.

That day was like today, with the sound of snow falling outside the window.


It seemed as if the distant memories of their previous life were turning into reality.


Snowflakes covered the city in a haze of white, but on this snowy night, everything between them had only become clearer. 


Ye Zhi’s ears were red like tomatoes and her brain seemed to have stopped working.

The more she tried to think, the more confused she became.


When Ye Zhi first met Gu Ren, he seemed to be omnipotent and had no weakness.

However, she soon realized that he was just like any other human as they spent more time with each other.


In the process of getting along, Ye Zhi gradually became a member of the Gu family, but what about Gu Ren She always felt nervous and worried about him.


I don’t want him to die prematurely like what happened in the original story.

I don’t want him to disappear in front of me.


Ye Zhi understood.


This feeling…felt like love.


It was cold outside but the room was so warm that it would make people relax and sleepy.

Everything in front of her felt surreal, just like a warm and lovely dream.


Ye Zhi opened her mouth.

She wanted to tell Gu Ren what she thought.


However, blood rushed straight to her brain, slowing down her senses and making her movements more sluggish than her thought process.

Because of excessive tension, she squeezed her hand tightly, making her knuckles turn white. 


She didn’t know how to express her feelings.


Gu Ren looked at Ye Zhi’s face and knew that she must be in great tension. 


She just learned that they had known each other in their previous life.

Gu Ren felt that he might not have given her enough time to digest all of this information.

He decided to ask some simple questions for now.


As for other things, this should be gradually discussed and saved for later.


Gu Ren decided to shift the topic and quickly spoke, “When did you come to this world”


Ye Zhi was stunned for a moment.

What she wanted to say just now stopped on the tip of her tongue and then reluctantly fell back into her throat.


After a long time, she had finally managed to make up her mind, but her courage suddenly disappeared.

She decided that she would find a chance to talk to Gu Ren in the future.


Now they had more important things to do.


Ye Zhi frowned at the thought of the novel she read.

She had to tell Gu Ren that the fate of the two of them had been described in the book.


On second thought, everything had changed after she transmigrated here.


“I transmigrated on the same day when I got picked up by the Gu family’s car.” Ye Zhi said, “Then I signed that contract with you.”


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