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They got into the car and the driver drove them to a nearby mall.


While on the way, Gu Ren turned his head and stared right into Ye Zhi’s eyes.

He leaned over and said in a low voice.

“Remember, these gifts are especially for…” 


“The person whom I loved in both lifetimes.”


After saying that, Gu Ren got out of the car and helped Ye Zhi open her door.


“There is a Hermès shop on the second floor of the mall.

I have already informed them about your arrival.” Gu Ren said in a very light tone, “You only need to say that you have come to pick up the customized bag.”


The reason behind this was very obvious.

This was a domestic shopping mall so it was best to avoid appearing at such a place at the same time.


Gu Ren had put a lot of effort into Ye Zhi’s gift.


If someone wanted a customized Hermès bag, first of all, they needed to purchase goods of at least a few million RMBs from Hermès.

Once the order for a customized Hermès bag was accepted, there was a long waiting time.

When the customized bag finally arrived at the store, the customer would be notified.


As Gu Ren began to get closer to the truth of Ye Zhi’s identity, he began to prepare.


Many family members of the Gu family were major customers of Hermès.

If all of them decide to order a customized bag, Gu Ren could easily get several of them.


He wanted to give customized bags to his wife.


This reason naturally made every family member willing to help him.

They even kept it a secret and provided him full support by helping him in choosing the colour of different bags, their design, their appearance, etc.


Gu Ren was also very serious.

He didn’t find it cumbersome to go through such a long and meticulous process.


The order was placed under the name of Madam Gu.

She received a call earlier that her customized bag had arrived at the store a few days ago.


After Gu Ren came to know that, he planned to give it to Ye Zhi at an appropriate time.


After Ye Zhi got out of the car, Gu Ren watched her back disappear before leaving.

Gu Ren couldn’t remain in the parking lot so he decided to return home for now and have a driver pick her up.


Ye Zhi entered the mall and found Hermès’s store easily.


There were no guests in the store so Ye Zhi said directly, “Hello, I came here to pick up a customized bag.”


Madam Gu often bought at Hermès and had a good relationship with the salespersons.

Following Gu Ren’s directions, Ye Zhi found a salesperson who was familiar with Madam Gu.


The salesperson maintained her formal attitude and did not try to pry into the relationship between Ye Zhi and Madam Gu.

She already knew that Ye Zhi came to get the customized bag so she did not waste time.


Ye Zhi was led into a private room of the Hermès store.

She didn’t know how many bags Gu Ren had ordered or how they looked.


The salesperson took out three boxes and handed them over to her.


Ye Zhi sat on the small sofa in the room.

She knew that Gu Ren was on the way home now, and the driver would come to pick her up after a while.


It was better to open the boxes and see what was inside while waiting.

Although Ye Zhi had already tried a lot of luxury things, she still anticipated to know what Gu Ren had gifted her.


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