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It was often difficult to choose between whether to rationally suppress their desire to publicly show affection or to just let go and express their feelings impulsively, even if it was in the slightest and most unobvious way.


Between these two options, Gu Ren did not hesitate to choose the latter.

Ye Zhi was the person he liked and he would slowly let everyone know about it.


Because of their schedules, he was not able to give the sportswear to Ye Zhi in person.


When Ye Zhi finished her work, it was already past 10 o’clock.

After arriving at home, she opened the door of her room and saw an outfit lying on her bed.


Ye Zhi was startled.

This was a light gray women’s sportswear.


She immediately checked her phone and found that Gu Ren had messaged her half an hour ago: “I bought you a new dress.

You can wear it for the next show.”


Ye Zhi didn’t think much about it and went to sleep in a pleasant mood.



Next day, when she was packing her luggage, she thoughtfully packed the sportswear given by Gu Ren.


The next episode of [Perfect Partner] would be recorded in South Korea and all the guests were required to arrive one day in advance and stay in the hotel.


On the day of the recording, the show crew’s service cars took them to the scene.


Gu Ren arrived at the shooting location before Ye Zhi, wearing dark gray sportswear.  He then waited patiently for Ye Zhi’s arrival.


Gu Ren’s idea was very simple.

Like in previous episodes, the guests would most likely be required to choose their partners again.

Since his score ranked the highest, the right to make the final choice would naturally fall into his own hands.


Gu Ren’s choice would not change.

Even if someone else wanted to choose Ye Zhi, he would kick that person off at the last moment.


Therefore, in this episode, Gu Ren and Ye Zhi would be perfect partners again.


With a slight glance just now, Ye Zhi clearly saw the clothes Gu Ren was wearing.

His sportswear had the same color as what she was wearing at this time.


Ye Zhi refused to believe that Gu Ren did it unintentionally.

She was afraid that others would notice something amiss, so she immediately withdrew her sight and had to pretend as if nothing had happened.


She also chose a position far away from Gu Ren to stand in order to prevent everyone from noticing their clothes.


Gu Ren also saw Ye Zhi’s action of retreating to the corner but it only made his smile widen slightly.


After all the guests arrived, the host came over and stood in front of them with several red threads in his hands.

They had no idea as to what they would be used for.


The host shook the threads in his hand: “This time we will randomly select partners.

As you can see, there are a bunch of threads in my hand.

Every guest will select one of the thread ends.”


“You would form a team with whoever is connected to the other end of the thread.”


(T/L: Host is only showing ends of the threads while other parts are hidden in his palm.)


As soon as the voice fell, Yue Shao became happy.

Since it was random, she had a high probability of partnering with Gu Ren.


However, Gu Ren didn’t feel so.

He originally thought that the rules would be the same as those of the previous episodes.

The new rules had greatly reduced the probability of him being with Ye Zhi.


Even if he was quite displeased, Gu Ren’s expression didn’t change on the surface.


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