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All the guests gathered around the host and held each one of the threads.


Only the threads’ ends were visible to the guests so they didn’t know who was holding the other end of their thread.

Everybody naturally felt expectant and nervous about who their teammate might be.


As soon as they finished picking, the host yelled start and then let go of the threads.

The guests tightened their holds at the same time.

The threads went taut, letting the thread stretch from its ends and clearly revealing who the teammates for this episode were.


Ye Zhi looked along the thread until she stopped, raised her head, and found the person holding the other end.


Sheng Man.


Sheng Man also discovered that her destined partner in this episode was Ye Zhi.

She obviously had no good feelings for Ye Zhi, so her mood instantly soured. 


But Sheng Man’s mood did not affect Ye Zhi at all.

Ye Zhi was more concerned about Gu Ren.

She quickly retracted her gaze and worriedly turned to look at Gu Ren.


The one holding the other end of Gu Ren’s thread was Shan Qian, which meant that his wish to partner with Ye Zhi had been doomed to fail.


Moreover, the sportswear that Gu Ren especially prepared to match Ye Zhi’s went in vain.

In this episode, he wouldn’t be able to talk to Ye Zhi and spend the whole episode with her.

Gu Ren felt particularly suffocated.


Ye Zhi raised her eyes and looked at Gu Ren.

Incidentally, Gu Ren’s gaze also fell on her at the same time.

Gu Ren couldn’t hide the disappointment on his face this time.

His unwillingness was written all over his face.


Ye Zhi looked away with some nervousness, not daring to look at Gu Ren.


Although picking Sheng Man as a partner was purely accidental, she still felt guilty for some reason.


“Do you think Gu Ren and Ye Zhi are wearing a couple outfits today, or am I being too paranoid”


“One is wearing dark gray while the other is wearing light gray, it’s not the same at all! Can you call it a couple outfit But then again, Gu Ren was obviously unhappy when he didn’t get to partner with Ye Zhi just now…”


“Gu Ren has always been cold and distant.

I can guarantee that he is definitely not unhappy! Look, the unhappy one is obviously Sheng Man.”


“Be quiet and watch the show patiently.

Today, Ye Zhi and Sheng Man are on the same team.

They are really worth looking forward to.”


After deciding teams, the host announced the first task.


There was a wall full of pictures in the room.

The guests would choose any one of the pictures and remember its content.

After that, they would change into the corresponding dress in the dressing room and take a picture.


The pictures taken by the guests would be compared with the original pictures.

It would only be considered as qualified when all details match.


After the host described the task, everyone rushed to the room to try to get the upper hand in the first task.


Only Sheng Man remained standing.


Sheng Man stared at the shopping mall she saw not far away.

She could even clearly see the stores of Cartier and Hermès, these are the stores where she usually went and spent lavishly as she wanted.


Because she was pampered, she could act so capriciously.

Because the Sheng family indulged her so greatly, she could have all the greatest things in life.


But what if…what if one day it would all suddenly be snatched away from her 


All the distracting thoughts which she had worked hard for to bury beneath her mind resurfaced once again.

No matter how hard she tried to not mind them, in the end, it was clearly still a thorn stuck in her heart.


Ye Zhi quickly noticed Sheng Man’s strangeness.


Just like the previous time at the event, Sheng Man began to be distracted again.

She seemed to have been utterly distracted lately.


No matter what messy things were running in Sheng Man’s mind at this moment, Ye Zhi must calm her down for now.


“Don’t think about anything else for now, wait until the show is over.” Ye Zhi said in a low voice.


Ye Zhi’s voice pulled Sheng Man back to reality.

Sheng Man returned to her senses and glanced at Ye Zhi next to her.

Ye Zhi was staring at her very seriously.


Sheng Man opened her mouth to retort, but she couldn’t find anything to say. 


Ye Zhi said the next sentence very naturally: “Let’s go.”


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