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Ye Zhi suddenly said: “We have reached the last step.

Do you really want to give up now”


Under Ye Zhi’s powerful aura, Sheng Man nodded subconsciously and obediently took a step towards her.

Soon upon realizing this, Sheng Man was stunned and felt particularly uncomfortable all over her body.

She seemed to want to step back again, but felt it was too obvious, so she swallowed her discomfort instead and endured.


Regardless of Sheng Man’s thoughts, Ye Zhi didn’t waste any more second and directly helped to adjust her posture scrupulously.


Finally, Ye Zhi held her hand and then took a picture.


Aside from the small fuss earlier, they smoothly completed the task in one go.


After completing the task, Sheng Man finally relaxed and let out a sigh of relief.

She quietly walked back to the dressing room and changed back to her original clothes. 


These seemingly normal yet unusual actions didn’t go unnoticed.

Ye Zhi glanced at Sheng Man’s small back and her doubts became more and more clear.


Sheng Man was acting strange again today.

What had happened to her


Fortunately for Sheng Man, the netizens didn’t notice her unusualness.


“I feel that Sheng Man has found her nemesis in life!”


“Sheng Man couldn’t bear Ye Zhi’s aura at all.

Ye Zhi seems to be her boss!”


“Didn’t Ye Zhi say that she only wants to finish the task.

Why does everyone think so much”



After the guests arrived at the location of the last task, the host began to announce the rules.


“There are 36 floors in this building.

All the floors have several rooms.

Each of the rooms contains a separate task waiting for you.

Every team must complete at least 1 task on each floor.”


“The team which takes the shortest time in completing the task will be considered as passed.”


After sending out the rules, the host distributed a card to each team with the room numbers and floor numbers written on it.


If someone successfully completed the task in a particular room, the staff member assigned to monitor that room would tick the box in front of the room number.


As soon as the host announced the start, all the guests rushed into the building.

There were several elevators in the building so the guests didn’t need to exhaust themselves by going up and down through the stairs.


Ye Zhi and Sheng Man chose to finish a task from the first floor.

Before entering into the room, Ye Zhi’s footsteps paused slightly and she did not immediately open the door.

She subconsciously turned to glance at Gu Ren.


Gu Ren and Shan Qian were standing in front of the elevator.

The two had just finished discussing and decided to start from the highest floor.


Gu Ren was currently talking to Shan Qian, but Ye Zhi didn’t know why, she was not sure whether it was an illusion or not, but she strongly felt as if Gu Ren also glanced back at her just now.

She couldn’t say nor do anything to confirm it right now, so Ye Zhi just suspected in her heart.


Without waiting for Ye Zhi, Sheng Man had already opened the door of the first room.

Once the room door was opened, its task must be completed.


When Ye Zhi saw the room, she was just as stunned as Sheng Man.


Two thin blankets were spread on the ground and two people in work clothes stood beside them, looking at them with a kind smile.


At this time, Ye Zhi and Sheng Man noticed the list of task rules pasted on the wall.


The two people need to receive a message within one minute.

No sound was allowed to be made during the message.

Once they make a sound, they must start all over again.


Sheng Man immediately began to curse her luck for opening such a room.


Sheng Man didn’t give up too soon and was still making the final struggle: “Is it too late to go out now”


As soon as the voice fell, Ye Zhi and Sheng Man heard the door close behind them with an ominous click.

The staff member in charge of the task had already closed the door for them “considerately”.


The staff members who just looked kindly at them earlier flipped expressions and now had sly grins on their faces, which made Ye Zhi and Sheng Man feel as if they were sheep… and they had fallen prey to the wolves’ trap.


“You may now begin.”


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