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Sheng Man believed that she would still have a chance to win back Nie Jiqing’s favour, but she did not expect that her life was about to change drastically.


When Ye Zhi and Sheng Man both left the Sheng Mansion, a car drove into the Sheng Mansion— it was the car of Mrs.

Gu’s sister, Qin Ling.


Qin Ling and Nie Jiqing have been friends for many years and she knew many things about the Sheng family.

That’s why she told Ye Zhi that Sheng Man was not the biological daughter of the Sheng family.


Qin Ling scheduled to meet Nie Jiqing a few days ago, but when she walked in, she realised that Nie Jiqing’s condition was not right.


Nie Jiqing looked as if she had lost her soul.

She lacked any form of energy and her eyes were decorated with a shade of blue and black eyebags.

This in turn, made her worried.


When Nie Jiqing saw Qin Ling, she realised that she had forgotten about the fact that they agreed to meet up today.


“Sorry, I lost track of time.”


Qin Ling didn’t argue about it with Nie Jiqing either.

She had a hearty temper and she didn’t enjoy phrasing words in roundabouts.

Hence, she just asked, “Did something happen”


Nie Jiqing knew that she didn’t need to hide the fact from Qin Ling.

At any rate, she was also ready to deal with Sheng Lian and the others, so everyone would know about the matter soon.


Nie Jiqing glanced outside, closed the door and waited till there was no one else around them before she raised her doubts about Ye Zhi’s life to Qin Ling.


“Have you heard about Ye Zhi A new rising female celebrity.

I’m wondering if Ye Zhi is my daughter.

I have tested her, but some of the information that I have gotten is incorrect.

Now, my husband and I are waiting for the investigator to return and report to us.”


When Qin Ling heard Ye Zhi’s name, she was visibly stunned.

Nie Jiqing was trapped so deeply in her conflicting emotions that she did not notice Qin Ling’s strange expression.


Qin Ling looked at Nie Jiqing before she came up with an idea.


Although Nie Jiqing looked rather worried, Qin Ling was confident in initiating the plan but kept the idea to herself.

She frequently contacted Ye Zhi enough to know that it might not be impossible.

As long as Ye Zhi was willing to do so, there was a possibility that Qin Ling would be able to obtain her identification samples.


(T/N: the RAWS were confusing on this part, we may need to modify it in the future)


If the results came out unmatched, it would also be a fact that would only be known to Qin Ling.


If Ye Zhi’s DNA could match up with Nie Jiqing’s DNA, then there would come a day where the two would officially acknowledge each other.


After Qin Ling left the Sheng Mansion, she did not mention this to anyone.


When Ye Zhi went home, the sky was already dark.

She knew she would not be going home early this time, so she had already told Gu Ren in advance.


Ye Zhi told him to make sure that he wouldn’t worry about her whereabouts, but when her car was about to reach the gates, she saw a tall silhouette by the door.


It was Gu Ren.


She was taken aback, but this behaviour of his was expected.


The dark sky towered over them and Gu Ren stood under the streetlamp, waiting patiently for Ye Zhi’s return.


Ever since he knew the extent of her relationship with Nie Jiqing (Ye Zhi told him that), Gu Ren couldn’t keep a cool head when it came down to her safety and well-being.


Ye Zhi slowed down as she stared at Gu Ren through the front window of her car.

A sense of peace of mind filled her mind when she saw him standing there— it was like she was heading towards the direction of ‘home’.


This home was also her gentle yet powerful shelter.


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