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Just as they had guessed before, Sheng Lian truly started to take action already.


Sheng Lian wanted to find the photos of the girl to confirm the fact that she was dead. 


If Sheng Lian saw the photos, he would instantly figure out that Ye Zhi was Sheng Luo.

In a panicked situation, Sheng Lian would definitely think of other ways to solve the issue.


Well, they might as well let him know that the girl they abducted that year was back in business.


Ye Zhi was a public figure, so her every move was under the supervision of the public.

Hence, it would be extremely difficult for Sheng Lian to act rashly.


Gu Ren and Ye Zhi were in the dark, but Sheng Lian was under the spotlight.


Once Sheng Lian knew that Ye Zhi was the abducted daughter of the Sheng family, he would definitely come to her.

Then, they would be able to catch him.


Gu Ren and Ye Zhi have already made the necessary preparations.

When Ye Zhi was working, she would have the most comprehensive security measures to ensure that she would not be subjected to any form of danger.


However, every action of Sheng Lian would leave some form of evidence.


They would always be one step ahead, and no matter how hard Sheng Lian tried, he could only watch his plan fail.


In the end, Sheng Lian could only cocoon himself and enter the cage that he had built for himself.


As for the human trafficker Liu Cang, he also played an important role back then and could not be spared.

They have already collected some of Liu Cang’s criminal evidence, though they would not make the evidence public until the matter was fully revealed.


Gu Ren asked Yan Zhi and the others to find any other people Liu Cang abducted and trafficked.

That was because this trafficker had also broken many more wholly complete families— the price could not remain unpaid.


“The victims who were trafficked back then,” Yan Zhi paused before continuing, “We have already found a few of them in the neighbouring villages.”


Liu Cang was extremely cautious— he never remained in one place for long, let alone look for ‘goods’ that have already been sold.


Yan Zhi’s men have already followed Liu Cang for a long time.

Yan Zhi knew that Liu Cang was so focused on finding Sheng Luo’s information that he was completely unaware that every move of his was watched intently.


Thinking about the people who had gone through such a tragic experience like the owner of her original body, Ye Zhi immediately asked, “Have they gone home”


Yan Zhi nodded, “Those who found their families have been sent back, whereas those who haven’t would be temporarily settled first.”


After those people were rescued, they were willing to testify in court and bring justice to Liu Cang.

The words of the people were the best evidence— Liu Cang could never escape the sanctions of the law.


After Yan Zhi left, Gu Ren and Ye Zhi began to discuss their future plans.


The news that Ye Zhi was the true daughter of the Sheng family would eventually be revealed.


One day, this matter would be exposed in front of the media.

The Sheng family, Ye Zhi and Sheng Man… The entanglement between a conglomerate and the two big traffic florets(1) would most likely cause great controversy.


(T/N: The term refers to famous female actresses/models that have a lot of fans.)


At that time, Ye Zhi would be placed on the cusp again.


The public relations team should also make some preparations in advance so that Ye Zhi could gain the most favourable position amongst the public opinion.


Gu Ren and Ye Zhi have already set up the game, so all they have to do is to wait for the culprits to jump into the net.


All of them would be punished and none would be able to escape.


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