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Nie Jiqing and Sheng Yu discussed for a long time, picking the right time to directly announce about Sheng Man’s identity as an adopted daughter of the Sheng family.


On this day, the Sheng family suddenly announced that they would hold a press conference.

Nie Jiqing’s face was indifferent as the audience was full of reporters.


Nie Jiqing said lightly, “I want to announce something to all of you today and it has something to do with Sheng Man.”


The reporters were very curious—what was Mrs.

Sheng going to say


Nie Jiqing’s voice broke through the silent atmosphere as she spoke, “Sheng Man is actually not my biological daughter.

She is the adopted daughter of the Sheng family and her biological father is Sheng Lian.”


Her tone was gentle but the force of it felt like a heavy boulder that smashed into the water.


Nie Jiqing’s voice quieted down, leading to the audience being in an uproar.


Sheng Man is not actually the blood of the Sheng family.

The Sheng family had already spoiled Sheng Man for such a long time, but now they have dropped a bombshell by telling us that Sheng Man was just a fake all along


Moreover, no one is unaware that Sheng Lian is related to the Sheng family in such a manner.

He is actually the father of Sheng Man!


The reporters suppressed their shock as Nie Jiqing continued, “My biological daughter disappeared many years ago.

In my state of grief, I adopted Sheng Man as my adopted daughter.”


Nie Jiqing thought of this before her voice suddenly sank a little, “I can confirm that I haven’t mistreated Sheng Man all these years.”


Everyone knew that the Sheng family was already very fond of Sheng Man for a long time.

She lived in a 1,000-square-metre mansion and always owned branded items— this kind of treatment was considered very good even if she was her biological daughter.


Nie Jiqing’s voice then became cold, “But Sheng Man has done a few morally wrong things recently, and those mistakes have completely made me feel cold towards her.”


“As of now, I have taken back Sheng Man’s mansion.”


Nie Jiqing announced the truth word by word.


“In the days to come, I will take back everything that the Sheng family has given to Sheng Man.”


Nie Jiqing’s words caused an uproar in everyone’s heart.

This abrupt news was destined to become the biggest scoop in the near future.


Most of the reporters have already set off, ready to block Sheng Man and obtain information from her first-handedly.


Sheng Man didn’t know anything about it.

Currently, she just finished participating in a certain brand’s event, but it was a shame that Ye Zhi was also here.


Ye Zhi ignored Sheng Man’s intentionally glaring eyes and walked straight out.


Ye Zhi had yet to reach the door when she saw Sheng Man’s agent, Sister Huo, walking quickly to Sheng Man’s side.

She then said anxiously, “Something happened, we have to get out of here now!”


Ye Zhi stopped in her tracks as she frowned and pondered, Sister Huo is a very qualified person in the entertainment industry.

What is it that was capable of making her lose her composure


Sheng Man was in a bad mood because she was kicked out of the mansion.

She asked angrily, “What happened What are you so anxious about”


Before Sister Huo had the time to speak, a myriad of reporters suddenly poured into the venue from the doors.

As soon as they saw Sheng Man, they frantically surrounded her.


Ye Zhi knew that something must have happened, so she quietly moved a few steps to the side to make sure that she was not surrounded by reporters.

Then, she watched the entire scene play out.


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