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Ye Zhi smiled as she pretended to think seriously for a while before she decided to slowly utter a date.


It happened to be the last of the dates that Gu Ren just mentioned, which meant that Ye Zhi had chosen a date that was farthest away from the present.


Ye Zhi looked at Gu Ren with a smile, knowing that she said this on purpose, but when he saw her appearance, he couldn’t get angry at all.


“What do you think about this day”


Gu Ren looked at Ye Zhi in a relaxed manner and he leaned forward slightly.

Positioning himself closer again, Gu Ren’s nose was only half an inch away from Ye Zhi this time.



Gu, I didn’t seem to hear what you said just now.”


Just as Ye Zhi was about to speak, there was a soft sensation on his lips.

A single touch that left immediately, as if the rustling night wind blew quietly.


Gu Ren’s body stepped back a little and he put some distance between them again, but he always kept Ye Zhi in his arms.


Ye Zhi wanted to speak, but Gu Ren kissed her lips again, drowning her next words between her lips and teeth.


Gu Ren didn’t give Ye Zhi a chance to speak.


After going back and forth, Gu Ren didn’t know how many times he kissed her as Ye Zhi was starting to deeply suspect that his selfishness was coming into play here.


Gu Ren smiled suddenly as his brows seemed to reflect the bright stars that were showered by the moonlight.

Even the corners of his eyes seemed to outline a smile of its own.


Gu Ren’s voice sounded low as it echoed in Ye Zhi’s ear.



Gu, I know your answer now.

Rest assured, our days ahead will be long and eventful.”


Ye Zhi heard the meaning behind Gu Ren’s words as she realised that the shower of kisses were all attributed to her reply.


If she answered, it would mean that she wanted Gu Ren to kiss her; if she remained silent, that would mean that she tacitly agreed with his answer.


Either way, she was going to get married as soon as possible.


Ye Zhi hugged Gu Ren gently, an embrace that was full of comfort and satisfaction, “Then the wedding will be fully handled by Mr.



After Ye Zhi recuperated for a few days, she felt much better, so she decided to return to the crew to film.


Gu Ren naturally wanted to send Ye Zhi to the filming set, but he had a schedule in the morning and couldn’t get there.

He originally wanted to reject the event, but Ye Zhi refused.


Ye Zhi was very insistent, which made Gu Ren give in, but he proposed that when she finished filming, he would come to pick her up and Ye Zhi agreed with that idea.


Ye Zhi got into the car, and after a while, the car stopped outside her filming location.

As soon as the car stopped, there were many reporters flocking around.


The reporters knew that Ye Zhi would come to the crew for filming today, so they had been here for a long time.


When Ye Zhi got out of the car, the reporters immediately gathered around her.

The cameras were directly facing Ye Zhi as they held the microphones in front of Ye Zhi and scrambled to ask questions.


“When did you and Gu Ren start dating Why did you conceal this matter”


“Were you two lovers during the recording of ‘Perfect Partner’”




Sharp questions were directed at Ye Zhi one after another, but she kept her expression unchanged and indifferent.


This was Ye Zhi’s first official appearance in front of the public after the announcement of her marriage.

Faced with these questions, Ye Zhi’s face was calm and collected, void of panic.


The sunlight illuminated Ye Zhi’s face.

Her dark eyes and slender lips were as beautiful as a delicate and perfect picture.


At this time, the voices of her fans suddenly sounded from behind, “We support Ye Zhi and Gu Ren being together!”


“You are the best couple in the entertainment industry, I wish you happiness!”


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