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Gu Ren tilted his head as he glanced at the camera before his eyes fell back to Ye Zhi.

His eyes that were deep and black stared at Ye Zhi for a moment, as if the dark orbs were looking at his most precious rose.


“Have you seen this gaze! How can Gu God be so suspenseful!”


“Ahhhhhh, I’m going crazy! I’ve been following Gu God for so long and he has never broadcasted live.

Who would have thought that I actually saw Gu God appearing so close to the camera in his wife’s live broadcast!”


“Ye Zhi’s perspective as a wife is also amazing! Please continue to spread the goodies and don’t stop; let me experience your sweet daily life after marriage.”


Gu Ren started to walk over as his low and clear voice broke the silence, “I’m sorry everyone, but I have to stare at my wife and make sure she eats her breakfast.”


When those words were said, Ye Zhi’s live broadcast was forced to end.

The last scene was Gu Ren leaning slightly and probing towards Ye Zhi…


As soon as the banquet was over, Ye Zhi returned home and her ‘fattening'(2) plan began.


(T/N: I put ” marks because we all know she isn’t going to become fat by any means, she’s just regaining her normal weight)


Ye Zhi was not in such a hurry, but the Gu family and the Sheng family all turned this matter into a major event between the two families.


They saw that Ye Zhi’s new movie was about to finish up the shooting process, so they started to list all kinds of food some time ago.


In order to make Ye Zhi eat healthier, they took extensive lengths of research and planning.


Yesterday, when Ye Zhi was watching TV, she saw a variety show about food and she just casually mentioned that the hot pot they showed on TV looked good.


The next day, as soon as Ye Zhi woke up, Gu Ren started urging her to go out.


Ye Zhi instead, looked at him blankly, “Where are we going”


Gu Ren glanced at Ye Zhi who was sitting with the quilt covering her frame as he did not hope for her to remember her wants either.

Gu Ren walked to the side of the bed and leaned over slightly, saying three words unhurriedly.


“Hot pot restaurant.”


Ye Zhi thought for a while before recalling the reason for Gu Ren’s impromptu intention; even she almost forgot about it entirely.


While Ye Zhi was recalling her words, Gu Ren had already helped her get the clothes that she was going to wear and prepared the toiletries.


Ye Zhi obediently got out of bed and got ready in the shortest time possible.

Now that the two of them have made things public, they don’t need to hide anymore, so they only mashed up a simple disguise.


 Not long after the car set off, Nie Jiqing’s call came in.

Ye Zhi pressed the answer button and her mother’s voice came from the other end of the phone.


“Zhizhi, have you eaten today”


Nie Jiqing called every day and routinely asked Ye Zhi about her having three meals a day, for fear that she might miss a meal.


Ye Zhi knew of Nie Jiqing’s worries, “Gu Ren is taking me to a hot pot restaurant now.

We’re going to get there pretty soon.”


When Nie Jiqing heard this, she immediately smiled as her happy mood seemed to be transmitted through the microphone, “Hot pots are really good, just remember to eat more then.”


After Ye Zhi hung up the phone, the car arrived at the hot pot restaurant.


When Ye Zhi saw the restaurant, she quickly remembered the first time she and Gu Ren shared a hot pot together, which was still broadcasted on the show at that time.


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