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“I wonder if you can give me a couple-style autograph”


The waiter especially emphasised the last few words as she liked the stubborn couple very much.

If she could get their signatures, she would wake up smiling even if she had a nightmare.


Ye Zhi was stunned as she had never signed a couple-style autograph before.

After Gu Ren signed the paper, Ye Zhi signed her name next to his.


The names of the two were signed very close to each other, but Ye Zhi felt that something was missing.

After thinking for a few seconds, she drew two hearts next to their signatures.


When the waitress put this uniquely autographed signature on the Internet, the CP fans were jealous and envious.

Even the business of the hot pot restaurant had improved a lot.

After all, the fans were hoping that they could meet the couple here one day.


Once Gu Ren and Ye Zhi’s movie were filmed, Zhou Pingyu wanted to discuss the next itinerary with her.


When Ye Zhi arrived at the studio, Gu Ren naturally followed her.

Ever since Ye Zhi fainted that time, he seemed to start being extraordinarily clingy.


Gu Ren followed her around when she was filming.

When she went to shoot an advertisement, he also trailed along.

Now, when Zhou Pingyu wanted to talk to her about work, Gu Ren still followed her.


Now, there were only the two of them here.


Ye Zhi looked at Gu Ren for a few seconds then she smiled helplessly, “Don’t you think that you are being very clingy now”


Gu Ren’s eyes were extremely dark and his voice was hoarse.

His voice seemed to be dazed and bewitched, “Do you not like it”


Ye Zhi’s heart started beating faster.


At this time, Gu Ren suddenly straightened up and his tall figure leaned towards Ye Zhi, slowly approaching her.

The distance between the two were getting closer and closer, forming a trace of ambiguity in the air.


At this time, Ye Zhi heard a sound from the door and quickly pushed Gu Ren away.

She lowered her head and pretended to cough a few times as her ears were slightly red.


When Zhou Pingyu pushed open the door and came in, he saw Ye Zhi lowering her head.

He also saw Gu Ren’s side profile with his usual nonchalant demeanour.


Zhou Pingyu found nothing unusual about the scene before him.


Gu Ren tilted his head and gave Zhou Pingyu a calm look, but the receiver was rather confused, not knowing where that came from all of a sudden.


Zhou Pingyu sat down and looked at Ye Zhi, “A lot of brand owners have come here recently and they want you to endorse their products.”


Ye Zhi now had a good reputation and was very popular, making her a candidate that many industries were competing for.


Zhou Pingyu added, “In addition to endorsements, many TV dramas and movies also intend to let you star in them.”


Zhou Pingyu pushed the information in front of Ye Zhi and said, “Have a look, which one do you think is more suitable”


Ye Zhi lowered her head to look at the papers.

She just glanced at the different offers a few times when a thought suddenly appeared in her mind.

She raised her head and looked at Gu Ren who was beside her.


Gu Ren was staring at her and she was unable to decipher the emotions hidden in his eyes.


Ye Zhi made a decision and she said in a low voice, “I won’t be working for the next few months,” Zhou Pingyu was stunned.

She then looked at Gu Ren with a smile on her slender lips,”I want to concentrate on preparing for the wedding.”


Hearing this sentence, Gu Ren suddenly had a charming smile on his lips, “I can give you double the amount of endorsement fees and remuneration that they give you.”


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