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When the doctor checked on them, the housekeeper called the Gu family, “Madam, the Young Master and the Young Madam have fainted.”


Gu Zhihe put down his work and rushed over with Qin Ting.

Soon, the Sheng family also arrived at Gu Ren’s house.


“What happened When did they fall unconscious Is there something wrong with their bodies now” Nie Jiqing was too nervous, seemingly obvious with the way she blurted many questions.


The doctor shook his head, “Their vital signs are all normal, but they will remain in a comatose state.”


That was to say, if Gu Ren and Ye Zhi didn’t wake up in the future, they would go into a vegetative state and remain that way.


Nie Jiqing glanced around and her sight landed on Ye Zhi’s ring finger,”The wedding ring is gone.”


Everyone looked at the ring box by the bed but found that it was open and was already empty.

However, the ring was not worn on either of Gu Ren and Ye Zhi’s ring fingers.


They all thought of what Zhao Tianshi had said— Gu Ren’s death was meant to happen today.

Could it be that the disappearance of the two had something to do with this death calamity


It was time to have Zhao Tianshi come to Gu Ren’s house again.


However, the fact that Gu Ren and Ye Zhi were both unconscious must not be known to others.

It concerned the Gu family and the Sheng family, but there were still many reporters watching closely.

A small trouble handled badly might cause mass panic.


Gu Zhihe looked serious as he looked at the housekeeper and the doctor, “Apart from you, does anyone else know about this”


 The housekeeper and the doctor shook their heads.

As soon as the incident happened, he only told the doctor and kept the door closed throughout the examination.


Gu Zhihe, “This news must be kept completely confidential and cannot be spread out.”


Gu Ren and Ye Zhi were both in a vulnerable position and he didn’t want to cause more troubles at this point.


At noon that day, the studios of both parties issued a statement on Weibo, claiming that Gu Ren and Ye Zhi have decided to go on a honeymoon trip.

Their itineraries were kept secret and the return date was also uncertain.


The accompanying picture was a photo of yesterday’s wedding.

The photo showed Gu Ren lifting Ye Zhi’s white lace veil as he gently kissed her lips.


No matter who they were, anyone would feel that the married couple’s life was extremely happy.


The Gu family members were very nervous as they merely created the illusion everyone was happy.

They could only hope that the couple would recover by the time the situation needed further clarification.


When Zhao Tianshi arrived at Gu’s house, Nie Jiqing had been pacing for a long time.


Upon seeing Zhao Tianshi, Nie Jiqing hurriedly asked, “What happened to them and why did they become like this”


Zhao Tianshi’s eyes fell on the duo who laid on the bed.

He lowered his eyes and thought deeply, “Although Gu Ren and Ye Zhi are in a coma, they will not die for the time being.”


“Are there any other oddities besides the coma”


“Their wedding rings are gone too.”


Zhao Tianshi said a meaningful sentence, “If there are still things that belonged in this world around them, then it doesn’t mean that they have lost all contact with this place.

There might be a chance that they could return after all.”


That pair of wedding rings was an important token.

After a torturous winding road, the rings would play a big role to guide them home.


Although the people who were present could not comprehend what Zhao Tianshi was talking about, they could also understand that this seemed to be the fate that had been destined long ago.


“Can they come back” Nie Jiqing asked, “When will that be”


“They have a month.

If they can come back within a month, they will have a smooth life in the future despite going through a catastrophe,” Zhao Tianshi paused, “If not…”


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