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Ye Zhi in this state was too thin and too pitiful; everyone hoped that someone could save her from that manic hell.

The audience cried, but Ye Zhi laughed when she saw herself in the mirror.


As she didn’t have any thoughts about life, no matter what she looked like, she didn’t really care.


Ye Zhi was clearly standing in the sun, but it seemed like she was dancing with the dark, almost as if there was no form of hope available for her any longer.


The audience was completely immersed in Ye Zhi’s role, feeling her numbness and her inner emptiness.


After that, with the help of her doctor, Ye Zhi slowly cheered up.

She began to laugh more, to eat more and to discover the subtleties of life in her life.


In the last scene of the movie, Ye Zhi raised her head as she faced the sun.

The sunlight outlined her astonishingly beautiful silhouette.


Ye Zhi’s face was still pale, her chin was still slender and her body was still very thin compared to others.

However, the light in Ye Zhi’s eyes was no longer dead as the sunlight sparkled in her eyes, but even so, nothing was as beautiful as her regaining hope for life.


At this moment, Ye Zhi’s slender lips curled into a faint smile.

That was a sign of her vigorous vitality, but also, her immortal hope for the future.


The movie was over.


Some over-engaged viewers realised that their faces were wet, finally figuring out that they had actually cried due to the touching emotions that were portrayed through the movie.


This time, they cried for Ye Zhi, who had regained her strength.

Throughout the movie, their emotions followed alongside Ye Zhi’s ups and downs— from great sadness to numbness to joy.


How much power could a person’s body contain to make one stand up from difficulties step by step


How much firm belief could a person have to face the next day with optimism even while their body was being destroyed by an illness


Obviously, it’s just a movie, but it seemed to have gone through a person’s life of both joy and sorrow.


The audience walked out of the movie theatre and they all gave ‘Slim’ a super high score.


The film’s box office exceeded 200 million on its first day! In addition to the high numbers of the box office, it also gained a very good reputation! The numbers generated in the box office for the next few days were also rather high.


This was Ye Zhi’s first film as a female lead and it had achieved great success, but such success seemed to be within everyone’s expectations.


Ye Zhi’s hard work and dedication were obvious to all, so she deserved to be recognised by everyone for her efforts.


During the period when Gu Ren and Ye Zhi did not disclose their schedules, fans have been commenting on their Weibo, hoping to see more of their lives together.


After their discussion, they decided to occasionally release their own vlogs on the Internet.

With it, not only did it meet the expectations of fans, but it was also considered a warm up for the resumption of work.


Ye Zhi’s body had almost recovered, so it was time to return to work.


They haven’t set a time to shoot the vlog, but they were very idle at home anyways.

After breakfast, Ye Zhi asked Gu Ren to get a camera on a whim.


There were a lot of cameras at home, but as both of them were too busy with work, they didn’t have the opportunity to use them.


The weather outside was just right and the flowers were blooming wildly.

Ye Zhi leaned over and met Gu Ren’s eyes, “What do you think of having a shoot in the garden”


“It’s all up to you,” Gu Ren bent down slightly, stretched out his hand in a slow and methodical manner and gently hugged Ye Zhi’s shoulder.


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