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There are few branches of Li family cuisine.

The most authentic shop in this alley is one table a day.

The location of other branches is relatively easy to book, but this store receives foreign guests, who are rich or expensive.

Ye Zhi walked into this room, which is only 11 square meters.

The earliest Li family dishes started here and has a long reputation.

They sat down, the banquet was ordered, and they waited for each dish to be served.

There were only two of them in this shop, and there were no other guests.

Ye Zhi looked at it and looked after him and said, it seems that it\'s hard to book here.

Gu Ren lowered his eyes, and his sight fell to Ye Zhi.

He said, well, I ordered it only a few months ago.

Gu\'s family has eaten several meals here before.

Gu Ren has never been to the branch store.

He only knows that the Li family cuisine here is the most authentic.

Naturally, he wants to let Ye Zhi taste it.

Gu Ren didn\'t say what he said was that he didn\'t think he would come with Ye Zhi at the time of booking.

Now, life more Ye Zhi, everything seems to have become different from before.

Not long after they were seated, the dishes were slowly served.

The freshest ingredients and the most primitive methods showed the court dishes.

Bacon, jade bean curd, green pine scallop, donkey braised tripe

Ye Gardenia side of the vegetables, while thinking, she did not know what the price of these vegetables.

This is the most difficult restaurant to book.

It must be much more expensive than other branches.

However, think about it carefully, she is even a few tens of thousands of litchi dare to eat people, encounter what price of vegetables, will not feel hot mouth.

Light virtual to cover the face of Ye Zhi, her cold white skin in the light cage on a light light light.

She looked at the fresh shellfish in her hand.

Gu Ren\'s expression moved, his very deep black eyes staring at Ye Zhi: what are you thinking

I had Chinese food tonight, and the etiquette I learned in the afternoon didn\'t work. Ye Zhi\'s tone is somewhat regretful.

Gu Ren picked up the corner of his lips and said naturally, then we\'ll go to eat Western food

Good. Ye Zhi nods, she moves chopsticks, continues to eat.

The night outside the window has gradually sunk down, Gu Ren\'s dark eyes suddenly light up, as if the stars.

He hooked his lips quietly.

Ye Zhi didn\'t find that, subconsciously, staying with Gu Ren has become a habit in her life.

Out of the restaurant, there is a narrow alley with only a few street lamps.

The dim yellow light is wrapped in the light bulb.

Although it is hazy with artistic conception, it can only barely see the road.

For Gu Ren, it is not a good way to go.

Gu Ren pauses and hesitates for a moment.

Ye Zhi also comes out after him.

Ye Zhi just stepped out of the first step, she realized that it was not right.

She bent slightly and looked at the entrance of the Hutong.

The light in the alley is dim, but ye Zhi can see the road clearly, Gu can\'t see clearly, she must think of a way.

Ye Zhigang wants to take out the mobile phone from the bag, ready to light up the Hutong and provide light for Gu Ren.

The next second, Gu Ren opened his mouth behind Ye Zhi, and his voice still had a faint but bright fragility.

Ye Zhi, I can\'t see.

Gu Ren\'s tall and straight body stood in place, even the steps were not ready to move, Gu Ren saw Ye Zhi\'s hesitation and put forward a proposal.

Why don\'t you lead me

It\'s a secret of selfishness.

Ye Zhi turns her head and looks at Gu Ninh.

Ye Zhi\'s action falls in Gu Ren\'s eyes.

Because of his night blindness, it is interpreted as another meaning.

Gu Ren thinks Ye Zhi loves him, so he is ready to stretch out his hand and take the initiative to pull him.

Unexpectedly, ye Zhi immediately opened his mouth and said, wait a minute, I turn on the flashlight in the mobile phone, you can see it.

I don\'t understand the customs.

The light of the flashlight fell untimely, interrupting Gu Ren\'s selfishness.

Gu Ren frowned and looked at the clear road.

He pretended to sweep around and hesitated.

It\'s still a little dark.

Ye Zhi looked around strangely: very bright ah.

Gu Ren sighed: maybe my symptoms are getting worse.

Ye Zhiyi heard this, and quickly walked toward Gu Ren: are you ok

Gu Ren looks at Ye Zhi, who is only half a meter away from himself, and reaches out his hand.

His long and thin hands hold the corner of Ye Zhi\'s clothes.

Because of the force, the joints are slightly protruding.

Here it is.

Ye Zhi believed Gu Ren\'s words and kindly lit the flashlight on the road in front of him.

Gu Ren took a step, and the light on Ye Zhi\'s hand stayed there.

The car is parked outside the alley.

Ye Zhi helps Gu Ren to light the light, but he can\'t help reminding Gu Ren.

You should be careful when you shoot night plays, especially when I\'m not here...Ye Zhi words have not finished, Gu Ren suddenly loosened the corner of Ye Zhi\'s clothes, quickly walked forward a few steps, just out of the hutongkou.

The bright lights outside poured down in an instant, and the scenery in front of Gu Ren also widened a lot.

Gu Ren was silent and speechless, and went to the side of the car, but he did not forget to help Ye Zhi open the door, and then sat in the driver\'s seat.

At this time, the street lamp is very bright, reflected in Gu ninwei Leng\'s side face, his eye ground took a little helpless.

Ye Zhi feels Gu Ren\'s mood suddenly changed, but she doesn\'t ask much.

Gu Ren started the car and drove into the night.

Gu Ren is suddenly angry.

Although Ye Zhi has not guessed the reason, she vaguely feels that something has changed.

But she didn\'t realize what the change meant.

Ye Zhi didn\'t think about it deeply.

She thought for a while.

She secretly turned over the body and pretended to be watching the scenery.

In fact, she glanced at Gu Ren.

Gu Ren\'s hand is covered on the steering wheel and gently placed on it.

His fingers are long and clear, like a perfect cold sculpture.

Gu Ren is aware that ye Zhi is peeping at him.

He does not have a trace of change in his expression, but slowly tightens his hand.

The palm covers the steering wheel, which is his silent restraint.

Ye Zhi thought and said, that...

Hear ye Zhi open mouth, Gu ninxin move, he did not see ye Zhi, but a trace of small pleasure floating in the bottom of his heart.

Words to the mouth, Gu Ren but only a light way out: what

The tone is not light or heavy, indifferent and distant.

Ye Zhi hears Gu Ren\'s voice, heart suddenly sink down, full cavity wants to say words all blocked in throat mouth.

Gu Ren still didn\'t look at her, and her face was cold and clear.

Ye Zhi stares at Gu Ren.

When Gu can\'t speak, his thin lips are tightly pursed and his jaw is slightly retracted.

The cold and thin outline seems to be soaked with the coldness of ice and snow.

Such a good-looking person, but at this time, like surrounded by ice and snow, every inch is a cold radian.

It\'s hard to change the cold.

He is so cold that ye Zhi feels her heart is going to freeze up.

Ye Zhi suddenly felt that they had become the first time they met.

Gu Ren is so inaccessible, so indifferent, as far away as the cold moon.

Ye Gardenia in the heart of a emergence of this idea, she felt that the heart is sour and astringent, uncomfortable to a whole heart are pulled up.

Ye Zhi intuitively doesn\'t like this cognition.

She doesn\'t like it very much.

If she thinks about it again, the sour feeling will submerge her heart.

Ye Zhi some grievances, she did not take care of the patient, take back the line of sight.

Ye Zhi side head looks out of the window, the corner of the eye is faintly suffused with a trace of tears.

She pursed her lips and sniffed gently.

Ye Zhi also can\'t say clearly, why Gu Ren ignored her, she would be so miserable, would be so unhappy.

If she thought deeply about the reasons, she was afraid that she could not help crying.

Gu had just finished that sentence, and he regretted it.

Gu Ren frowned.

He was a little annoyed.

Why did he say such a thing just now He didn\'t think so.

He has always been calm.

When has he become so irrational

After a long time, Gu Ren sighs in his heart, and he looks at Ye Zhi from the side of his head.

Ye Zhi looks out of the window, can\'t see her look clearly.

Gu Ren opened his mouth.

He wanted to say something, but he was still silent.

His hand is on the steering wheel, and his finger tail is slightly clenched, with a trace of pale.

This unexpected cold war continues.

Next, neither of them spoke again.

The car stops, Gu Nino opens the door, he gets off from one side, glances at Ye Zhi.

Ye Zhi didn\'t look at him and dropped his head from the car.

Ye Zhi was about to go forward when she saw a light shadow on the ground, outlining a tall and slender figure.

Ye Zhi raised her eyes and set a pair of deep black eyes.

Gu Ren stands in front of Ye Zhi and looks at Ye Zhi in silence.

He gazed at Ye Zhi, his eyes rolling with deep emotion.

He realized it a long time ago.

His cloud light breeze light, he pretends to be calm, his restraint forbearance, in front of Ye Zhi, all emotions will disappear instantly.

It all becomes a sentence I can\'t bear it.

It used to be, and still is.

Ye Zhi did not go forward, Gu Ren did not step back.

They looked at each other in silence, and their mood was complicated.

At this time, Gu Ren suddenly dropped a sigh: sorry.

Gu endure this sorry, it seems that in the snow down the flow of sunlight, the condensation of the snow, quickly dispersed.

Ye Zhi heart a jump, she seriously stare at Gu Ren, heart diffuse a silk of indescribable mood.

Gu Ren\'s voice line rings again.

This time, his voice is lower a few minutes and gently knocks on the ear side of Ye Zhi.

Gu Ren gazed at Ye Zhi, a very low voice rose in his throat, and his tone was precious and slow: I was wrong just now.Ye Zhi did not speak, do not know why, after Gu Ren opened his mouth, her heart had already suppressed the mood, and suddenly rushed to her.

Gu Ren saw the corner of Ye Zhi\'s red eyes.

He was shocked.

He suddenly bent down and looked at Ye Zhi deeply.

Ye Zhi\'s eyes were red and red, and her eyes seemed to be covered with tears, and her face was very pale.

Gu ninxin a pull, he subconsciously raised his hand, want to touch Ye Zhi.

When his hand was about to touch Ye Zhi, he stopped again.

Gu Ren slowly put down his hand.

His sight still fell straight into Ye Zhi\'s eyes.

He opened his mouth in a low voice: can you forgive...

Before he finished, ye Zhi suddenly said, can you forgive me

Gu Ren was stunned.

Ye Gardenia voice is very light, but very serious: you are not happy, I should continue to ask you clear, but I did not do so.

Ye Zhi stopped and continued: I\'m timid.

As soon as you open your mouth, I\'ll I don\'t dare to say that again

Ye Zhi looked at Gu Ren\'s face carefully: I haven\'t talked to you all the time.

Can you forgive me

Gu ninding looks at Ye Zhi.

Under the moonlight, she looks up at herself.

Her black eyes are more delicate than glass.

They even They\'re all apologizing to each other.

In the early winter\'s night, everything is so quiet, ye Zhi suddenly sees Gu Ren\'s lips pulling slightly, and a low dumb smile falls from the darkness.

Gu Ren\'s smile suppressed the charm of the night and covered the beauty of the moon.

In the cold, there is a trace of frost and snow, which is too beautiful.

Ye Zhi stares at, like Gu Ren, such a clear man, when he laughs, he will glow with such a different color.

We don\'t need to talk about this evening.

Gu Ren said, shall we go home

Ye Zhi smiles: good.

The two walked side by side, their backs outlined by the moonlight.

Gu Ren took part in an audition for a film called eye.

As mentioned in the film, this film is related to eyes.

To be precise, it\'s about a movie about a blind man.

This film is a literary film.

The director and the production team are very strong.

Such an excellent film will have strict requirements for the hero.

When Cheng Qi knew that Gu Ren wanted to audition, he was surprised at first because it was difficult for blind people to act, and Gu Ren had never played blind people.

But Gu Ren\'s attitude is very firm, he said he would like to get the role.

Cheng Qi knows that Gu Ren likes to challenge difficult things, and he agrees with Gu Ren\'s idea.

After Gu Ren went to the audition, he did not expect that Gu Ren passed the audition.

On this day, Gu Nino went to take a set of make-up photos.

After the director and Gu Ren communicate, Gu Ren stands in the center of the shooting site, and the lighting and props are ready.

The light virtual all around, only he is the most vivid existence, a look at it can not be ignored.

Straight nose, perfect lips, each is very brilliant, but when the light shines on Gu Ren\'s eyes, everyone is stunned.

Gu Ren\'s eyelids are slightly drooping.

Those eyes are dark.

However, his dark pupil has no trace of expression.

He is as silent as dead water without a ripple.

Looking carefully, Gu Ren\'s eyes did not have any focus.

The light passing through his eyes quietly converged into nothingness.

It looks like a very beautiful picture, but it has lost the most important color.

What a beautiful pair of eyes, but what a pity a pair of eyes.

Almost everyone should think that Gu Ninh is really blind because his acting skills are so lifelike that the fixed makeup photo shooting is very successful.

A few days later, eye\'s official microblog posted a set of makeup photos.

After announcing Gu ninnie\'s role in the film, fans were looking forward to seeing how the idol acted as a blind man.

The first photo is Gu Ren looking forward, with dark eyes, without a trace of grace.

He seems to blend into the night, no longer light.

Surrounded by bright colors, the sun surrounds Gu Ren\'s whole body, but he has a sad and strong temperament.

It\'s heartbreaking, and it\'s a pity.

Soon, the crew released a second set of makeup.

This photo is different from the previous one.

Gu Ren\'s eyes are closed.

Gu Ren\'s eyes closed, and he raised his face slightly to face the sun.

The lines of his side face are three-dimensional, and the light passes through his outline, leaving bright and dark shadows on his face.

The light divided Gu Ren\'s face into several distinct areas.

His facial features were illuminated by the sun, which was too handsome.

But when the light fell on Gu Ren\'s eyes, the light suddenly dimmed, and his eye area was gray.

Clear and elegant facial features, no bright eyes.

Bright and dark meet, at this moment, but interweave into such a strange and unique visual effect.

Gu ninong acted as if, I really thought he was a blind man! What a fantastic ActingWhy do I want to cry when I see the fixed makeup photos Have the male gods experienced anything Why can he act like this

Idol\'s eyes make me a little heartbroken.

I dare not watch this movie, but I really want to see how to do with idol\'s Biao acting skills!

I\'ll take a tissue to watch a movie, while watching, while crying for Gu Ren\'s acting skills!

The netizens are impressed by Gu Ren\'s acting skills.

At the same time, ye Zhi also sees the fixed makeup photo.

At the moment when she sees the fixed makeup photo, she is slightly confused.

Ye Zhi unexpectedly had a very incredible idea, she even saw the shadow of the person she had taken care of on Gu Ren\'s body!

Ye Zhi murmured: too much like...

Gu Ren\'s eyes and expression are so similar to that man!

Ye Zhi repressed his emotions and denied the idea, because how could Gu Ren be him


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