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Ye Zhi lip line tight, although she is looking at Gu Ren, but the rest of the light is paying attention to other people.

She could feel that everyone in the room was staring at both of them.

She wanted to end the embarrassing situation as soon as possible.

Ye Zhi nods gently, to Gu Ren an.

She saw, Gu Ren\'s lips rippled with a very shallow smile, and still looked at her without moving her eyes.

Until ye Zhi sat down, Gu ninai took back his sight.

The guests looked back and forth between them, and everyone had their own ideas.

Some people think that it doesn\'t seem to matter.

It\'s just a meal.

Yue Ling is the most resentful one.

Just now she went to Gu Ren and refused to give her a chance to sit down.

But now that ye Zhi has come, what can I do to sit next to Gu Ren

Shan Qian knows that ye Zhi is diligent in his work, and he has never been a demon in private.

He would not like to sit with Yue Ling.

On the quiet table, suddenly a sound, bang bang bang, very crisp.

Everyone was stunned.

They all looked and found that Xiong Ting had calmly picked up a piece of pickle and began to eat seriously.

Shan Qian originally wanted to talk to Gu Ren, but he noticed that there was something wrong with the atmosphere there.

Gu ninhe and ye Zhi were silent, and neither of them looked up.

Shan qian can only talk to Sheng man: Sheng man, you are doing well today...

Sheng man raised his head, his eyes were cold, and he left the camera without any idea of taking care of him.

She is such a direct person, now tired, even more lazy to pretend.

Recently, Sheng man is in a bad mood.

If there is one person who can make her smile, it must be Nie Jiqing.

Sheng man such fierce eyes, Shan Qian is the first time to see.

He immediately shut his mouth and did not dare to speak any more.

He sat next to Gu Ren and made a light bulb.

While everyone was eating, the two leading characters of the scandal center looked down at their mobile phones and chatted with each other via wechat.

Ye Zhi is a little worried: there are too many people here.

Don\'t be so obvious.

Gu Ren\'s tone is cold: Oh.

Ye Zhi put forward the suggestion: we eat quietly, don\'t talk.

Ye Zhi just finished this sentence, heard Gu Ren\'s voice coming from his ear: Ye Zhi, do you want to eat roast beef

She said

Is really afraid of what to come, ye Zhi raised her head, she an eye knife swept past.

But in Gu Ren\'s eyes, ye Zhi even frowns are good-looking, eye waves flow, but her facial features are more vivid.

Gu Ren\'s eyes swept over her face and looked at her carefully.

As he looked at her, the time was infinitely prolonged.

Ye Zhi thought that her warning finally worked.

A puff.

Gu Ren laughed.

Ye Zhi\'s self-confidence has been hit, her aura compared with Gu Ren, seems to be nothing.

She remembered what he had said when she recorded the program today.

However, in front of Gu Ren, she was not his opponent by nature.

Maybe because I like it, I have weakness.

Gu Ren looked at Ye Zhi\'s mobile phone.

His heart moved and stretched out his cold white fingers.

He took her cell phone and gently pressed it on the table.

Slender fingers knocked down the black mobile phone, he seriously advised: dinner time, don\'t play mobile phone.

This action completely prevented Ye Zhi from communicating with him through wechat in the future.

Gu Ren will talk to Ye Zhi from time to time.

To be exact, he doesn\'t take the initiative to find others, just talk to her.

As long as ye Zhi doesn\'t respond, her bowl will suddenly have new dishes.

Whenever Ye Zhi raises his head, he can look at Gu Ren.

Although he doesn\'t say anything, his dark eyes are cold and gentle.

In many duels with Gu Ren.

Ye Zhi died.

All the dishes on the table have been tasted all over the table.

The spicy chicken feet and ye Zhi have not been eaten yet.

Leaf Gardenia clip a chopstick, only lightly chewed once, the whole body is stiff.

In the well heated room, she could feel her arms sweating.

Hot, it\'s too hot.

Gu Ren looks at Ye Zhi, a deep black eye falls on her body, earnestly inquires: what\'s the matter

Ye Zhi controlled her expression and tried to resist the spicy feeling and swallowed the boneless chicken feet.

She suddenly had an idea, a pull of the mouth.

The spicy chicken feet here are delicious.

Try them. Ye Zhi rarely showed concern, enthusiasm is a little too much.

Gu Ren is half convinced.

He drops his eyes and stares at Ye Zhi for a few seconds.

He already has suspicion in his heart, but he still picks up a piece.

Gu Ren lowered his head and just put it into his mouth.

His eyes moved slightly and noticed something strange.

A hot smell rushed into the mouth and spread from the taste buds.

Gu ninmei picked him up and knew that he had been teased.

He raised his head to the clear and beautiful eyes of Ye Zhi.

Gu Ren\'s jaw line is tight, but his eyes are clear and indifferent.

He still keeps his face unchanged, showing his strong ability of expression management.Ye Zhi sat beside her and bent her lips.

When she saw Gu Ren\'s reaction, her eyebrows and eyes were stained with a smile.

She also seems to have forgotten her warning just now, did not resist, has been looking at him.

Ye Zhi gently leaned over his head and unconsciously boasted, Gu Ren, your acting skills are very good.

Gu Ren chuckled, lowered the voice line, and opened his mouth in a low dumb voice: do you want to learn

Ye Zhi was stunned and thought of seeing his film at home, studying acting skills and being discovered by Gu Ren.

As soon as her ears were hot, she subconsciously stepped back.

Gu ninzhi looked at Ye Zhi, his eyes burning, and like a pool of deep water, can not see the bottom.

Two people\'s eyes seriously staggered, inevitable, nowhere to escape.

Gu Ren lip a hook, thin lip micro motion, silently spit out three words.

I\'ll teach you.

His line of sight is like a heavy net, ye Zhi suddenly moved in his heart, and he could not help but go towards the net.

In the noise and noise around, Gu Ren\'s eyes became more and more bright, like the early sun reflected in the snow.

Although he did not say a word, it seemed that those words could reach her heart.

This corner seems to be quiet down, ye Zhi has not heard the outside voice.

No one noticed here.

They continued to eat.

You come and go on the dining table, just a little fun between the couple.

After the program was recorded, it was very late.

After the dinner, it was early in the morning.

Their table is probably the last guest to leave the restaurant.

The restaurant is very close to the hotel, just a few steps away.

Instead of taking a bus, the guests went to the hotel and went back to bed.

The guests went out one after another.

Ye Zhi didn\'t squeeze in front of her.

She was very slow.

She let others go first, and then she left.

Gu Ren followed her and fell to the last place.

Perfect partner was recorded in Korea and paparazzi flew to Korea.

They kept a close watch on the door of the restaurant in the early morning.

When the guests came out one by one, the paparazzi recorded the whole process.

See finally, Gu Ninh and ye Zhi come out together, but also a distance from the front, paparazzi eyes a bright, immediately record this moment.

From photos to videos, what they have in their hands can already set off a bloodbath on the Internet.

Although very tired, Gu Ninh and ye Zhi didn\'t sleep too long.

They were immediately called by the phone from the studio.

They turned on their phones and saw the news.

As a paparazzi, of course, to preempt, exaggerated headlines can attract everyone\'s attention.

There is a news push to everyone\'s mobile phone, the news out, the whole network shocked!

[Gu Ninh and ye Zhi are in and out of the restaurant together in the early hours of the morning]

the paparazzi\'s selection of pictures is very clever.

Only the two of them are in the picture, and other guests seem to have disappeared.

There are only a few seconds in the video, deliberately cutting out the section that others left.

Gu Ninh and ye Zhi were once in the relationship of being touched with porcelain.

Later they became partners in the program.

Recently, CP powder is very strong.

Such a strong news, naturally triggered a heated discussion throughout the network, the major forums have been forwarded, the absolute weapon to wake up in the morning is to chase gossip.

I saw so much news in the morning.

I can\'t go to school today.

A few photos can\'t explain anything.

Besides, aren\'t they recording programs in South Korea

I just finished watching the program yesterday, but today I\'m in love.

No wonder I have such a tacit understanding on the program.

It\'s because my partner has developed feelings.

I want to know how ye Zhi managed to become a boy god girl friend from the whole network black.

Can ye Zhi come out and write a book about how to chase after male gods

How do you know it was Ye Zhi who chased her upstairs I bet 50 cents, which is pursued by Gu Dashen.

I don\'t know what you\'re trying to do.

It\'s obviously the relationship between colleagues.

If they fall in love, I\'ll eat Xiang live.

After half an hour, ye Zhi\'s Micro blog has no activity, even login record.

Gu Ren did not respond.

He read the comments on the Internet and most of them supported the scandal.

It seems that ye Zhi\'s comments have been completely reversed.

Although he would like to be public, this is not the best time.

Finally, it was the program group that came forward to respond.

The official microblog of perfect partner posted a micro blog.

Dinner after recording in Korea.

Although this micro blog didn\'t mention ninja and ye Zhi in half a word, the photo of the dinner party clearly clarified the scandal just now.

In the photo, the restaurant is accompanied by other guests from the program.

What two people go out late at night, South Korea Street secret meeting, is all made up by paparazzi rumors.

Cut, I said it was a rumor.

Sheng man and Shan Qian were all on the scene.

Did they treat netizens as idiots

Didn\'t you see Gu Ninh and ye Zhi sitting together I chose this seat by myself.

Ha ha ha, I seem to have found something remarkable.

Two people sitting together is another hammer in love It\'s normal to have dinner on the program.

I also said that Sheng man and Shan Qian sat together.

They participated in two variety shows.

Maybe there is already a spark.

There are still a lot of comments on the Internet, but we have tacitly agreed that their love affair is pure nonsense.

So the news was crushed.

A few days ago, Sheng Lian asked Liu Cang to investigate the news of Sheng\'s daughter.

Liu Cang arrived in the village where he sold Shengluo.

Liu Cang came to the place in his memory.

He was stunned when he looked at it.

The house used to be abandoned, but now it\'s dilapidated.

There was no one to see, only weeds everywhere, full of Xiaobai scenery.

Liu Cang is strange.

Where is the man Has the family who bought Shengluo moved away

Liu Cang walked a long way and came to a villager\'s house.

He explained the location of the house just now: where is the family living there

Villager: they are dead.

Liu Cang was shocked: what

Villagers face some regret: that family is also miserable enough, encountered a landslide, they did not have time to withdraw, so died.

Many people died in that accident.

Liu Cang didn\'t believe it: what about the little girl Is she really gone

The villagers nodded: the little girl was with her parents at that time.

When the accident happened, several of them died together.

Now that house is not occupied, we all feel that this family is too poor.

Liu Cang was not at ease and asked other villagers, and their answers were exactly the same.

Liu Cang was sure that Sheng Luo was really dead.

After Liu Cang knew the news, he contacted Sheng Lian that night, and they came to a box.

Sheng Lian has been anxiously waiting for Liu Cang\'s news.

As soon as he saw Liu Cang, he immediately asked, have you found it

Sheng Luo\'s existence is a thorn in his heart.

One day he didn\'t know the news, he couldn\'t sleep well.

Liu Cang said carelessly, you don\'t have to worry, Sheng\'s daughter has died.

Sheng Lian was completely stunned: dead

He had guessed that Shengluo was abducted and sold to that place when he was very young.

After so many years without any relatives, he was likely to encounter misfortune.

But when the news came to him, he was still shocked.

But Sheng Lian\'s mind is very heavy.

When he was shocked, his first reaction was doubt.

He immediately asked, how did she die Are you sure you\'ve looked into it

Liu Cang saw that Sheng Lian didn\'t believe him and said coldly, why You don\'t believe me now If you don\'t believe it, why don\'t you check it yourself

When Sheng Lian saw that Liu Cang\'s face changed, he immediately lowered his voice: Sheng Luo died like this.

I\'m really surprised.

Liu Cang snorted and then said, I went to the village where she was abducted and sold in person.

I heard the villagers nearby say that the girl is dead.

A few years after Shengluo\'s abduction and trafficking, a landslide happened there.

Not only she, but also the family who bought her died!

Sheng Lian listened in silence.

He didn\'t expect Shengluo to encounter such a thing.

He intended to send Shengluo far away, so that Shengluo would never again threaten their interests.

However, he never thought that Shengluo would die so early.

But Sheng Lian had to admit that he was relieved to learn that Sheng Luo was dead.

Sheng Luo\'s death means that no one will come back to replace Sheng man.

Sheng man is really the only daughter of the Sheng family.

Liu Cang noticed that Sheng Lian was relieved.

He looked at Sheng Lian contemptuously: there is no proof of death.

You are satisfied.

Sheng Lian ignored Liu Cang\'s sarcasm.

He got on the bus, and he was still thinking about what Liu Cang said all the way.

When he got home, Sheng Lian went to the door of the room.

He suddenly thought of something and walked to the study.

He turned on the computer, typed in a few keywords, and then stared at the computer screen.

The information was displayed one by one, and he took it very seriously.

Finally, Sheng Lian closed the computer, and his brow frowned.

According to Liu Cang\'s words, there was a landslide that year.

Liu Cang didn\'t cheat him.

But I don\'t know why, Sheng Lian\'s heart is always there and hasn\'t been put down for a long time.

Sheng Lian thought for a while, even if there was an accident, was the person who died really Shengluo If Shengluo is dead, what about the evidence

He still can\'t fully believe what some villagers have said.

Sheng Lian is very suspicious, because Sheng Luo\'s existence directly affects his later life, in which no mistakes can be made.

Sheng Lian dialed Liu Cang\'s number and said, I\'m still a little worried about what you said today.

I want you to help me find the girl\'s information again.

Liu Cang\'s voice came over the phone: I can provide you with information, but you have to give me another sum of money.

Sheng Lian concealed anger: I have given you so much money, you should not go too far.Liu Cang sneered: I have run so far, and I have provided you with such useful information.

How can the running expenses be enough

If you don\'t agree, don\'t talk about it. Liu Cang is going to hang up the phone.

Sheng Lian immediately said, wait!

Sheng Lian answered: if you add money, you should pay more carefully this time.

Even if Sheng\'s daughter is dead, I need to know her details.

I want to see a picture of her growing up, when she died and how old she was when she died...

Outside the window is the pale moonlight, Sheng Lian\'s voice is more gloomy than the night.

In a word, I want all the information about Luo.


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