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After receiving the news from Liu Cang, Sheng Lian began to think about one thing.

Should he tell Shengman something about Shengluo.

After Sheng Luo disappeared, he and Sheng Bang could not see Nie Jiqing several times, but Sheng man had the most frequent contact with Sheng\'s family.

Now such a thing happened, Sheng Lian felt that he had to tell the truth to Sheng man and make some remarks.

In the future, Shengman could no longer control her own temperament.

She had to change her attitude.

At this time, Manson is closing her eyes.

The next second, Sheng man put the mobile phone in the bag rang up, agent Huo Jie helped her pick up the phone, Huo Jie looked at the mobile phone suspiciously.

Who is the caller Is it your relative

Sheng man heard Huo Jie\'s voice, which slowly opened his eyes, she took Huo Jie handed over the mobile phone, a note, her face instantly flustered.

You go out first.

I\'ll answer the phone.

Sheng man repeatedly urged, and even Huo Jie was rushed to the outside of the dressing room to wait, and she again put her eyes on the screen.

There is only one simple word on the screen of mobile phone, Sheng.

Sheng man doesn\'t want to give Sheng Lian a full name, for fear that others will know the relationship between her and Sheng Lian.

The dressing room was empty, but Shengman was still worried that someone might eavesdrop.

He went to the corner and pressed the answer button.

Sheng man lowered his voice, still with obvious anger.

What are you calling for Don\'t contact me during working hours

Sheng Lian only said two words to let Sheng man\'s anger disappear: there are some things about Sheng Luo, I want to tell you, you come home tonight.

After that, Sheng Lian hung up the phone.

Shengluo is Shengluo again.

This is the second time she has heard Shengluo\'s name in these days.

Why is she always haunting.

Sheng man\'s hand trembled slightly, almost even the mobile phone was unstable.

When Huo Jie came in, she saw Sheng man\'s pale face.

Huo Jie thought Sheng man was ill, but she didn\'t expect Sheng man to lose her usual high flame.

She didn\'t know what was on her mind.

As soon as the event was over, Sheng man dressed up and drove to Sheng Lian\'s home.

When Shengman arrived, it was dark, and she still covered her face.

When she opened the door, Sheng Lian had been waiting for her in the living room.

Sheng Lian and so on Sheng man sat down and talked about business with her without any more nonsense.

I did Sheng Luo\'s disappearance.

I abducted her and sold her to other places.

You were still young at that time.

I didn\'t let you know.

Sheng man pretended to be calm on his face, but he kept saying it in his heart.

She knew, she always knew, after she grew up a little bit, she guessed the truth of the fact, so for so many years, on the premise of knowing the truth, she still played the daughter of the Sheng family obediently.

Sheng man can\'t help but clench the armrest of the sofa, the beautiful and delicate nails in the past are embedded in the sofa.

And then What do you want to say

Sheng Lian didn\'t know Sheng man\'s psychological activities: I asked Liu Cang, a peddler at that time, to investigate Shengluo\'s recent situation.

He told him that Shengluo had died in a landslide.

She was gone many years ago.

Dead murmured Sheng man

The person who has been bothering her for so many years should die so easily.

She has an unreal feeling in her heart.

Sheng Lian looks at Sheng man\'s strange reaction and thinks that Sheng man is hit and needs time to digest.

So you flatter Nie Jiqing and accept your temperament.

Isn\'t she the most fond of you

Sheng Lian\'s words continue to come, but it seems to be separated by a layer of yarn, intermittent, not clear.

Sheng man\'s heart filled with a flurry to please Nie Jiqing.

She has done a lot of such things recently, but I don\'t know if it is her illusion.

She always feels that Nie Jiqing is getting farther and farther away from her.

When Sheng man came out of Sheng Lian\'s house, she forgot to disguise herself and drove home directly.

The 1000 square meter mansion is very large and empty.

It seems that she can\'t see the edge at all.

The luxury she used to like has now become a repressive silence.

Shengman went straight upstairs.

She threw her clothes and bags aside and turned on the light in the bathroom.

Sheng man bends down and pours cold water on her face.

She looks up slightly and looks at herself in the mirror.

The water that hasn\'t been dried runs down her face.

Her eyebrows and temples were stained with water vapor.

When she looked at it carefully, the face gradually changed into another face.

Sheng man shrieked, and immediately stepped back several steps, clinging to the wall, not daring to move half a minute.

Just now she seemed to see Shengluo\'s face vaguely.

In fact, she had never seen Shengluo several times.

When Shengluo disappeared, she was too young to remember clearly.But when Sheng Luo died in the landslide, was his face full of water vapor and in a mess.

If Shengluo knew her position was occupied by her, her father was still the culprit.

Would Shengluo hate her

If she was Shengluo, she would never let go of those who hurt her.

Shengman immediately took back her sight and did not dare to look at the mirror again.

She ran back to the room in a hurry and knocked down several things along the way.

Sheng man didn\'t even change her clothes.

The cold water on her face didn\'t even dry.

She wrapped herself in the quilt.

When the darkness fell, she felt a little relieved.

I didn\'t do it.

I didn\'t know it.

Don\'t come to me.

Sheng man retracted into the quilt and murmured to himself as if he were bewildered.

This night, she almost stayed up all night, even if she fell asleep, she would be immediately awakened by nightmares.

Over and over again, Sheng man\'s mind was in a trance.

She really thought that she saw Sheng Luo, who was angry, to punish the woman who took her place.

Don\'t say it\'s going to please Nie Jiqing.

She doesn\'t even dare to enter the mansion now, for fear that Nie Jiqing can see the clue.

The latest issue of Sheng man\'s life has started recording.

Sheng man, who has always been arrogant and insolent, seldom shows a friendly and gentle side in this program.

The theme of this issue is called experiencing the life of soman..

Sheng man invited several ordinary people to her mansion.

They will stay here for two days and experience the life of a big star with Shengman.

There are many empty rooms in the 1000 square meter mansion.

The simple people were placed in the rooms on the first floor, and each room had been cleaned up.

The people who live on the first floor are all people who work for Shengman.

Even if she starts to take the people friendly line now, she still thinks that she is different from others.

Sheng man invited Su Ren to her house just to save her image in the audience.

She didn\'t want to be the abandoned son of the Sheng family.

So, she has to work hard to make her reputation the best chip.

While Sheng man pretended to be happy and continued to show off her life on the show, she didn\'t know that something would happen soon.

From then on, she will be expelled from the mansion and will not be allowed to step further.

On the day this program was broadcast, Nie Jiqing received the news of the investigation.

She was aware of Sheng Lian\'s strange, let people keep an eye on him.

Nie Jiqing has just learned that Sheng Lian and Liu Cang\'s contacts.

Who is Liu Cang

He was involved in child trafficking. The man investigated very clearly, he was very careful and never caught by the police.

Nie Jiqing was surprised: what

Does Sheng Lian deal with human traffickers An unbelievable, but real and incomparable idea appeared in Nie Jiqing\'s mind.

There is one more doubt. The man said, in the year your daughter Shengluo disappeared, Liu Cang also disappeared for a year.

There is no direct evidence, but Nie Jiqing\'s suspicions have taken root like a seed and deeply hurt her heart.

She clenched her teeth and trembled.

At that time, Sheng Luo disappeared, Sheng Lian soon sent Sheng man to her home.

After years of searching for nothing, Sheng man became the adopted daughter of the Sheng family.

Sheng Lian\'s family\'s status has risen and they are now working for Sheng\'s enterprise.

Pile by pile, piece by piece, is it the Bureau they laid down

Nie Jiqing forced himself to calm down and think about it.

After so many years, why did they start to contact again

Is it true that his daughter is not dead

For many years, Nie Jiqing fell into the void.

Now, a glimmer of hope suddenly appears in the void.

Even if the hope was illusory, she would hold on firmly and never let go.

Tell me everything Sheng Lian does. Nie Jiqing said, remember, we must get the exact evidence.

Nie Jiqing stayed in the study for a long time.

It was getting dark before she went out.

Just downstairs, Nie Jiqing heard the TV sound coming from the living room.

Sheng man\'s voice came, but now it seems so harsh.

Zhao Ma: madam, miss\'s reality show has started.

Nie Jiqing\'s face turned white and his anger surged into his heart again.

Nie Jiqing\'s eyes fall on TV, watching Sheng man in the program with a fake smile, showing off the wealth of the Sheng family.

Turn off the TV. Nie Jiqing clenched his fist and restrained his impulse to smash the TV.

Every word squeezed out of her mouth was to suppress her anger.

Zhao Ma was stunned.

She had never seen her wife so angry.

Her usual grace was scattered and on the verge of collapse.

After the TV was turned off, Sheng\'s house was finally quiet.

Nie Jiqing made a phone call: freeze Sheng family to Sheng man\'s card, after not allowed to transfer a cent to her.

If I find out, that person will be fired.

From today on, Sheng man is not allowed to use every cent of the Sheng family.

Sheng Lian\'s work can\'t be moved.

Nie Jiqing doesn\'t want to scare the snake.

She will make them think that it\'s just Sheng man who has done something wrong.

Nie Jiqing will find a time to let Sheng man move out of the house, and will make public that she is not the daughter of the Sheng family.

Not now.

Because this matter can\'t be finished quietly, it must be made known to all.

Shengman and her family have everything, but they never know how to cherish it.

Nie Jiqing\'s face was gloomy.

She had been wrong for too long.

She not only wanted to take back the things that those people didn\'t deserve, but also let them pay the due price.

After ye Zhi realizes that Sheng man is not strong, she tells Gu Ren about it.

Gu Ren ponders for a moment, and feels that Sheng man is very abnormal.

After discussion, they decided to send someone to investigate Sheng man and Sheng lian to see what they were calculating.

If they find something different, they will take necessary measures.

In the evening, Gu Ninh and ye Zhi all arrived at home, and the housekeeper prepared dinner.

Gu Ninh and ye Zhi are sitting on the opposite side of the dining table.

Ye Zhi looks at Gu\'s handsome face, but he is somewhat melancholy.

She is going to play a girl with anorexia.

Gu Ren made a healthy diet for her after knowing this.

It will reduce her weight properly, but it will not affect her health.

Ye Zhi was very thin originally.

After eating for a period of time, her weight went down a little.

Later, she went to see the director.

After seeing ye Zhi, he suggested that ye Zhi could lose a little weight.

This gives the best results on the screen.

Therefore, ye Zhi secretly reduced the amount of food and ate less than usual, which Gu Ren didn\'t know.

Today, Gu Ren goes home to eat, which means that Gu will see her real amount of food.

Ye Zhi is in distress when, at this time, the housekeeper has brought up the meal.

Gu Ninh and ye Zhi have different things in front of them.

Gu Ren starts at the moment when the rice is served, and his black eyes are a little bit deeper.

Gu Ren glanced at it.

There were three plates in front of Ye Zhi.

The contents of each plate were much less than he imagined.

Gu endure Mou color is dim, when to begin, leaf Gardenia does not eat the healthy meal that he prepares

Ye Zhi heart is guilty, she is ready to quietly open this page, low head a mouthful of a meal, dare not look after bear.

The air is very quiet.

Ye Zhi feels something is wrong.

She looks up to Gu Ren.

She just looks at Gu Ren, which is not clear to Gu Ren.

Ye Zhi\'s head is empty, found an excuse: I usually eat more than now, today\'s appetite is not very good.

The more ye Zhiyue said, the lighter the voice: so, today will eat so little.

The air is very quiet.

A few seconds later, Gu Ren turned his head, looked at the housekeeper and said in a low voice, when I\'m not at home, does your wife usually eat so little

Gu Ren changed his voice and asked, or do you eat so little today

Ye Zhi was flustered and looked at the housekeeper.

Housekeeper looks at Ye Zhi, ye Zhichao housekeeper makes a wink, housekeeper some hesitation, do not know should tell the truth.

When the housekeeper turned his head to Gu\'s indifferent sight, the housekeeper immediately decided to betray Ye Zhi and called directly: madam\'s appetite is so small, not only today.

The matter is clear, ye Zhi counsels.

Gu Ren looked at Ye Zhi clearly.

He opened his mouth.

It was clear that the tone was light, but the tone was elusive.

You said you usually eat more than you do now

Ye Zhi has no words to refute.

Gu Ren continued without hesitation: today\'s appetite is getting smaller

Ye Zhi was too guilty to reply.

Gu Ren half droops the eye son, he is hoarse, the voice flows the light that people can\'t see clearly.

Gu Ren, word by word, said slowly, Ye Zhi, you are dishonest.

Ye Zhi weakly opened his mouth: the director asked me to be thinner.

Gu Ren casually said, Oh In front of him, slowly push his hand.

Gu endure light voice way: eat.

Ye Zhi did not dare to eat less today.

She quietly picked up chopsticks and began to eat the dishes Gu Ren gave her.

Ye Zhi ate a few mouthfuls, suddenly feel some guilt, eat again, she these days of diet is in vain.

Ye Zhi took a deep breath: I can\'t eat it.

Smell speech, Gu Ren looked at Ye Zhi.

Then, he suddenly pushed aside the chair, slowly stood up, ye Zhi Leng there.

Gu Ren goes around the table and goes behind Ye Zhi.

He looks down at Ye Zhi.

His eyes are deep and caged with Ye Zhi.

After a long time, Gu Ren repeated the words of Ye Zhi, the ending tone was slightly cocked, and the voice line was slightly dumb: really can\'t eat itYe Zhi indulged in Gu ninshen\'s bottomless eyes and nodded in a daze.

Gu ninmei picked up her eyes, and her eyes were slightly cocked.

Originally cold to the bone of the people, but at this time eyebrow rippling on a few chic wanton.

Gu Ren\'s face was clear.

At this time, his eyebrows and eyes moved slightly.

Half of them were frost and snow like cold jade, and the other half were burning brilliance.

Totally different amazing, at this moment, so strange and fresh fusion together.

Ye Zhi could not move her eyes for a moment.

At this time, Gu tolerated the body to the leaf gardenia, he slowly bent down, slowly extended his hand, slender hand to Ye Zhi.

Then, he gently held Ye Zhi\'s hand and her chopsticks.

Gu ninmei\'s eyes are too good.

When ye Zhi detects the cold touch on her fingertips, she realizes that they are so close.

Gu Ren stares at Ye Zhi, and he suddenly smiles.

The next second, Gu Nino opened his mouth.

The sound line was like the cold moon in the dark night.

He spoke very slowly and gave a low smile.

I feed you.


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