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Chapter 1 - Reborn! World Link Online!

Night fell on the modern city, and the street lights and billboards along the street opened their eyes one after another.

The colorful lights and the brilliance of the electronic screen interlaced in the circular square, and the lights illuminated the road into a brownish-yellow color, like a metallic luster with a little mist.

Su Yu stood on the street where people came and went, and it took a while for him to accept his current situation.

The place where he was now was called Domino City.

On the Earth where he was originally located, it was a fictional city from the classic old anime “Yu-Gi-Oh!”.

Interestingly, before he came he just created a second account in the game “Yu-Gi-Oh! World Link Online”, which has been popular in recent years.


……Then there was no “after that”.

So that it’s not he was transported to the anime, but it’s more likely… transported to a game

“Yu-Gi-Oh! World Link Online” was the most popular online card game in the world before Su Yu was transported… It seems a bit inaccurate to say that because this is not just a card game.

This was a VR online game based on the most advanced technology.

Although it was a card game, the gameplay was a bit like an MMORPG.

The area where the players logged in to the game was the famous Domino City in the Yu-Gi-Oh anime, the hometown of the first-generation Duel King – Yugi Muto.

This game has a very high degree of freedom.

Players could freely explore the map, duel with NPC duelists, obtain rewards by completing various tasks, and collect cards to strengthen their decks, thereby gaining greater strength in this world.

As we all knew, in the world of Yu-Gi-Oh, the strength of the deck and playing skills were basically directly linked.

It’s kind of like the basic laws of this world, as it’s a world where the card game was a serious business.

Even those super bosses who were powerful enough to destroy the world have to obey the rules and play cards with the protagonist in the end.

In fact, before the transportation, Su Yu was basically in this game every day, running around the map every day to do tasks, using money to buy card packs, or going to the player arena to play some games with other players.


World Link Online was not only a game but also a job for him.

At first, he saw a game video made by a well-known live-streamer in the game area, which gave him the idea of ​​”recording the wonderful games in the arena to make a video”.

Relying on the popularity of the game, he made some entertainment-oriented dueling videos, and his results have always been passable.

Although it couldn’t be compared with those big names, at least it’s no problem to make a living.

And then… he was just transported like this.

At this time, Su Yu was heartbroken.

He was not a good player.

Although he has been in the game for a long time, he was more of an entertainment player than a competition player.

Just relying on his third-rate dueling skill to mingle in this world that respected cards He felt a little out of mind.

However, as people said: “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”.

Since he was here, he must quickly find a way to adapt.

To Su Yu’s surprise, when he tried to call out the menu like in the game, the familiar game panel from the previous life actually jumped out in front of him again.

[Name: Yuei Vu

Category: NPC

Level: 1

Charisma: 95

Lucky: 20

Endurance: 35

Stamina: 3/3

Remarks: An unremarkable person, with the goal of becoming a professional duelist.]

Yuei Vu was the nickname that he picked up when he created the account.

Because after all, when playing the game of Yu-Gi-Oh, it was common (mistake) sense to include the word “Yu” at the beginning of the name.

As for “Vu”, it had no other meaning, just the homonym of his real name, Yu.

But it seemed that the ID he picked up will be his name from now on…

Thinking about it this way, Su Yu (now Yuei Vu) was a little lucky.

Fortunately, when he named his name, he didn’t choose a painful name like “Crazy Dragon That Destroyed Heaven”, otherwise he would have just reincarnated in place…

It’s just that this panel…

The good news was that at least the panel data doesn’t look much different from the player panel he was familiar with, and he could understand most of the attribute data.

The bad news was that his panel seems to be (too) a little bit unbalanced…

Obviously, all of his initial attribute points seem to be skewed to the Charisma value.

In layman’s terms, it’s beauty.

Charisma 100 was a full score, over 80 points is considered a high-value area, and 90 points belonged to the “everyone on the street has to turn their heads” level.

Like his initial score of ninety-five points, it may be close to an unparalleled level.

At this point, you may ask, it’s just a card game, what was the use a good face Was it possible to draw the card you want if you were handsome

Eh, you may not understand this.

The NPCs in this game all have their own favorability system.

The higher the favorability of a key NPC towards you, the more chance you have to trigger an event on him/her, and may even be rewarded with rare cards.

Therefore, some players could rely on their high Charisma value and try their best to lick the feet of their favorite NPC sister/brother.

As long as they wait patiently until their favorability was full, then players could get their wish…

…played cards with NPC.

Oh, did you just have a perverted thought World Link Online a serious card online game, but it has passed the review, and there was absolutely no unhealthy game content.

Charisma 95 was not bad, after all, being handsome was not a bad thing.

Besides, the expectance of novel readers was generally on the rise.

Nowadays, if the protagonist was not more handsome than average, he was a shame.

However, Lucky 20 was a bit of a pain in the ass.

It’s not that you couldn’t draw the cards you want during a duel if your luck was low.

According to this world setting, whether or not you could draw them all depends on the “Hearts of the Cards”, and has little to do with the luck attribute.

The luck attribute here affects the probability of hitting when you activated those effects such as flipping a coin and guessing heads and tails.

If you were Lucky 20, it basically meant that you would lose every bet in your life, that was when you flipped a coin, the result was always the opposite of your guessing.

In this regard, Su Yu estimated that the lucky value of Joey Wheeler in Yu-Gi-Oh’s animation should be more than 90.

Most of this guy’s decks were gambling effects.

This guy’s ** luck was so strong that it was like a superpower.

In the original animation, by relying on his powerful ** luck, he became the runner-up in the Duelist Kingdom and reached the semi-finals of the Battle City tournament.

We generally used two words to describe this kind of person – a true gambler.

Next was the Endurance and Stamina, these two were directly related.

At this point you may be asking again – what did a card game have to do with endurance

However, according to the world setting of Yu-Gi-Oh, playing cards was indeed related to endurance.

Although the monsters summoned and cards activated by both sides of the duel were all three-dimensional images, according to the settings, they would still cause physical shocks to the duelist.

The Endurance value directly corresponded to the upper limit of the player’s stamina.

In Yuei Vu’s panel, Stamina 3/3 meant that he could play three times in total when his stamina was in good condition.

If the Endurance value was between 40 and 50, you could play four games in a row.

If it was between 50 and 60, five games in a row.

Between 60 and 70, six games in a row, and so on.

Therefore, playing cards was actually a physical activity, and it also has certain requirements for the Endurance of the duelist.

Endurance 35 was clearly below the average line, which made You Yu feel a little bit of a pain in the ass.

After all, for men, if the stamina was not enough, no matter how good the technique was, it was useless (referring to card skills)

The lack of physical strength directly affected the speed of upgrading, but this attribute may also increase as the level increased.

In World Link Online, if you wanted to level up, you must gain EXP by dueling with others or completing tasks, and leveling up would be accompanied by some rewards such as card coupons and crystal.

Card coupons could be exchanged for a very limited number of cards from the system, while crystals could be used to buy card packs.

It was precise because of the system that players even have the opportunity to obtain cards that should not have been available in the background era of Yu-Gi-Oh.

But that’s all for later.

Now, Yuei Vu must think carefully about how he would continue his path as an unknown NPC passerby in the Yu-Gi-Oh! world.


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