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At this moment, the “God of Gamblers” Jonouchi was in the aquarium and has a fierce confrontation with the duelist Mako Tsunami who uses the sea deck.

Anyway, Yuei Vu also came to the aquarium with the onlookers to watch the duel of the God of Gamblers.

Jonouchi was the one who played first.

He handsomely set a card and ended his turn.

It seemed to be a brick hand accident.

In the DM animation, such a situation only occurred to Jonouchi, and whenever it happened, he would always be ridiculed by President Kaiba.

The president who always got three BEWD plus a Polymerization every day must mean this: What a horse bone! Not even able to use 502! No wonder you have no talent!

However, the player Mako opposite him seemed to be an evenly matched opponent.

When he came up, he took a Normie monster “Flying Fish” with a “terrifying” attack power of… 800 points.

A salted fish stab directly caused a huge amount of damage (800 points) to Jonouchi…

Mako was also a national third runner-up duelist, but he still brought this kind of Normie in the deck… It seemed to be the same as “The Furious Sea King” in the players initial water attribute deck.

The duel continued.

In the next turn, Mako summoned the level 6 Normal monster “Amphibian Beast”.

Although it was a 6-star monster, its attack power was as high as 2400 points, which was equivalent to a Red-Eyes Black Dragon… (Red-eyes: @! %&)

Jonouchi was not a coward at all.

Facing the attack of the Amphibian Beast, he directly activated the trap Fairy Box, letting his monster hide in a box full of holes and move at high speed to avoid the attack… Gophers.

However, at this time, Mako made a brilliant move.

He activated the Field Spell “Umi”, and the entire field, including the Fairy Box of Jonouchi, was instantly submerged by seawater.

Then Mako said that the monsters in Jonouchi would be submerged in water and unable to breathe if they were hiding in the monster box, so they would come to the surface as a last resort.

Then he used the Amphibian Beast to chop Jonouchis monster into pieces…

The expressions of the onlookers here are probably like this: w(Д)w


“Is there something wrong with this person”

“How can he activate a Field Spell card in the middle of the battle step”

“Yes, he can.

You read the rules of the Battle City by yourself… but the thing that really amazed me is hismonsters cant breathe in the water.

“OMG, cant breathe… Then if I playMacro Cosmos, will all the monsters suffocate in place”

“No…before that, it should explode in a vacuum due to the imbalance of air pressure inside and outside the body…”

However, this wonderful card (BISS) fight was just the beginning.

Mako Tsunami summoned the monster “The Legendary Fisherman”, and Jonouchi looked bewildered and said that he didnt see where the monster was.

Mako laughed and said that “my monster is hidden in the sea, of course, you cant see it”…

Jounouchi readily accepted this BISS, but then soon declared that he had seen through the disguise of the “The Legendary Fisherman”.

He said that because the battlefield between the two sides was in an aquarium, the water projected by the virtual image of the duel mixed with the water that was already in the aquarium pool.

Mako took advantage of this “smartly” by hiding his monster in the aquariums pool.

Because “The Legendary Fisherman” was riding a shark, and there was a show shark in the aquariums pool, so he disguised the monster he summoned there…

At this time, the expressions of the players here have become like this: ( ̄△ ̄;)

Its all…whats the matter!

Is this really Yu-gi-oh

Disguise your monster as a shark…

No, that was still not the main problem.

There was a real shark swimming around, yet they could stand in the middle and play cards calmly…

This “wonderful” duel ended with a victory with Jonouchi.

Players who havent watched Yu-Gi-Oh DM said that it was an eye-opener, and it was still unheard of for such a sleazy operation after playing cards for so many years.

The animation veterans have said, “Sit down, those are basic operations.

You guys are so young and simple.

You havent seen Yugi fought against Tsunami Mako.

The young Mako actually wanted to rely on his “monster hides in the sea” BISS to beat Yugi, but the irritable brother Yugi directly summoned a monster to attack the moon in the sky, causing the tide to go out, so all Makos monsters are beached…”

Compared to that, the two people in front of them were just small fries.

Werent they embarrassed to say that they could use BISS

But in this way, Jonouchi has won two puzzle cards from Mako, and now he has collected six puzzle cards.

According to the rules, the duelist who collects six cards would be eligible for promotion, and he has the right to refuse the challenge of any other duelist.

According to common sense, Jonouchi who has collected six cards should definitely not play another game and directly advance, so as to avoid any more trouble.

However, Jonouchi was Jonouchi because he did not play cards according to the routine…


Jonouchi found his target in the crowd of onlookers.

The eyes of the onlookers turned to Yuei Vu.

“The one in the shop last time, you are…”

Jonouchi racked his brains to think about his name.

“Yuei Vu.”

“Ah yes yes yes, this is it!” Jonouchi held up the duel plate with a confident smile, “The last time I lost to you carelessly, I underestimated the enemy.

Fight with me again! It wont be so easy this time.

A group of players began to get excited.

“Two duels on a row Is there no physical limit for NPCs”

“After all, God of Gambler is the man who takes over the attack of the sun god head-on.

Of course, his endurance lasts for a long time.”

“Wow, is Jonouchi going to fight Yuei Vu Isnt this the hidden plot of the game”

Yuei Vu glanced at Jonouchi who was filled with fighting spirit.

Dueling with him was no problem, but…

“By the way, dont you already have six puzzle cards” Yuei Vu asked, “You can advance directly without a duel, right”

Jonouchis voice was profound: “But I lost to you.

I made an agreement with Yugi that I would become a real duelist and then fight with him.

If I run away from you here in order to advance, I will not be able to become a real duelist!”

Yuei Vu: “…”

Seeing how serious he was, he still seemed reasonable.

“Okay.” Yuei Vu shrugged and walked out, “I have three puzzle cards in my hand, and need there more.

Since thats the case, lets…”

“Okay!” Jonouchi waved his hand boldly, “Then lets bet three puzzle cards!”

Yuei Vu rolled his eyes: “…I bet two.”

Nonsense, did you think I look like a fool Why did I want to bet all three cards

In case of having a brick hand accident, wouldnt I be eliminated directly


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