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“Jonouchi, this is my last move!” Yuei Vu played a card again, “Equip Spell – Mage Power activated!”

A green spell card appeared on the field, and the card picture was three green-robed mages with open arms, which looked like they were chanting and praying.

“I equip it toSorcerer of Dark Magic, and for each spell or trap card on the field, the equipped monsters attack power increases by 500! Counting Mage Power itself, I have a total of three spell and trap cards on the field.

Therefore, the attack power of Sorcerer of Dark Magic will increase by 1500 points! ”

[Sorcerer of Dark Magic, ATK 3200 → ATK 4700]

“Attack power…4700!” Jonouchi was shocked, “Gearfrieds current attack power is 3400.

If he is attacked, my LP will only be left..

… uh… um… how much”

Jonouchi-kun was caught in a math problem.

Sure enough, you still had to study hard, otherwise, you were struggling even to play a card…

“Dont worry about it!” Yuei Vu helped him solve this problem very “intimately”, “I banishGalaxy Cyclone in the graveyard to activate its effect!”

An abyss-like black vortex opened on the ground, and green spell cards swirled and flew out, creating a transparent whirlwind on the field.

“Galaxy… Cyclone” Jonouchi tried to recall, “Have I seen this card before”

“The effect of my Graceful Charity discarded two cards, one of which was theElectromagnetic Turtle, and the other was this.” Yuei Vu recalled it for him.

“Ah!” Jonouchi was shocked, “Did you have…”

Could it be that he has calculated from the very beginning that this situation will appear

In other words, the duel has actually been going on up to this point…all within his calculations

Yuei Vu: “Uh…”

All within the calculation

This was not a game of chess, and he didnt know what cards and tactics will be drawn in the next turn.

If this could still be included in the calculation, wouldnt it be a cheat

The reason why he discarded the Galaxy Cyclone in the previous round was simply that this card was a gravetrap like the Electromagnetic Turtle, and its effects could also be activated in the graveyard…

“Galaxy Cyclone can be removed from the Graveyard to destroy a face-up Spell and Trap Card on the field! Of course, what I want to destroy is…Lightning Blade!”

The transparent whirlwind obeyed Yuei Vus command and flew towards the opposite half in a directional direction.

The card of the Lightning Blade was rolled up high in the air and was torn into pieces under the strong wind pressure.

The sword in Gearfried the Swordmasters hand also disappeared with the disappearance of the card, leaving the last spark of electric sparks.

[Gearfried the Swordmaster, ATK 3400 → ATK 2600]

[Sorcerer of Dark Magic, ATK 4700]

“The last blow!” Yuei Vu waved his hand, “Sorcerer of Dark Magic, attack the Gearfried the Swordmaster!”

The mage in black robe flew out, and the surging magic power gathered from all around, like a stirring cloud converging to the tip of the staff.

The thick ink-colored energy turned into a real magic ball of light, like a judgment that was about to bring the curtain down on this fierce battle.

“Its not over yet!” Jonouchi shouted, “My progress isnt just that! Activate set card: Trap Card – Kunai with Chain! Use the effect of this card to turn the attacking Sorcerer of Dark Magic to the defensive position!”

“Muda (useless)!”

Yuei Vus voice fell, and the trap cards on the field Jonouchi had turned into countless light spots, shattered and dissipated.

“What My trap… how”

“The moment you activate the trap, the special ability of Sorcerer of Dark Magic is activated.” Yuei Vu said, “As long as Sorcerer of Dark Magic is face-up on the field, it can negate the activation of any trap card and destroy it!”

Jonouchi: “Its actually similar to my Jinzo!”

“Sorcerer of Dark Magic, continue to attack!”

The magic storm swept over, and the jet-black projectile hit the Swordmasters body.

Gearfried tried his best to resist, but even the body of a Swordmaster who had been tempered could not defend against such a powerful magic storm.

His body was torn apart in an instant, and the surging and vast magic power roared and swept Jonouchi.

The dark image turned into a storm, completely engulfing the entire half of the court.

【Jonouchi, LP 2000 → LP 0】

Jonouchi, who was subjected to the virtual shock, bent his knees slightly and swayed, and finally stood up and did not fall down.

Its just that he lowered his head, and half of his face was hidden in the shadows without seeing his expression.

Anzu on the side was a little worried and wanted to step forward: “Jonouchi…”

“Dont worry.” Grandpa Sugoroku waved his hand and said with a smile, “That kid is not so easily discouraged.”

Sure enough, he soon saw Jonouchi raise his head and smiled lightly but helplessly.

“Yeah, I still cant beat you.” He sighed, “Yugi is right, you are really strong.”

“Youve also made great progress.” This was not a business mutual admiration, but Yuei Vus heartfelt.

He guessed that Jonouchi before the duel Jonouchi may still be rated Rank 5 or 6 according to the system, but the current Jonouchi may have reached Rank 7.

Fortunately, Yuei Vu has earned a lot of crystals recently, opened a lot of card packs, and his duelist Rank has also improved.

Otherwise, if he was still in the state before Battle City and encounter the current Jonouchi, he may not be able to win.

Of course, there was another key factor that may also be because the dice are rolled a lot this time.

Yuei Vu felt that the last duel with Kaiba didnt hurt like this.

He might really have a bad relationship with the Jonouchi, as his Luck attributes were suppressed…

“Here, take my puzzle cards.” Jonouchi was also willing to admit defeat, so he took out the two agreed puzzle cards without much nonsense.

Yuei Vu accepted: “Well.

Then look forward to seeing you in the next final.”

“Okay! Your words will definitely be able to advance, and I have to do my best.” Jonouchi suddenly started to feel pain when he said this, “Haizz~ I was able to advance, and now I have to find the remaining two puzzle cards…”

Anzu stared at the side: “Its not that you are hot-headed, you have to run to challenge others when things are already stable…”

“By the way, a rare card,” Jonouchi remembered something.

Although he would feel reluctant no matter which card was taken away, he still took out the card deck and handed it to Yuei Vu.

“Just pick one, its the rule.”

Yuei Vu took over the decks Jonouchi, browsed through them, and thought about it…

… needless to say

Of course, its “Roll of Fate”!

Although Yuei Vu has enough deck-thinning cards in his hand now, Roll of Fate was a bit of a waste in the hand of someone with Luck 20…

…but it didnt matter! Even if he didnt plan to use it himself, he could sell it to players!

The Pot of Greed only lets you draw two at a time.

If you have good luck, this card could even let you draw six at a time! (albeit at a cost)

So in the term of price…three times as much as the Pot of Greed Shouldnt this be a problem

It even felt a little less.

…… Of course, players at this stage cant afford to buy this card even if they sell their organs.

Yuei Vu didnt plan to sell it to players for the time being.

The biggest role of these most powerful cards was actually still on the shelves to make players have a dream.

After all, players now had low levels and limited production capacity.

If he was greedy for this momentary interest and sell all the top cards in his hand to them at a low price, then in the later period, how could Yuei Vu continue to cut the chives

However, Jonouchi was still a little confused: “Do you really want to choose this card”

Yuei Vu could probably guess the inner Jonouchis psychology from his expression.

Jonouchi was now 80% thinking that Yuei Vu was the kind of super caring man.

In order to take care of his feelings, he deliberately chose a useless card…

But that was not true!

Jonouchi felt that Yuei Vu suffered a big loss like this.

He was really sorry that com accepted the “kindness” of the other party like this.

“Think again!” Jonouchi was very enthusiastic, “I still have a lot of good cards!

In the previous duel, myJinzo was removed from the game, so it was not put into the deck.

This is a super rare card that I received from the genius Roba.

It is Level 6 but has 2400 attack power and a super powerful effect of countering trap cards!

And then theres this one, which I received from Insector Haga –Insect Queen, which is also a super rare card! According to him, it seems to be the top monster of Insect-Type! ”

Yuei Vu: “…”

No, how could this scene be the same as a seller trying to advertise his products

Brother, you were going to give me a rare card when you lost a game, not the sales performance at the end of the month!


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