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Yuei Vu spent a lot of time rejecting the “kindness” of Jonouchi.

Jonouchi seemed to think that Yuei Vu wanted his “Roll of Fate” for his own sake, so he refused to hand over this card.

Looking at Jonouchi who was advertising rare cards so enthusiastically, Yuei Vu couldnt help but be speechless——

——I really really want that Roll of Fate!

To be honest, he didnt like the bunch of “rare cards” in Jonouchis deck.

Insect Queen and the like were all useless sewer monsters.

Jinzo was a bit more powerful, but its value was still no match for the Roll of Fate.

Among the cards currently in Jonouchis deck, Yuei Vu was only interested in this Roll of Fate and the forbidden card Giant Trunade.

However, in the eyes of Jonouchi, these two may just be worthless flat cards.

Of course, after all, the winner of this duel was still Yuei Vu, and the final decision was still in his hands.

Therefore, under his repeated insistence, Jonouchi finally handed over his Roll of Fate.

After the exchange, Yuei Vu left immediately.

Looking at the back of him leaving, Anzu couldnt help but sigh: “Yuei Vu is really a good person.”

“Yeah.” Jonouchi also nodded in agreement, “This guy is also a true duelist.

Not only is he strong, his tactics as a duelist are impeccable, but he also has a heart that will consider others.”

“And the person is also very handsome, giving people a very reliable feeling.”

(Jonouchi: Favorability 1, 1, 1,…)

(Anzu: Favorability 1, 1, 1,…)

“Okay! I cant relax anymore!” Jonouchi patted his face, “I have to find a new opponent in the remaining time and win the last two puzzle cards!”

At this time, the one who they thought was “reliable and gentle”, was holding this newly received treasure and was thinking about how many zeroes to add to its price when throwing it into the personal store later……

At this moment, the NPCs and players who were arguing with each other while watching the battle began to fight.

The game between Yuei Vu and Jonouchi has just ended, and the two of them have already started a duel on the spot.

That NPC was the old brother who called himself the “Top 32 Players of the Township Competition” before.

Since this was a very minor character that didnt need a proper name, lets just call him Brother 32.

The ID of the player who was fighting here was “Native Noragami”.

From the name alone, it could be seen that this was not someone you should provoke.

And this person was indeed the highest VIP player, commonly known as the PTW (pay to win) fighter.

The money he spent in the game exceeded five figures in just a few weeks after the game was opened, which was really terrifying.

For Yu-Gi-Oh players, this Native Noragami actually has a more terrifying feature that was enough to make deep players feel creepy.

That was……

…hes actually an autistic player!

And Brother 32 was very honored to be the lucky NPC who can experience the horror of autistic players.

This was how the whole duel went.

Native Noragami: “Activate Continuous Spell – Toll! Players on both sides must pay 500LP for each attack declaration!”

Brother 32: “…Oh! A little trick! Use theNight Lizard to attack the set monster!”

Native Noragami: “The monster you attacked is aMan-Eater Bug! When this card is flipped face-up, destroy a monster on the field!”

Brother 32: “…Then this turn, I will attack your wall monster withQueen Bird!”

Native Noragami: “The monster you attacked is aNimble Momonga.

If this card is destroyed by battle and sent to the GY, I gain 1000 LP, then I can Special Summon any number ofNimble Momonga from my Deck in face-down Defense Position!”

Brother 32 who managed to clear the two Nimble Momongas and other wall monsters: “…Ha, now you dont have any wall monsters, right Attack directly!”

Native Noragami: “Open the set card – Scapegoat! Special summon four Scapegoats to the field! At the same time, activate the trapSecret Barrel to deal damage to the opponents hand and the number of cards on the field x 200!”


The onlookers all shook their heads.

“Poor baby.

If I was in his shoes, Im going to be crazy again soon.”

“Is this the ancient autism deck”

“I feel that the NPC is going to be beaten up by Brother Noragami…”

“Brother Noragamis self-closing deck is really expensive.

You go to Yuei Vus store to see, it will take some gold to collect these cards.”

In the blink of an eye, Brother 32s LP has been slashed to the point of being a candle in the wind, and the LP of Native Noragami has not changed… Oh, I couldnt say that, because his LP seemed to be increasing…

At this time, Native Noragami played another autistic monster.

Kelbek (Level 4, ATK 1500/DEF 1800) – If this card is attacked by a monster, after damage calculation: Return that monster to the hand.

In the end, Brother 32 was not at all cowardly.

After drawing the card in the next round, he laughed directly: “Finally here, my key card! With this card, the goddess of victory is already waving to me!”

The Native Noragami panicked a little at the time.

What So confident

Could you still draw a card and OTK me this turn

He saw Brother 32 put on a handsome POSE and activated Polymerization, fusion summoned a Level 5 fusion monster “Vermillion Sparrow” with an attack power of 1900.

Immediately afterward, he took out the spell card “Quick Attack” without saying a word, giving the fusion monster the ability to attack immediately.

Brother 32 had a wave of card-loss operation, using four cards to get a fusion monster with an attack power of 1900.

If Yuki Judai, the only designated master of card-loss operation in the future, knew about this, he might give him a thumb-up across time and space.

(In Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, Yuki once used all five cards in hand to summon a Normal monster with 2500 ATK.

Its commonly known as the ultimate five-for-one.)

Native Noragami was even a little nervous.

Whats wrong with this card Never heard of it.

But seeing that Brother 32 was so confident, it must have a powerful hidden ability.

Otherwise, how could someone exchange four cards for a fusion monster with an attack power of 1900…

……Even with the most idiotic player, there must be a limit, right

“This way I can break through!” Brother 32 shouted, “AttackKelbek with Vermillion Sparrow!”

“Kelbeks special ability!” said Native Noragami, “The monster that attacks it will be bounced back to the owners hand!”

“Hahahaha, Ive seen through this trick for a long time!” Brother 32 laughed.

Native Noragami was taken aback.

What Is this “Vermillion Sparrow” a monster with effect resistance Like being unaffected by monster effects

Then he heard Brother 32 laugh: “Let me explain!Vermillion Sparrow is a Fusion monster, and according to the duel monster rules, Fusion monsters cannot be held in the hand card! So Kelbeks effect cant bounceVermillion Sparrow back into the hand!”

Native Noragami: “……………….”

Onlookers: “………………….”

The scene suddenly became quiet.

At this moment, it seemed as if a crow was screaming “caw caw” and flew over the heads of everyone…

The fusion monster “Vermillion Sparrow”, which was made by Brother 32s extreme four-for-one, disappeared from the field with great disgrace and was bounced back to… Brother 32s card box that was hanging on his waist.

According to the rules, Fusion monsters would return to the Extra Deck when they received effects such as “return to deck” and “return to hand”.

However, there was no concept of Extra Decks in this era, so they would naturally return to the owners card box.

Brother 32 was shocked: “Nani! Why!”

A player said leisurely: “For a moment just now, I thought he really had a strategy to deal with the Kelbeks effect… Im so stupid, really.”

“Brother in front, you are not alone.”

“Maybe this is the legendary Wood Division, I cant understand…”

Even Noragami, the local party involved on the field, felt speechless.

He now thought that he was so stupid to be nervous for a moment just now.

It felt like you were an expert playing with the bronze players.

You have predicted all their possible routes, thinking that you could outplay them when they were trying to dodge, but they actually walked in a straight line and perfectly dodged all your skills…

Of course, there was no suspense next.

Brother 32 was beaten to death by autism, and in the end, he couldnt even touch a single hair of the opponent…


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