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Marik Ishtar was in a bad mood recently, very bad.

He has been preparing for this revenge that would end the fate of the Tomb Keepers family over the span of three thousand years.

This Battle City was the final stage of his planned revenge.

In order to make trouble in this competition, he was fully prepared, and he was determined to make the nameless Pharaohs soul pay the price.

However, the plan didnt keep up with the change.

Before he even had time to officially declare war on Yugi, he suffered one loss after another, and even the Sky Dragon, one of his trump cards, was exported…

…but it didnt matter!

As the leader of the Ghouls and the second strongest duelist in the Tomb Keepers family, Marik, of course, also prepared a backup.

In the original Yu-Gi-Oh! DM, Marik actually prepared an extra trick.

He sent a puppet with the sky dragon to challenge Yugi, and immediately after being defeated, he sent the Ghouls to capture Jonouchis best friend, and brainwashed Jonouchi with the power of a Millennium Rod, forcing him and Yugi to turn against each other.

Thats right, Marik, who had always followed the rules, had morals and principles, and even punished his subordinates for secretly cheating when they were dueling with Yugi, seemed to have abandoned the bottom line after losing the Sky Dragon.

He sent people to catch Jonouchi and didnt go through the process of playing cards.

He went straight to a bunch of big men and pressed Jonouchi and Anzu to the ground, and then dragged them back to the warehouse to be brainwashed by Marik.

After that, he deliberately arranged a death duel between Jonouchi and Yugi.

Whoever lost would be sunk into the depths of the sea, which could be described as a ruthless duel in the literal sense.

At this moment, Marik was sitting on a seat in a dark corner with his legs crossed, playing with the six puzzle cards that have been collected in his hand, while making up the desperate appearance of Yugi facing the brainwashed Jonouchi, while humming Humbled smirk.

……At this time, you may want to ask, since the Battle City started, Marik has never played a duel in person, and the remote control puppet has also lost the game, so where did these six puzzle cards come from

Of course… it was given to him by his subordinates!

Therefore, according to the record of online Yu-Gi-Oh characters, Marik has a total defeat record in the entire Yu-Gi-Oh DM game without winning a game.

It could be called a legend.

Even the six puzzle cards that he used for promotion were provided by his subordinates—that was to say, in the foreseeable record, this guy has never even won against passers-by.

And in Mariks own recollection, he didnt seem to win his against sister either.

The most interesting case was when Marik possessed the hidden boss Yami Bakura and duel with the Yami Marik personality who stole his body.

Then the evil god Zorc (the true identity of Yami Bakura), who was the ultimate BOSS of Yu-Gi-Oh!DM, the holder of the Millennium Ring, the incarnation of darkness, listened to a few words of advice from Marik, adopted the tactics he recommended, and lost.


If other people were feeders, they only made themselves lose.

But Marik was different.

He was such a refined feeder that could make even the legendary evil god Zorc (whose dueling skills were not very good, but still enough to trouble Yugi) lose along with him!

“When playing as a teammate, I made the great evil god Zorc lose!”

Although he has never won a card game, this achievement was enough for Marik to be proud for the rest of his life.

Marik has already sent his subordinates to follow and monitor Jonouchi, and now it was almost time to start.

He closed his eyes and released the power of the Millennium Rod to contact the subordinates who were placed near Jonouchi.

“Hows your business going” Marik asked solemnly.

The Ghouls member, who was being questioned, heard the bosss voice ringing in his head, and couldnt help but tremble: “Ma…Lord Marik!”

“Has Katsuya Jonouchi also been arrested”

“This…not yet…”

“What” Marik was annoyed, “Why havent you done it yet”

The Ghouls member wanted to cry but had no tears: “Lord Marik, please calms down, this is because…because there is really no chance for him to be alone.

There have been a lot of weirdos around that Jonouchi… …”

“” Marik wondered, “Weirdos”

He was too lazy to ask, and directly used the Millennium Rod to forcibly enter the brain of the Ghouls rare hunter, sharing the other partys vision.

The rare hunter was caught off guard: “Ah~”

Marik borrowed his eyes to take a look, and at a glance, he found Jonouchi not far away, and the chattering surrounding him…

…a group of screwballs

The well-informed Tomb Keepers Marik was a little stunned at this time.

His first reaction was to suspect that the Millennium Rod might not have been broken somewhere, and the poor reception of the picture made him see some illusion.

He saw a group of screwballs jumping up and down—judging from the Duel Disks worn on their arms, they should all be duelists, and they were all as happy as a festival.

Several of them seemed to be performing performance art that he did not understand.

For example, a buddy likes to roll in circles while talking to people.

Theres another buddy… Marik couldnt tell from the picture given by the Millennium Rod whether that person was a human being because the guy had a huge headgear that made him look like a Hippo.

It felt like a working boy in a mascot costume selling balloons in an amusement park…

…WTH were you wearing!

Although there was no such thing as “prohibition of exotic clothes” in the rules of the conference, normally who would wear clothes like this

Could you at least dress like a human, please

However, at this time, the relatively thick Jonouchi actually seemed to have accepted these strange settings, believing that the performance art of this part of the screwballs was a custom they brought from their hometown.

After all, the world was full of wonders.

Kaiba also said that the Battle City Competition would also allow outstanding duelists from other parts of the world to sign up for the competition.

Maybe these weirdos come from some remote corners with strange customs

After learning that these screwballs were “fans of the Duelist Kingdom runner-up”, Jonouchi actually got along quite happily with them…

“Damn.” Marik gritted his teeth.

If there had always been such a group of screwballs surrounding Jonouchi, he would never have been able to wait for the chance to capture Jonouchi alone.

It looked like the plan to use him as a hostage against Yugi was going to be aborted before it even started.

In this competition, Ghoulss plan really not going well.

“Continue to monitor him.” Marik ordered gloomily, “If you can wait until you get a chance, do it, otherwise dont do anything.”

He snorted heavily: “It seems that we can only let Yugi advance safely first, and its not too late to sanction him after the rematch.

Right now, the strategic focus of our Ghouls will be on Kaiba Seto for the time being.”

Originally, Marik and Kaiba had nothing to do with each other.

What Marik was looking for was only the soul of the pharaoh in Yugi.

But when his sister Ishizu handed the Obelisk the Tormentor to Kaiba, Marik began to notice this man.

Only later did he remember the millennium battle engraved on the ancient stone slab unearthed in Egypt.

The priest who controlled the white dragon to fight against the pharaoh was a look-alike of Kaiba.

What he was more curious about was that the three Egyptian Gods should only be used by those who were related to the Millennium Items, but Kaiba had never acquired any Millennium Item in his life, so why did Obelisk willingly listen to Kaibas order

So a new plan took shape in Mariks mind.

He wanted to approach and catch Kaiba Seto, brainwashing him with the Millennium Rod, and find out the hidden secrets of Kaiba!

He had a hunch that the Kaiba might also have something important to do with the fate of their Tomb Keepers.

“However, Kaiba Seto is a tough man with high vigilance, so its not that easy to succeed.” Marik said lightly, “But I heard that he has a younger brother who he cherishes very much.

Now that his younger brother is in our hands, I need you to assign some people to him.

We are going to use his younger brother as a threat to force Seto Kaiba into submission.

Kaiba has Obelisk in his hand, and I have The Winged Dragon of Ra in my hand.

Although I have the advantage, I still have to be careful…”

The Ghouls rare hunter subconsciously asked: “Eh Dont you still have Osiris the Sky Dragon”

Marik: “…”

“…Ah! Ahhh! Lord Marik, please forgive me! Spare my life!”

The poor Ghouls rare hunter was dead—brain dead, to be more precise.

His consciousness has been dragged into the dark abyss to feed unknown creatures, and there was only an empty shell left.

Mariks face darkened.

Damn, did you have nothing else to say


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