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Executing his talkative subordinates smoothly, Marik sullenly cut off contact with the gang of Ghouls.

A bunch of rubbish who cant handle even a little thing!

Sure enough, the task of coercing Kaiba should be handed over to other more reliable subordinates, and the rubbish here must not be able to handle it.

Not long after Marik left, the Ghouls members who were keeping Jonouchi under their surveillance encountered an emergency again.

“Fuck you, look this way!” A player suddenly appeared in an unknown corner next to him, pointing at the group of sneaky Ghouls men and shouting, “Look at these guys, they look a bit like the NPCs of the Ghouls!”

A player with a hippo headgear on his head looked at the reputation: “It must be them! No one would wear such a strange thing on the street except for Ghoulss mental illness!”

The Ghouls members looked at the strangely-shaped headgear on this guys head, and couldnt help but cursed in their hearts – did you have the right to say that we dress strangely

Its strange that the mission of the Ghouls was obviously “stalking”, but they were all wearing Ghouls iconic sack-like black robes, and walking on the street in an eye-catching way as if they were afraid of others didnt recognize them as Ghouls…

This feels the same as those secret agents in American TV movies who wear a standard black suit and sunglasses.

It seemed that they are mysteriously and professionally tracking the target, but in fact, as long as people were not blind, they could recognize the dress code across the street.

As we all know, online game players were a kind of creatures who would call friends and companions.

As long as you provoked one of them, a whole swarm would emerge in a moment.

No, a group of players gathered around when they heard the shouts.

“Ghouls Where”

“By the way, isnt the event of hunting Ghouls over Is it still a reward for killing it now”

“Who cares! Even if we arent rewarded, we can still pull their deck!”

“It doesnt seem to be able to pull the deck, thats a foul…”

The first player came up and opened the Duel Disk directly: “Come on, Ghouls, duel with me!”

But he was quickly pushed away by the second player: “No, duel me first!”

“I came first!”

“Dont worry, dont worry, lets assign it.

Each person chooses a Ghouls to work, and then everyone queued up one by one, dont grab it…”

There were more and more players coming around after hearing the news.

Even Jonouchi that was supposed to be the target of surveillance noticed that fuss, rushed over to take a look, and couldnt help but exclaim: “Ah! This dress… You are allied with Ghouls who attacked me before!”

All the Ghouls members were surrounded by a crowd of players noisily, and they were at a loss for a while.

A group of tall and strong men, but at this time they were as helpless as sheep who have strayed into the wolf pack, and the same words appear in their minds…

…Im done!


Yuei Vu, who left the aquarium, was walking down the street, looking at the six puzzle cards in his hand.

Next, he only needed to find an open space and put the six puzzle cards on the Duel Disk to project the promotion address.

When he arrived at that address, he could advance.

There were still a few players headed by Miss Yuehua following him.

Players who have pursued join in the fun for a while and then hurry up to level up.

The people who were still here were salted fish with no dreams and a playing mentality…

Of course, salted fish was also divided into many kinds.

For example, Miss Yuehua, at this time, was the proudest among the salted fish players.


…… She was still holding the Duel Disk that Yuei Vu-san ripped off from Ghouls before!

Miss Yuehua was very proud, and even the players on the side were envious.

There were so many stalkers behind Yuei Vu, but he chose Miss Yuehua to help him hold the flute…eh, Duel Disk.

What did this mean

There must be a shady deal behind this!

And from Yuei Vus performance along the way, it could be seen that among such a large number of players behind him, he really only had Miss Yuehua in his eyes.

For example, he would throw the Duel Disk he grabbed to her to hold for him, for example, he would ask her to run errands for him from time to time when he wanted to buy something – of course, there were additional experience rewards.

Miss Yuehua ran errands for him, and her heart was filled with joy.

Wat! There are so many preparations… The player is here, but he only gave me a chance to bootlick, what did this mean

It meant that he only has me in his heart!

Miss Yuehua was very happy.

Even the high experience of completing each mission was secondary, the point was that it made her proud.

The matter spread in the forum, her popularity in the live broadcast room was also getting higher and higher, and the audience was coming more and more.

If this went on, it might have the potential to become a first-rate streamer!

Miss Yuehua came to the forum and looked at the players messages.

“Im so envious, how did this streamer please Yuei Vu I also want to be his sidekick!”

“First of all, you have to be a girl.

Brother upstairs, in your situation, I suggest that you cut the redundant thing first.”

“It must be that Yuei Vu was moved by seeing the good-looking streamer.

I boldly predicted that the next quest will require her to take off his pants!”

“You cant take off his pants.

I think she must stand upside down and learn to bark…”

Miss Yuehua looked at these comments and sneered.

Hmph, you are all jealous of me!

How could my Yuei Vu be willing to send me such a strange task Impossible!

Just thinking about this, she raised her head and suddenly noticed that Yuei Vu was looking at her with twinkling eyes…

Miss Yuehua froze in her heart, and for such a brief moment, she felt cold for no reason.

“…Its a little hot today, why dont you buy a bottle of water for me.” Yuei Vu said.

Miss Yuehua breathed a sigh of relief.

So far so good.

Ill just say, how could Yuei Vu send me such a strange task

At this time, the buddies who saw her mission reward in the live broadcast room were all jealous: “You have so much experience running errands and buying water!”

“Reward of playing card is not as good as a bootlicking dog, I really want to become one…”

“Damn, why doesnt any other NPC issue such an easy task…”

However, what they didnt know was that Yuei Vu was actually browsing the forum at the moment, and also saw that post.

There were still many talents in the forum, and he wanted to see if any of the brothers can give him some good ideas.

After all, as an NPC, it took a lot of brain cells to keep changing the way to make up new quests to release.

He scrolled down the forum, and actually found the news of the establishment of “Yuei Vus Fan Club”, whose founding members were mainly girls… and some men with the same interests.


Then what he didnt expect was that his spirit actually had a fan club too.

Before the duel with Pandora this morning, Yuei Vus Dark Magician Girl came out to help him beat the enemy.

The incident happened to be captured by Miss Yuehuas live broadcast, and the news that “Yuei Vus Dark Magician Girl is a spirit” also spread on the forum.

The news was like a heavy bomb, and even a bunch of diving parties who are accustomed to browsing and not talking have been blown up.

“The spirit of the Dark Magician Girl!”

“Is it the kind of entity for hugging”

“So envious of Yuei Vu!”

“Newbie question: do this game allow players to do shameful things with spirits”

What was even more exaggerated was that some multi-talented and prolific players have even written the fanfiction of Yuei Vu X Dark Magician Girl in one day!

Yuei Vu just clicked in and glanced, then he almost had to take a brain bleach on the spot.

Not just that, there were even people who said that reading fanfiction was not enough and want to read hentai doujinshis.

So the comment area followed a long series of replies: “Im drawing, Im drawing…”


Do you dare to believe that one day you could see Rule 34 apply to yourself!

Yuei Vu quickly closed the topic before he was corrupted by the screwballs.

I was a serious duelist, how could I have impure thoughts about my spirit partner

I, Yuei Vu, swear that even if I die alone and never find a girlfriend, will never hit my spirit!

…Eh, why did it feel like Im raising a flag


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