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Yuei Vu moved forward while browsing the forum.

From time to time, he gave some mini-quests to the little valet beside him, while looking for his final target.

Not long after walking, a strong wind suddenly rolled up on the street.

A low beep came from the other side of the house, and the roar shook the block, and every pane of glass along the street hummed as if it resonated.

Yuei Vu raised his head and saw a pitch-black helicopter slowly lowering its altitude.

Huge steel raptors fluttered their claws and rolled up a hurricane in the streets.

There was even a tied man hanging from the helicopter directly under the rope, who appeared to be a child in terms of stature.

…Wait a minute, isnt that Kaiba Mokuba The younger brother of President Seto Kaiba

No wonder the president didnt come even when there was a big event such as the appearance of the Sky Dragon before.

It turned out that his younger brother was kidnapped…

The players also found Mokuba hanging from the helicopter below, and exclaimed one by one: “OMG! Mokuba has been kidnapped again! Hey, why should I sayagain” (1)

“President Kaibas younger brother and Yugis grandfather, the professional hostage duo, NPCs that promote the plot…”

“Fuck, when you say that, I realize that it seems to be true! The DM professional hostage duo!”

A group of players chattered and watched Mokuba hanging from the helicopter and spinning around.

A talented player even started to sing, “Learn about the merry-go-round…”


“Merry-go-round In this situation Are you the devil”

Mokubas Japanese pronunciation was close to “Trojan Horse”, and the translation of the old animation did translate his name to Trojan Horse.

So in this scene, the player who sang the merry-go-round song was really a bit of a devil…

“Dare to kidnap President Kaibas younger brother in Domino City”

Thinking with their feet, the players knew that only Ghouls dared to be so arrogant.

Of course, even Ghouls wouldnt do useless things.

To tie Mokuba and parade through the streets, they must have someone to provoke.

Therefore, everyone was not surprised to find President Kaiba wearing a white trench coat not far away.

“Mokuba!” Of course, President Kaiba also noticed the movement in the sky.

“Brother!” Mokuba, who was hanged in the sky, struggled desperately, but of course, it was impossible to break free with his strength.

At this moment, a certain hunter in black robes appeared on the top of the tall building.

That hunter jumped from the top of the high-rise building, lightly placed on a flagpole protruding from the side of the building, followed by a somersault and stepped on the air-conditioning plug-in outside the building, and then stepped on the balcony railings and storefronts all the way.

The whereabouts of the signboard…

… unexpectedly jumped from the top of a building more than ten or twenty meters high!

The Ghouls hunter was as light as a ninja and landed in front of the Kaiba in a handsome posture…

…and raised the Duel Disk.

He smiled grimly: “President Kaiba, fight me.”

At this point, a group of players couldnt hold back.

“6666, this Ghouls hunter has the gall!”

“Shit, is this specially invited from Ninja Village”

“By the way, why are you still playing cards when you are so awesome Wouldnt it be better to go up and beat Kaiba and just grab the cards”

“Tell a joke, the two Kaiba brothers are worth over 100 million without a bodyguard.

Whoever wants to kidnap and tie them up…”

The president of Kaiba was angry: “If you Ghouls dare to hurt Mokuba, I will use all the resources of Kaiba Corp to crush you!”

While talking, another big rare hunter appeared behind Kaiba and said gloomily: “Of course, you can.

But if you take action against us, what will happen to your lovely brother, I cant guarantee it.”

President Kaiba gritted his teeth: “You bastard!”

At this time, some players have questions: “Why can they do what they want Is there no police in this world”

“The police may also lose to Ghouls at dueling…”

“Fuck, it makes sense!”

Others were booing: “Mokuba said that Im just cooperating with you to play a show.

If my bother really love me, I would get serious, rub a Rasengan on the spot and defeat you all in seconds.”

“Damn it, I checked it out, it seems to be true! It seems that Mokuba and the Crowned Prince of Konoha Village next door are one and the same!”

After being told by the screwball player, Yuei Vu also remembered that the seiyuu of Kaiba Mokuba and Uzumaki Naruto seemed to be the same person.

No wonder this voice sounded so familiar…

“If you want to save your lovely younger brother, accept our challenge, Kaiba Seto!” shouted the short Ghouls hunter.

“Come to me if you want!” Kaiba shouted angrily and opened the Duel Disk directly, “Stop talking nonsense!”

“Okay, then Ill go first!” said the short Ghouls hunter.

“No, no, no partner, I should go here first.” The tall hunter took a step, “Its too cunning to grab the opportunity to go to Lord Malik to take credit alone.”

“Then lets decide it by rock paper scissors”

“Okay! Rock paper scissors! Uh, its a tie… Then come on, rock paper scissors! What! It is still a tie…”

The two dudes casually guessed the boxing, and President Kaiba watched his younger brother hanging in the sky and spinning around.

He was so angry that he even wanted to punch someone directly…

“Im sorry, President, we have been in a tie and we cant decide which one to go ahead… eh!”

The short hunters eyes lit up and pointed towards the crowd.

“You! Thats right, dont look around, its just you! The most handsome one!”

Yuei Vu: “…”

This was the side effect of being too handsome.

When walking on the street, you were always the most eye-catching.

“Yuei Vu, right Lord Malik mentioned you.” The short man laughed, “We are lucky to meet two targets here in one breath.

Right, partner”

“Yeah, thats right.” The tall hunter hummed, “My partner and I are just two people, so you two can form a team.

We are two-on-two, how about a tag duel”

Some players were shocked: “Why are these two people so arrogant Are you challenging the president and Yuei Vu at the same time”

“Dont you recognize it This is the masked duo in the animation! Mask of Light and Mask of Darkness! In the animation, they also team up to duel with Yugi and Kaiba…”

“Shocked, I havent seen the DM, are these two so brave”

Yuei Vu wanted to say that I was just passing by, you guys did as you wished, but considering that he was an employee of Kaiba Corp, and his high salary this month seems to have not been paid…

…… It seems that it was not appropriate to just walk away like this.

And teaming up with President Kaiba was impossible to lose, right

President Kaiba was still one of the best duelists in the DM, so he should be able to get a free win when teaming up with him.

It would be nice to get a few more rare cards from Ghouls for an extra win.

Kaiba glanced at Yuei Vu sideways, and snorted heavily: “Hmph, as you wish.

But dont get me wrong, this is just to save Mokuba, it doesnt mean I agree with you…”

“Yes, Mr.

President, I understand.” Yuei Vu reluctantly responded, stepping forward to open the Duel Disk.

Although the president said so, at least he did not refuse to team up with Yuei Vu.

In fact, for the president, this was already a manifestation of his recognition of the opponents strength.

Onlookers: “Its the first time Ive seen such a textbook-style arrogance at the scene, Im worthy of the president.”

“Its over, I kind of want to read Yuei Vu x President Kaiba fanfic, what should I do…”

Yuei Vu almost slipped.

Calm down.

I cant fall to the low as a screwball.

On the road to success, it was inevitable to take some detours…

TLs note:


A reference to Stephen Chows film A Chinese Odyssey.


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