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“Good, good, very good.”

The tall Ghouls hunter took off his hood, revealing a half-masked face.

The other half that was not covered by the mask was a square face with sharp edges and corners, with a broad chin and determined eyes.

His partner, the short hunter, also took off his hood.

Different from the previous one, this short hunter had a round face under the hood, and the same half of the mask, but his eyes were more cunning and wretched in comparison, and he belonged to the type that girls would avoid unconsciously when walking on the street.

“We are the senior hunter partners in Ghouls, and two of the strongest duelists under Lord Marik.” The short man smiled, “Let us introduce ourselves: We are the Mask of Light and Darkness.

I am the Mask of Light, this is the Mask of Darkness…”

“This kind of thing doesnt matter, Im not interested in the name of the trash fish!” President Kaiba was as domineering as ever, and now he has directly opened the Duel Disk, “No matter who the opponent is, I will use absolute power to smash it.

So simple!”

“Hehehe, it really conforms to the bosss style.” The Mask of Light chuckled, “But before the official start, I still have to explain the conditions.

As you probably already know, President Kaibas lovely younger brother is one of the ante this time around.

If you win, we will naturally release him safely.

As a group of duelists, we Ghouls still have this level of credibility.

But if you lose, then theObelisk the Tormentor ​​held by President Kaiba, and theOsiris the Sky Dragon held by Yuei Vu, please hand them over.

Yuei Vu was not surprised when he said this, but President Kaibas eyelids jumped at the time, and he turned his head to look at Yuei Vu in surprise.

This guy…held the “Slifer the Sky Dragon”

Is he a Master of God like me

Due to the arrest of his dear brother, President Kaiba had no time to pay attention to the movement of the God card.

Only now did he know that the Sky Dragon was sent to Yuei Vu by Marik from thousands of miles away.

Kaibas gaze towards Yuei Vu has changed slightly, probably because it has risen from an “acceptable duelist” to a “qualified opponent”.

Of course, no matter how his card addiction flared up, President Kaiba, whose younger brother is still on the merry-go-round in the sky, obviously still had a clear priority.

He suppressed the urge to play cards with Yuei Vu on the spot, and temporarily focused his attention on Ghouls: “Its useless to talk too much.

We accept the conditions, come on! ”

“Hehe, he is as impatient as the rumors say.” Mask of Light laughed strangely, looking sideways at his teammates, “Are you ready, partner”

“Anytime.” The well-built Mask of Darkness hummed.

“Duel!” x4

The tag duel here was also under the rule featured in the anime.

Duelists on the same team used their own decks, each with five cards in their hand, and each had five monster zone and five spell traps zone.

During the duel, the two sides of the team also regarded each other as opponents.

For example, in the animation, Mask of Light used the effect of “exchanging hands with the opponent”, and the “opponent” in this effect could also be his teammate.

However, the fields and graveyards of both sides as teammates could also be shared.

In the animation, when the opponent directly attacked Yugi whose field was empty, Kaiba once ordered his monster to rush to the field of Yugi to help him block…

…… Of course, the president didnt forget to add an explanation after the block, saying “dont get me wrong, just to repay your previous favor”.

Everyone knows that the president was a standard Vegeta-style arrogant, he always needed a reason for his kindness, and even if he cant find one, he might say, “Dont get me wrong, I just moved on a whim and moved my body without authorization.


“I go first, draw!” The tall Mask of Darkness was the first, “I summonGrand Tiki Elder in attack position.”

A black monster with a strange and eerie appearance appeared on the field, dressed as a magician, with a green rosary hanging around its neck, suspended in the air like a ghost.

[Grand Tiki Elder, ATK 1500]

“Set one more card, I end my turn.”

The tag duel was based on the rotation of the camps of the two sides, and the next turn was Kaibas.

“My turn!” President Kaiba vigorously pulled out the card and said solemnly, “You dare to kidnap Mokuba and touch my bottom line, so you must be mentally prepared to bear my anger!

I activate a Spell Card from my hand – Cost Down! Discard 1 card; for the rest of this turn, reduce the Levels of all monsters in my hand by 2!

The card I discarded wasPeten the Dark Clown.

When this card is sent to the GY, I can banish this card from your GY; Special Summon 1 “Peten the Dark Clown” from my hand or Deck! ”

The presidents series of combos not only lowered the star rating of the monsters in the hand, but at the same time, without consuming the Normal Summon, he got out of the deck a funny dark-path chemist wearing a wide-brimmed hat.

In this way, the original Level 7 or 8 monsters in his hand would be reduced to Level 5 or 6, and he only needed one sacrifice to summon them.

Of course, everyone knew exactly what the president was calling.

“I tribute Peten the Dark Clown on the field…” Kaiba pulled out a card in his hand and shouted loudly, “Come on, my strongest servant, use the ultimate light to dispel the darkness—

——Blue-Eyes White Dragon! ”

As if in response to Kaibas anger, a whirlwind soaring into the sky rolled up in space.

The dazzling light slammed down from the sky, and silver-white wings appeared on the periphery of the incandescent beam of light.

The Dragon of Light emerged from the dazzling vortex, roaring through the sky, and the dragons might shocked the entire block.

Blue-Eyes White Dragon, summon!

The face of Masks of Light and Masks of Light changed color at the same time: “The Blue-Eyes White Dragon was summoned in the first turn…!”

The players were also excited: “White Bride! My dragon waifu!”

“Upstairs, there are members of Taobao.com.”

“Why are you still taking screenshots Just stand still!”

President Kaiba: “Hahahahaha! Tremble in front of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon!”

Another classic three-stage laugh, it seemed that the joy of the president calling for White Bride outweighed the anger of his brother being caught…

[Blue-Eyes White Dragon, ATK 3000]

“Hmph, but all players in the first turn of the team battle cant attack.” Kaiba folded his arms and hummed, “That rule saved your life for one turn.

Ill set another card, and I end my turn.”

“Hey hey hey, I really didnt expect the Blue-Eyes White Dragon to be summoned in the first turn, but we already have a countermeasure here.” Next came the Mask of Light, “My turn, draw!

I activate the Spell Card from my hand – Mask of the Accursed! ”

A green Spell Card appeared and projected a strange black mask on the open space.

“Go! Go and attach yourself to the Blue-Eyes White Dragon!”

That strange black mask leaped across the audience and was directly absorbed into Blue-Eyes White Dragons chest.

The silver-white dragon let out a low roar, and his momentum was obviously weaker.

“What Blue eyes!” Kaiba was surprised, “What did you do!”

“Hehe, the Mask of the Accursed is an equipment mask that can make monsters incapacitated.” Mask of Light sneered, “The possessed monster cant attack or defend, and it cant even be used as a wall.

If you dont want to do something before the second turn, we can attack you directly, President.” (animation effect)

“You bastard…” The president gritted his teeth angrily.

His rage was understandable.

If someone attached strange things to your wife, you would be very angry too…


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