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“Monsters equipped withMask of the Accursed cannot attack, nor can they defend the owner.” Mask of Light sneered, “Not only that, but also the owner of the monster—that is, you, Kaiba – will be deducted 500 LP during each of your Standby Phases.”

Kaiba gritted his teeth: “Cut.”

“My turn is not over yet.” Mask of Light continued, “I summon theMelchid the Four-Face Beast in attack position.”

What appeared this time was a strange monster that seemed to have only a head and no body, but there were four different faces in the four directions of its head.

The front part was a big green face with a grin as if mocking his opponent.

[Melchid the Four-Face Beast, ATK 1500]

“I set two cards, and I end my turn.” Mask of Light said.

“My turn.” Finally, it was Yuei Vus turn, “Draw.”

In the first turn of the team, no one could attack.

Here, duelists should consolidate the defense line and prepare for the next turn.

“Summon theRoyal Magical Library in defense position.”

[Royal Magical Library, DEF 2000]

“The effect of the Royal Magic Library allows me to place 1 Spell Counter whenever a Spell Card is activated, up to 3 counters.

Remove the 3 counters placed on this card, and I can draw one card from the deck.”

Royal Magical Library was also an old card produced in a DM, and no one present did not recognize it.

However, in the eyes of NPC, this monsters strong point was that even though it was a Level 4 monster, it had 2000 defensive power.

As for the card drawing effect, it was regarded as tasteless.

“And then I activate a Spell Card – Dark Magic Veil.

Pay 1000 LP; Special Summon 1 DARK Spellcaster-Type monster from my hand or Graveyard.

Come on, the ultimate magician who is proficient in magic, the strongest mage – Dark Magician! ”

【Yuei Vu, LP 4000 → LP 3000】

The blue circle was lit up on the ground, and every line that formed the circle seemed to be quietly burning a light blue flame.

The red shadow flew out of the deep hole, landed lightly with a flip, and the green staff swirled in his hand several times like a windmill.

[Dark Magician, ATK 2500]

“Did you call out the Dark Magician in the first turn” Mask of Darkness was shocked.

Mask of Light narrowed his eyes: “It looks like we still underestimated them a bit, partner.”

“It seems so.

Not only Kaiba Seto, but this Yuei Vu actually called out a monster of this level in the first turn.” Mask of Darkness said solemnly.

Yuei Vu continued: “Then because of the activation of the Spell Card, the Spell Counter on theRoyal Magical Library is increased by one.

In the end, I also set a card and end my turn.

Kaiba glanced at Yuei Vu, only snorted and said nothing, as if he thought “its natural for a man I recognize to be able to do this.”

“Then its my turn next, draw!” Mask of Darkness drew a card, his eyes gloomily swept across the field, and sneered, “The first turn is over so that I can launch an attack now.

That said, there wereDark Magician and one defensive monster on the Yuei Vus field, so its hard for this front to deal damage even if I attack.

In contrast, President, on your field…there is only one Blue-Eyes White Dragon who cant block the attack for you, hehe…”

Kaiba looked at each other coldly and did not speak.

“This turn, I will show you one of our strongest monsters!” Mask of Darkness drew out a card in his hand, “Partner, lend me your monster!”

Mask of Light: “No problem, Ill leave it to you!”

“I use my partnersMelchid the Four-Face Beast and myGrand Tiki Elder on my field as Tribute and Special Summon!

Come out! Masked Beast Des Gardius! ”

The two masked monsters disappeared from the field, and their disintegrating bodies turned into a majestic black mist.

For a moment, black mist filled the duel field, and a huge silhouette emerged from the ground, standing imposingly in the area of ​​the masked duo.

It was a monster with fangs and claws, wearing a blue mask with scarlet eyes under the mask.

It had sharp white claws, hunched over, and smelled of death.

[Masked Beast Des Gardius, ATK 3300]

Mask of Darkness explained with a sneer: “Des Gardius is our trump card and cannot be summoned normally.

It must first be Special Summoned by Tributing 2 monsters, including at least 1Grand Tiki Elder orMelchid the Four-Face Beast.”

“Very good, partner!” Mask of Light shouted beside him, “If this attack passes, Kaiba will basically be finished!”

The president gritted his teeth.

“Beware, Kaiba Seto! Masked Beast Des Gardius, direct attack!” The Mask of Darkness ordered loudly.

“You guys underestimate me too!” Kaiba waved his hand, “Open the set card: Quick-Play Spell – Enemy Controller!”

The Spell Card was flipped, and a huge white gamepad appeared on the field of Kaiba.

“Pay 1000 LP, and the effect of the Enemy Controller will activate!” Kaiba shouted, “Enter the command: Up, Down, Left, Right, A, B!”

A group of players laughed beside him.

“Appeared, famous scene! President Kaibas Enemy Controller!”

“What the hell is this command Is it the secret of Contra 30 Lives…”

【Kaiba, LP 4000 → LP 3000】

“The effect of the controller can destroy one of the opponents monsters or gain control of one of the opponents monsters until the end of the turn!” Kaiba shouted, “Destroy the Des Gardius for me!”

“Ha! That cant be done.” The Mask of Light on the side waved his hand fiercely, “Activate set card: Counter Trap – Dark Bribe! Negate the activation of the opponents spell or trap card and destroy it.

The opponent draws one card from his deck.”

Kaiba: “What!”

The white gamepad was invalidated and blown to pieces with a crisp sound.

“Good job, my partner, I knew I could trust you!” The Mask of Darkness was hideous, “Just leave the stage for me, Kaiba Seto!”

There was no set card, and the only monster on the field, Blue-Eyes White Dragon, was unable to defend due to the effect of the Spell Card, so she could only growl unwillingly and watch the monsters with their teeth and claws rush towards her master…

Mask of Light couldnt hold back his excitement: “Success!”

Bboom! ! !

The soaring dust exploded, and there was a violent explosion in space.

The aftermath of the masked monsters attack formed a ring-shaped burst of black mist, pushing it in all directions with the dust wave.

The black mist dissipated, and the Des Gardius pulled away and returned to his controler, who saw Kaiba Seto still standing there, seemingly unscathed.

【Kaiba, LP 3000】

“What How” Mask of Darkness was amazed, “Des Gardiuss attack power is 3300, which should definitely be enough to kill Kaiba!”

……Could it be that the Duel Disk used by Kaiba was a special edition for the president Was it set that if his LP couldnt be reduced to zero

Was that too shameless!

However, judging from the expression of the president himself, he seemed to be stunned at the moment and didnt realize what had just happened.

So there seemed to be only one answer.

Facing the gazes of the three people on the field, Yuei Vu chuckled lightly: “At that moment, I also activated my set card: Counter Trap – Negate Attack! When an opponents monster declares an attack: Target the attacking monster; negate the attack, then end the Battle Phase.”

“Damn, you actually covered Kaiba.” Mask of Darkness was very unhappy that the sure-kill blow was blocked, “Then I end my turn.”

Under the cover of Yuei Vu, Kaiba managed to survive this turn.

But if you expected to hear even half a word of “thank you” from the presidents mouth, then you may be thinking too much…

Kaiba rolled his eyes at him: “Nosy!”

Unsurprisingly, Yuei Vu didnt bother to pay attention to the presidents daily arrogance.

You really thought I was saving you because I liked you

If you were defeated like this, they would have two turns and twice the resources.

How could I defeat them by myself!


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