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The masked duo was indeed a small boss with a slightly higher level of Ghouls in the original anime.

Together, these two could at least fight back and forth with the combination of Yugi and Kaiba, which was indeed a feat.

If it wasnt for Yuei Vus Negate Attack in time, President Kaiba would have been exiled right there…

However, Yuei Vu also understood the character of the president.

Although President Kaiba was arrogant and said no, he was actually quite honest.

Whoever helped him and who made him owe a favor, even if he didnt admit it, the president would keep it firmly in his heart.

If he was lucky, when they went back this time, the president would secretly add chicken drumsticks to him…

The Mask of Darknesss turn was over, and now it was finally the turn of President Kaiba once again.

“How dare you play with my monster like this,” the president said angrily, looking at the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, who was slumped to one side, weakened under the effect of the spell, “Since its my turn now, its your end.


The sky was clear, the rain has stopped, and the president felt that he could do it again…

“Dont forget, President, when its your turn, theMask of the Accursed attached to the Blue-Eyes White Dragon is activated, and you will receive 500 damage.” Mask of Light reminded him.

【Kaiba, LP 3000 → LP 2500】

However, the president didnt care at all: “Activate Ritual Spell – Advanced Ritual Art!”

Kaiba inserted the card into the Duel Disk forcefully, and the magic effect swirled on the ground to open the magic circle.

The center of the circular magic circle rippled with blue-blue light.

“Advanced Ritual Art is a card that allows me to ritually summon any ritual monster in my hand by sending Normal Monsters from my Deck to the GY whose total Levels equal the Level of that Ritual Monster!

I sent the level 4 Battle Steer from the deck to the graveyard and Ritual Summon… Paladin of White Dragon! ”

At the same time as President Kaiba spoke, he picked out the Battle Steer card from the deck and sent it to the graveyard.

The image of the monster immediately appeared on the field, followed by a blue-blue light beam that swayed and shot into the blue magic circle.

A strong light erupted, and a beam of light shot up into the sky.

A knight in white armor and a flying cloak appeared heroically, riding a white dragon under him.

[Paladin of White Dragon, ATK 1900]

“The effect of the Paladin of White Dragon!” Kaiba waved his hand, and a series of operations flowed in the air, “The Paladin of White Dragon can tribute itself to Special Summon 1 “Blue-Eyes White Dragon” from my hand or Deck!

Come again, my most powerful servant – the Blue-Eyes White Dragon (the second)! ”

The whole body of the holy knight shone brightly as if bathed in holy light.

The bodies of the knight and the dragon began to dissipate indistinctly, turning into countless stars of light.

The illusion of the second white dragon of light emerged, like a roar from the void…

“Dont even think about it! This is the moment Ive been waiting for!” The Mask of Light laughed, and waved his hand to open the set card, “Activate Continuous Trap – Mask of Restrict!”

The red trap was opened, and a black mask with steel thorns and fangs appeared on the field, with a big “seal” written on its forehead.

The illusion of the white dragon disappeared instantly, and the dissipating Paladin of White Dragon returned to the field, and the figure condensed into a solid body again.

“What!” Kaiba looked at the strange mask on the opposite field in astonishment, wondering if he was surprised by the failure of the summoning or seeing a card he didnt recognize.

“Hahaha! This is our strategy to seal your god card and all your superior monsters!” Mask of Light laughed, “As long as thisMask of Restrict exists on the field, neither player can Tribute cards!”

Kaiba gritted his teeth: “Damn, you can only use some dirty tricks…”

Yuei Vu glanced at the president and said nothing in silence.

Well, I didnt know if it was an illusion or not, but when the president was my teammate…it didnt seem to be as good as when he was on the opposite side

…well its not that I couldnt understand.

After all, the opponent was not weak in the first place, and since they were originally aimed at Kaiba, it was not surprising that they adjusted their deck to counter him.

In this era, everyone still relied heavily on Tribute to summon high-level monsters.

In the animation, Yugi and Kaiba were also pitted by this masked duo and had a headache for a while.

At this time, even the screwball players realized the problem.

“Why do I feel like the president is a little bit of a drag”

“It seems to have been beaten…”

“Maybe its because Yuei Vu is the protagonist in World Link Online.

This is a common trope.

To show the protagonists awesomeness, other characters are usually beaten.”

“Isnt Yuei Vu more likely to be the protagonist”

…Yuei Vu suddenly felt that the results were not bad.

At least after this game, maybe he could create a topic among players to get a wave of popularity

“My turn, draw.” It was Mask of Lights turn again, “Hey, partner, lend me your monster.”

Mask of Darkness waved his hand, “No problem, take it, partner!”

The Mask of Light gave a strange laugh, and his malicious eyes wandered back and forth between the venues of the two.

“There is a Paladin of White Dragon on the field of Kaiba now acting as a wall.

Even if I attack, I cant defeat it in one go…”

He muttered to himself, his eyes moved to the Dark Magician and the Royal Magical Library on Yuei Vus field at the same time.

“In contrast, it will be this guys turn later.

There are a lot of support cards for the Dark Magician.

If I dont defeat it here, the next turn may not be good.”

Mask of Darkness nodded in agreement: “Yes, then lets go directly, partner!”

“I see.” Mask of Light grunted, “Okay, then the target is decided! Des Gardius! Attack the Dark Magician!”

The gloomy black monster flew out, and the silver-white claws left a clear track in the air.

The Dark Magician immediately released a spell to counterattack, but even he couldnt overcome the difference in attack power.

The magic power fluctuation was easily torn to pieces by the Des Gardius, and the claws followed closely from the magic body, and the latter immediately exited the stage.

【Yuei Vu, LP 3000 → LP 2200】

“Ha! In this way, your only ace monster has disappeared! This should also be your last chance to turn the tables, right” Mask of Light laughed.

Some of the onlookers complained: “God, is this stable Its just that the Tributing is sealed, and its not so cool, right”

“Not only the Tributing for advance summon, but also the Tributing of ritual summon and card effects have been blocked.

It should still be a bit disgusting to put in the DM environment.”

“One typhoon will solve it…”


The Mask of Light said: “Then I will summonMasked Clown in defense position, then I end my turn.”

[Masked Clown, DEF 700]

“Nice job, partner!” Mask of Darkness encouraged his teammates by the side.

Mask of Light: “Thats the monster you gave me.

Thank you, my partner!”

“My turn, draw!”

Finally, it was Yuei Vus turn.

After he drew the card, he directly played the card without hesitation: “What I want to activate is the Spell Card – Heavy Storm!”

“What!” Mask of Light and Darkness said in unison.

“Speak of the devil!” This was the player who recommended using a typhoon earlier.

“As expected of the Yu-prefix, they are so unreasonable!”

“Why is your right hand so powerful!”

A green card image appeared, and an inverted funnel-shaped storm surged on the ground.

The suffocating wind swept up the sand and dust simulated by the image, and the strong wind pressure caused the cards to fly uncontrollably in the entire field.

Just watching this scene made people feel suffocated.

All the spell and trap cards on the field were smashed by the storm regardless of whether they were friends or foes.

Of course, it also included “Mask of the Accursed” and “Mask of Restrict”.

The moment the shackles were released, the white dragon on the Kaiba field, who had been languishing for a whole round, finally regained its energy.

It raised its head and roared loudly, and the angry dragon roar shook the sky, as if it couldnt wait to smash the two annoying guys in front of it into scum.

The Mask of Light and Darkness gritted their teeth: “He was actually drawn into the strongest storm that can instantly destroy all Spell and Trap…”

“Then the effect ofRoyal Magical Library is activated!” Yuei Vu waved his hand, “It has already reached three spell counters.

Now I will remove all three counters and draw a card from the deck.

He glanced at the card he had drawn and activated it without hesitation: “Activate Spell Card – Card of Sanctity.

All players will draw cards from the deck until they have six cards in their hand.”

Both Mask of Light and Darkness had more cards in hand than he and Kaiba, thus activating Card of Sanctity at this time gave him and Kaiba a net card advantage.

President Kaiba seemed to have drawn a good card, and he snorted with a smile.

In addition, the seal of Blue Eyes and the restrictions on Tribute has been lifted, and the current president was literally getting better.

“Ill give you a compliment for being able to do this.” The president seemed to be in a really good mood, but it was rare that he praised Yuei Vu, “It seems that even as a decoration for my victory, you are indeed proved its worth.”

Yuei Vu glanced at the president who was stinky and felt okay, and continued to operate with a blank face: “Then I use theRoyal Magical Library on my field…and theBlue-Eyes White Dragon on the Kaiba Field. as tributes.

Appear again, the sorcerer who masters the most profound meaning of magic – the Dark Magician! ”

The presidents expression was changed: “You bastard!”


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