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“Fuck, Tribute the BEWD to summon the Dark Magician… This operation is too showy, isnt it”

“Although it is a loss, I want to say one word: Cool!”

“Hahaha, the president is going to explode!”

“As expected of Yuei Vu, he has easily done something we didnt even dare to think about.”

The president, who had a smile on his face because his white dragon was unshackled a second ago, has now put on a raging face, staring straight at Yuei Vu, as if he was going to devour him alive.

Considering that his wife had just been sacrificed, it seemed that the presidents anger was not too much…

However, at this time, Yuei Vu was concentrating on playing cards, and there was no reaction at all.

Do you think he would feel good about tributing the white dragon in front of the president


… that kind of refreshing was beyond your imagination.

I have wanted to do this for a very long time! Ha ha ha ha……

Kaiba sullenly said, “Are you making fun of me”

“Ahem, dont just look at the surface, President Kaiba.” Yuei Vu coughed twice, “The winning formula is complete.”

Kaiba narrowed his eyes, folded his arms, snorted, and didnt speak again, but the posture was like saying “Come on, Ill watch your performance”.

“Activate a Spell Card from the hand – Thousand Knives!”

Yuei Vu played a card.

The flying knives appeared one after another in the air, and the blade of each knife was aimed at the death mage on the masked partner field.

“Thousand Knives, the exclusive magic of the Dark Magician!” Mask of Darkness gritted his teeth, “Do you want to use this effect to destroy our Des Gardius”

With a wave of the Dark Magicians arm, all the blades in the sky smashed into the air.

The flying knives flew towards the Masked Beast Des Gardius like a rain of flowers in the sky, ignoring the opponents high attack power of 3300 and smashing it directly.

Masked Beast Des Gardius was defeated!

“Hahaha, you fool!” Mask of Light and Darkness laughed in unison, “You have stepped on our trap at this moment!”

Kaibas face changed slightly, and he said: “There are no more Trap Cards on the field, all the Spell Trap cards in the field have been destroyed by theHeavy Storm.

The trap they said… Is the Des Gardius still hiding a special ability!”

“At the moment of being destroyed, the special ability of the Des Gardius was activated!” Mask of Darkness waved his hand, “He will leave The Mask of Remnants on the field!”

Sure enough, the masked monsters body was shattered and disappeared with the drifting smoke, but his mask remained.

The gloomy mask wandered around the field, and after finding the target, he sprinted toward the Dark Magician on the Yuei Vus field with a sprint.

“The Mask of Remnants can be equipped on any monster on the field to take control of that monster!” Maybe the Mask of Light was very excited because of the NTR, “Get me the Dark Magician!”

“Oh, thats not necessarily true.”

Yuei Vu chuckled and immediately played the next card: “Activate Quick-Play Spell – Dedication through Light and Darkness! Tribute the Dark Magician on the field!”

The magic of chaos was released from the Spell Card, captured the Dark Magician on the field, and dragged him into the card.

Des Gardiuss The Mask of Remnants fluttered menacingly.

“What! Release Escape” Mask of Light was shocked.

“Specially summoned from the deck,” Yuei Vu raised his arm, “a magician born from chaos and possessing the most powerful power – the Dark Magician of Chaos!”

The majestic magic power sank into the ground along with the Quick Play Spell Card, and a black magic circle opened on the ground.

The slender mages waist stood upright from under the magic circle, with incantations lingering all over his body, and countless ancient priests words flying like elves.

[Dark Magician of Chaos, ATK 2800]

Mask of Darkness: “The ultimate magician is summoned at this juncture!”

Kaiba seemed to suddenly understand.

“I see.

If the Des Gardius is destroyed and my Blue-Eyes White Dragon is still on the field, the opponent will undoubtedly snatch the control of Blue-Eyes White Dragon!”

But Yuei Vu used the Blue-Eyes White Dragon as a sacrifice to summon the Dark Magician and then used Quick Play Spell tribute the Dark Magician to avoid the effect of the opponents The Mask of Remnants, and further summoned the legendary chaos magician…

…Was it all within his calculations

Compared with the Blue-Eyes White Dragon being NTR-ed by the opposite side, being tributed to be sent to the Graveyard was definitely better.

Thinking to this point, President Kaiba didnt seem to be so angry anymore…

“Kaiba! Let me borrow your monster!” Yuei Vu waved his hand, “Use thePaladin of White Dragon to attack the Mask of Darkness directly!”

At this time, the field of Mask of Darkness, who had lost the Des Gardius, was completely empty.

The rare hunter was shocked and hurriedly asked his teammates for help: “Partner, save me!”

On Mask of Lights field, there was still a monster.

According to the tag duel rules, he could now let his monsters help his teammates block the attack.

But the Paladin of White Dragons attack power was 1900.

If they used the only defensive monster they have to block, they would undoubtedly be directly attacked by the Dark Magician of Chaos with an attack power of 2800…

This was a very simple arithmetic problem.

Mask of Light thought about the pros and cons for a brief moment and finally chose to not act.

The Paladin of White Dragon rushed straight to Mask of Darkness and slashed him to the ground with a sword.


【Mask of Darkness, LP 4000→LP 2100】

“Partner!” Mask of Light shouted, “Are you all right”

Yuei Vu folded his arms and smiled: “Sure enough, just like I thought.

It seems that you two are so affectionate as a partner, but in the end you two are just plastic brotherhood.” (1)

“What did you say” The Mask of Light shouted.

“You are worried, if you send your own monster up to block the attack for your partner, then you will suffer a direct attack in the empty field, right

Of course, its normal to have such a mentality, its human nature.

There is a saying that goes like this…My friend die is still better than I die Instead of taking the attack yourself, let your partner act as a meat shield.

Mask of Light hurriedly wanted to explain: “No! Its because the attack power of the Dark Magician of Chaos is relatively higher…”

Yuei Vu waved his hand and didnt listen to his explanation: “If I continue to attack the Mask of Darkness directly, it will be finished, 80% the chance your partner will not dare to sacrifice the monster to save him in order to protect himself.

But seeing this big guy pity me, Ill spare him for the time being this turn.

Dark Magician of Chaos! Attack the Masked Clown on the Mask of Lights field! ”

The Dark Magician of Chaos took the order, raised his wand, and released the magical impact of the dark chaos like a water column, slamming into the poor monster.

The chaotic magic power seemed to penetrate the space and opened a chaotic vortex behind the incarnation of Masked Clown.

The clown was blasted into the depths of the deep black hole and disappeared in an instant.

Monsters destroyed by the Dark Magician of Chaos would not be sent to the Graveyard but would be directly removed from the game, which was equivalent to destroying even their souls.

“Set two cards, I end my turn.” Yuei Vu said, and the mask of the dark smiled lightly, “You survive for a turn.”

Mask of Darkness broke out in cold sweat at this moment.

Its not just a duel for them.

If they lost, Marik would remotely muddle their brains as punishment, so it was a win-or-die battle for them.

In this way, it seemed more conceivable to imagine teammates abandoning their partners in order to survive.

To be honest, if Yuei Vu didnt order the Dark Magician of Chaos to attack the defensive monsters of Mask of Light, but continued to attack Mask of Darkness directly, Mask of Darkness really didnt know if his partner would save him.

Mask of Light seemed to see his hesitation and hurriedly said: “Partner, listen to my explanation! I just…”

“No need to explain!” Mask of Darkness became more and more annoyed.

“Anyway, you say that you have a good mind all day long.

Im just a rude person and cant understand your superb tactics.

I probably dont understand what youre thinking.


Mask of Light looked stunned: “What are you talking about Isnt it you who always call yourself a big brother based on your strength”

“What Im older and stronger than you.

Whats your opinion on me being a big brother”

Mask of Light looked aggrieved: “But you always like to rely on your strength to force me to do something… to do something I hate to do… .”


Seeing that Ghouls and his partners began to strife, the crowd on the side couldnt help laughing.

“These two have a story!”

“Needless to say, we all understand.”

“XSWL, I think these two can still make a pair, what should I do”

“Mask of Darkness: Little Light, Im coming in!”

“I suspect you are doing pornography!”

“Just handcuffed away, we dont need evidence to arrest him!”


TLs note:


“Iron brotherhood” is slang for comrades who can die for each other (in the same manner as “one for all, all for one”).

“Plastic brotherhood” is the opposite: people who pretended to be comrades, but can betray each other at any time.


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