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The masked duo was noisy for a while before the duel could continue.

Mask of Darkness seemed to have determined that this unreliable teammate just wanted to stand by and watch him die, so he stretched his face and ignored his partner.

Mask of Light groaned inwardly.

After being disturbed by Yuei Vu like this, even if they could win this match, the Mask of Darkness would definitely not forgive him, and after returning, his partner would definitely press him to the ground for an “education”.

Thinking of this, Mask of Light felt a chill run down his spine, and a cold sweat broke out on my back.

At the same time, he couldnt help but feel more resentful when looked at Yuei Vu.

Its all because of this guy!

That bastard had a white face on the surface, but actually had a black heart inside!

Yuei Vu was unaware of this, and said lightly: “At the end of my turn, the effect of the Black Magician of Chaos was activated.

I can add a Spell Card from the graveyard to my hand.

My choice is – Card of Sanctity.”

While speaking, the GY area of ​​the Duel Disk had already lit up with golden light.

A green card was automatically ejected, and he took it back.

“Its my turn!” Mask of Darkness drew the card forcefully.

Now he didnt trust his partner at all, thinking about how to protect himself while trying to figure out a way to win this game.

If necessary, he would not hesitate to give up his partner.

In fact, you couldnt completely blame Yuei Vu, the main reason was that the relationship between the two was really plastic.

If they truly trusted each other, it wouldnt be so easy to get into infighting.

Mask of Darkness glanced at the cards in his hand, and hummed with a smile: “Sure enough, in the end, everything still depends on oneself, and partners are not reliable at all.

Let you see another ace of mine! Activate Ritual Spell card – Curse of the Masked Beast!

I tribute two level 4 monsters in my hand and ritually summon—

——The Masked Beast! ”

Two monsters disappeared into the circular magic circle of the ritual, and blue flames ignited around the magic circle.

A blood-red head rushed out in the rising steam.

He has a blood-colored cane, similar to the upper body and limbs of a human, but the lower body looks like some unknown creature, with a long tail swinging behind him.

[The Masked Beast, ATK 3200]

“Partner, you are amazing!” Mask of Light looked happy beside him, and instantly transformed into a salted fish shouting 666.

“Hey, this is our strongest monster other than the Des Gardius.” Summoning a powerful monster again made the Mask of Darkness regain his confidence, “Even you cant easily defeat it!”

Although it was a three-for-one exchange, there were not many ways to quickly make high-level monsters in the DM period, and it may indeed be worth their while to summon such a monster in an instant.

Having said that, the joy of summoning the monster seemed to make the two of them forget that they were still arguing just now.

Its a typical “win because of me, lose because of my teammate”…

Mask of Darkness narrowed his eyes and glanced at Yuei Vu: “You seem to be very arrogant just now Go away, do you want to provoke our relationship Now, even if it is the ultimate magician you called, I can beat it at will…”

“Dont be fooled by this guy, partner!” Mask of Light shouted, “This kid is very insidious! He just wants to make our blood rush to him to attack!”

“Thats right!” Mask of Darkness suddenly woke up, his eyes turned to the Paladin of White Dragon on Kaibas field, “If I attack him, the Paladin of White Dragon of Kaiba will remain in this turn.

The partnersMask of Restrict was destroyed by theHeavy Storm in the previous turn, so if we move on to the next turn…”

“Thats right, Kaiba can tribute Paladin and call the Blue-Eyes White Dragon!” Mask of Light gritted his teeth, “This kid wants to use himself as a shield to cover Kaiba!”

Kaiba narrowed his eyes and squinted at Yuei Vu without saying a word.

This guy… deliberately provoked the opponent to cover me

“Its terrifying, such a scheming kid.” Mask of Darkness said solemnly, “But your tactics have been seen through by us – The Masked Beast attack! Bury the Paladin of White Dragon for me!”

“This moment!” At the critical moment, it was Yuei Vu who voiced again, “Trap Card – Impenetrable Attack is activated!

During the Battle Phase, activate 1 of these effects.

● Target 1 monster on the field; it cannot be destroyed by battle or by card effects during this Battle Phase.

● Take no battle damage during this Battle Phase.

Yuei Vu pointed to the Paladin of White Dragon on the Kaibas field.

“I want to choose to activate effect 1: Paladin of White Dragon will not be destroyed by battle or card effects until the end of the turn!”

When the effect was selected, the trap card disappeared from the field.

A translucent protective cover appeared in front of the Paladin of White Dragon, protecting the knight and the dragon together like a layer of water iris.

“Damn it,” Dark Mask couldnt help but wave his hand in annoyance, “but the battle damage still has to be calculated!”

The dark impact hit the transparent shield, and although the monster was protected unscathed, there were still a lot of shock aftershocks that swept away from the shield and swept the Kaiba at the back.

Kaiba gritted his teeth and took a half step back under the shock.

【Kaiba, LP 2500→LP 1200】

He glanced at Yuei Vu and seemed to be very angry: “Didnt I tell you not to mind your own business!”

Yuei Vu silently glanced at the line of “Favorability 5” that appeared on the presidents forehead, and for a while, he didnt know how to face it…

He was now learning how to behave: “Dont get me wrong, President, Im not here to save you.

Im just on a whim…”

Seeing that the presidents unkind expression seemed to be about to explode, Yuei Vu immediately coughed and changed the subject: “Did I say it The winning formula is complete.

I have done everything I can.

If you are a true duelist, President, show me the victory in the next turn.

Playing cards in a team was a matter of cooperation, and supporting teammates was also a part of it.

Just like some large-scale online team games, it was obviously a team game, but there were often one or two people on the team who felt that they were very talented and could show off…

Kaiba narrowed his eyes, looked at the Paladin of White Dragon on his field, and then looked at the set card on the Yuei Vu field, and seemed to understand something.

“There is nothing to do, I end my turn.” Mask of Darkness said.

“My turn!” It was Kaibas turn again.

After the series of operations that Yuei Vu had just done, he had somewhat guessed Yuei Vus intentions and understood what Yuei Vu wanted him to do.

But now Kaiba still lacked the crucial last card.

Whether he could draw that card in this turn was the key factor!

To be honest, of course, Yuei Vu didnt know what cards his teammate Kaiba had.

But… since he was KaibaSeto, it should be no problem to draw the key card when he wanted to


Kaiba pulled out the top card of the deck with all his might and kept that movement for a while.

And then sure enough…

“Hahahahaha!” Kaiba laughed directly, “Ghouls! You lost this duel!”


“First of all, I will activate the effect ofPaladin of White Dragon! Tribute it to Special Summon from the deck—

–Blue-Eyes White Dragon! Bring it on!”

The Paladin of White Dragon, who had not been able to sacrifice himself before, finally successfully left the field this time, turning into a white light and rushing into the sky.

The incandescent beam of light slammed down like a sky, like a waterfall that fell to the ground from outside the sky.

The White Dragon of Light roared and appeared, spreading its wings, with a mighty aura.

[Blue-Eyes White Dragon, ATK 3000]

“Sure enough, its a Blue-Eyes White Dragon again…” Mask of Light gritted his teeth, “But even so, with its attack power, you cant defeat our The Masked Beast!”

“Yuei Vu!” Kaiba tilted his head, “If your intentions are like what I expected, its time to use your set card, right”

It looked like Kaiba did guess right.

Yuei Vu waved his arm: “Open the set card! Continuous Trap – Call of the Haunted! Revive a monster in attack position!”

“Yes, come back from the depths of the underworld, my most powerful servant!” Kaiba shouted, “Blue-Eyes White Dragon!”

The incandescent beam of light penetrated the underworld and reality, and the white dragon of light roared and flew out of the cemetery, spreading its wings and roaring!

[Blue-Eyes White Dragon, ATK 3000]

“What! The second Blue-Eyes” Mask of Darkness exclaimed, “But no matter how many…”

At this moment, he suddenly thought of something: “Masaka! (It cant be!)”

“It seems that your luck is good, ” Kaiba slowly pulled out a card in his hand, and the cloak behind him automatically moved without wind, “Congratulations, you will be the first to see this ultimate monster in history.”

This time, even Yuei Vu was a little surprised.

Wait, the first ever seen…!

Didnt the president plan to summon the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

“Activate Spell Card – Polymerization! I fuse two Blue-Eyes White Dragons on the field and the Blue-Eyes White Dragon in my hand!” Kaiba raised the Polymerization spell above his head and shouted loudly, “Dispel the deepest darkness and bring the ultimate light.

The ultimate dragon! My strongest servant, the most evolved form——

——Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon! ! ! ”

Yuei Vu: “!!”

WTF! President, when did you print that card!


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