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“Come on, my strongest servant, the new ultimate form after evolution——

——Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon! ! ! ”

It was a sight that was almost comparable to an illusion, like a change in the heavens and the earth.

A white vortex rolled up in the sky, and the beam of light fell to the ground with a roar.

The figure of the dragon was revealed, with a neck and head as sturdy as steel, and the outer skin was like a layer of silver-white armor, shining with a metallic luster.

Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, Summon!

[Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, ATK 4500]

The audience was stunned!

Mask of Darkness: “This… This is the most powerful monster in the legend, Blue Eyes Ultimate…”

“No!” Mask of Lights voice was trembling, and his legs were uncontrollably weak, “This is not Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, this is…”

Yuei Vu was also quite surprised at this time.

He thought that the president would at most take out Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, but in the end, the president directly printed a new card in place…

To be reasonable, Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon should be a product of The Dark Side Of Dimensions movie.

It should be a new card printed by President Kaiba one year after the soul of the Pharaoh left.

Was it actually implemented so soon

The players were even more excited.

“The boss has printed the card!”

“Neo Ultimate Dragon! Was it arranged so early”

“I also want to play Dragon Waifu.

Please ask the president if he can give me a wife…”

“You want to eat peaches again.”


“Hahahahahaha! Youll be subdued under this absolutely invincible power! Activate Spell Card – Quick Attack, so that the fusion monster can attack this turn!”

With a big wave of Kaibas hand, he raised his pitch and started the long series of iconic chants: “Smash! Break! Destroy!

Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon attack! Hyper Ultimate Burst! ”

Like a dragon made of steel, the three heads opened their mouths at the same time, and white flashes were brewing in its mouth like a storm.

A transparent airflow swept through the audience, clearly a virtual image, but the airflow seemed to shake the world, and the entire street screamed as if it was on the verge of a limit.

With one blow, the three heads exhaled incandescent light at the same time.

The strong light swept toward the Mask of Darkness like a white flame that annihilates everything.

His monster The Masked Beast resisted with all his might, and barely released a shock, but in an instant, it was submerged by the white light like a rock sinking into the sea.

“Uhhhhh!!!” Mask of Darkness screamed miserably.

【Mask of Darkness, LP 2100 → LP 800】

“Partner!” Mask of Light shouted in concern.

Mask of Darkness clenched his teeth and lay on the ground, sweat dripping from his forehead, trembling uncontrollably, and black smoke wafting from his body.

“Its not over yet,” President Kaibas tone continued to increase – Yuei Vu was surprised that his voice still had room to improve, “Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragons effect! Once per Duel, if I have “Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon” in my Extra Deck, this card can attack 3 times!” (animation effect)

“Wh… what!” The faces of the masked duo changed color.

Attack power 4500…and can attack three times!

What kind of monster is this!

However, the president did not actually explain that after using the effect of three attacks, the Neo Ultimate Dragon would destroy itself at the end of the turn.

But that didnt matter anymore.

Because this duel had no next turn.

“Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, attack! Direct attack twice! Let me smash those two abominable guys to pieces!” Kaiba laughed, “Hyper Ultimate Burst!”

The ultimate three-headed dragon roared and flew up from behind him, opening its mouth again, as if to pronounce the sentence of death.

Two incandescent beams, as powerful as piercing through space.

The first shot blasted the Mask of Light into the air, rolled in a circle, and fell to the ground like a round balloon.

The second shot hit Mask of Darkness head-on, causing the latter to turn his back and let out a long, miserable groan.

【Mask of Light, LP 4000 → LP 0】

【Mask of Darkness, LP 800 → LP 0】

“President 666!”

“All hail White Bride! All hail Dragon Waifu!”

“It makes me feel so itchy, I really want to play White Dragon 555…”

After the Mask of Light and Darkness fell to the ground, they lay there upright, motionless and unresponsive.

Kaiba turned off the Duel Disk, and the stereoscopic image disappeared at the same time.

He strode forward and said coldly, “According to the agreement, release Mokuba!”

While they were playing cards, the helicopter holding Mokuba had flown away, and the merry-go-round was gone…

However, both of them were lying upright on the ground like corpses, unresponsive as if they were playing badly.

Kaiba was furious: “Dont pretend to be dead! Do you want to deny it”

Just play a duel and still die Who are you fooling

The president said that I believed in science!

“Im afraid their consciousness is gone, President.” Yuei Vu also closed the Duel Disk and said with his arms crossed, “Marik used a Millennium Rod to implant a mechanism in the brains of some of his subordinates, and the moment the duel fails, it will trigger and erase their consciousness.”

“What” Kaiba narrowed his eyes.

While talking, the Mask of Light, which had been lying like a corpse for a second, suddenly bounced back like a spring.

He still rolled his eyes as if hanging up, but a golden eye appeared on his forehead.

Kaiba subconsciously took a half step back: “What about this time”

“Marik.” Yuei Vu quickly understood.

Every time one of his subordinates lost, he would appear to speak some words, which was almost routine.

“We meet again, Yuei Vu.

We meet for the first time, President Kaiba.” Marik said through the mouth of the Mask of Light, “Dont worry, President, your brother is safe.

We Ghouls will keep our promise.

Since you two win, we will naturally release your brother.

You will see him soon.”

“You are Marik, the leader of Ghouls.” This was obviously the first time President Kaiba had a direct conversation with this guy.

Yuei Vu nodded: “Yes, this is Marik.

This person is very good.

He sent me a card last time we met…”

Kaiba: “”

Send a card

The president suspected that he had heard it wrong.

Wasnt Ghouls a rare card bandit group When did they become a charity

Marik seemed to have thought of something, and he couldnt hold back his face and snorted heavily: “Last time I was careless, but in the rematch, I will not let you succeed so easily.

This Battle City competition is destined to be a battle of the gods, and the winner will…

……what are you doing! ”

Yuei Vu just took a half-step, and Marik immediately controlled the Mask of Light to jump back cautiously, with a look of vigilance.

Looks like someone was haunted by “pulling out the Duel Disk”…

Yuei Vu pouted.

Why so mean How much was that ** you have in your hand There were many fake cards were stuffed, I grabbed this thing to give you a face……

Mariks expression changed, he pondered for a while and snorted again, simply taking off the Duel Disk that Mask of Light was wearing, and throwing it to Yuei Vu.

“If you want, take it.” Marik made no secret of his disgust and disdain.

“After all, you are a duelist of this size.”

Because Marik thought about it for a second and felt that even if he avoided it, it seemed pointless.

After all, Yuei Vu could still come up and draw the Duel Disk after he disconnected the remote control of the Mask of Light and Darkness, unless he remotely controlled the Mask of Light and Darkness to run back to Ghouls HQ with the Duel Disk…

…But thats too low for a behind-the-scenes BOSS like him, and he couldnt do it.

Yuei Vu even caught the duel disk and dribbled the deck, then without turning his head, threw it to Miss Yuehua who was watching stupidly beside him.

Miss Yuehua took it with a face full of surprise, and the players beside her looked envious at the several Duel Disks she was holding in her arms.

Of course, the audience in the live broadcast room did not stop.

“Did you find that Yuei Vu doesnt speak now, and throws things directly to the streamer”

“The streamer is now the number one spare tire designated by Yuei Vu 2333”


At this time, Kaiba looked at Mariks “puzzling” action, and couldnt help but wonder.

Could it be that our intelligence was wrong, and Ghouls really was a charitable organization

What was the operation of sending equipment to the enemy


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