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“Ahem, all in all, the show has just begun.” Marik tried hard to maintain his mysterious behind-the-scenes BOSS, “Master of God card, holder of the Millennium Items, the soul of the nameless Pharaoh… ..

the finals in Battle City will bring it to an end.”

Yuei Vu nodded in agreement: “Thats right.

But since youve said it all, Ill mention it by the way.

Your Sky Dragon is really good.”

Marik: “@#%&*”

Kaiba: “…”

He originally thought that Marik, who held The Winged Dragon of Ra, was a great enemy worthy of attention.

It didnt seem to be particularly threatening now…

“Youd better get ready.” Marik said solemnly, “After the finals, all three Egyptian God Cards will come to my hands! By then, I will complete my revenge, rule over the world, and become the new Pharaoh!”

Without waiting for a reply, this guy directly disconnected his mind and ran away, and the unconscious Mask of Light fell to the ground like a log.

Maybe its because he was worried that he would be disconnected due to anger if he stayed a little longer near Yuei Vu…

By the way, Yuei Vu wanted to complain a long time ago.

Mariks lofty ideal of “revenge on the pharaoh” was not incomprehensible, but what the hell was “becoming a new pharaoh”

Even if he really beat Yugi and proclaimed himself the new pharaoh, so what

When he returned to Egypt with the Go cards, he would only find out that his Egypt Kingdom had already been lost…

…… He was the holder of Millennium Items, shouldnt he remember that meant the age of the Pharaoh was millenniums ago It was the Arab Republic of Egypt by now.

At this time, Kaiba took out a terminal contact device similar to a mobile phone, and Mokubas face quickly appeared on the screen.


“Mokuba, are you all right”

“Well, its alright, they let me out.” Mokuba said, “Where are you, onii-san Ill go look for you now.”

Seeing that his lovely brother was all right, President Kaiba finally regained his composure.

There were not many things in this world that could make the president panic.

His younger brother, Mokuba, could be regarded as one of his few weaknesses.

The problem was that Mokuba still has a magical “hostage constitution”, and he would be taken hostage every three days…

At this time, the younger brother was back to safety, so the thing that President Kaiba was most concerned about naturally became…

…”Yuei Vu!” He turned his head and raised the Duel Disk, “We dont have to wait for the semi-final, lets have a showdown here!”

The president felt a burning passion…

However, Yuei Vu was a little busy right now and had no time to pay attention to him for the time being.

Kaiba: “…what are you doing”

He saw that Yuei Vu was squatting on the ground at the moment, pulling out the Duel Disk from the Mask of Darkness lying on the ground.

In an instant, the intelligent Kaiba seemed to understand why Marik took the initiative to throw the Duel Disk to Yuei Vu…

Yuei Vu turned his head and threw the Duel Disk to Miss Yuehua behind him.

At this time, the girl had already held three Duel Disks in her arms, and her appearance was rather comical.

Kaiba hugged his arms and said lightly beside him: “According to the rules of the Battle City Competition, it is illegal to take away other peoples Duel Disks and decks.

Dare to do this in front of me as the organizer, your gall is not small.”

He narrowed his eyes: “You know I can disqualify you at any time.”

However, although Kaiba pretended to be fierce, Yuei Vu was very calm.

First, now the Sky Dragon was in his hands.

The reason why Kaiba held the Battle City Tournament was to collect three Egyptian Gods, and Yuei Vu, who held the Sky Dragon, could not be disqualified anyway.

As for the second reason…

……Heh, although the president was talking about “dont meddle with me”, “I dont want to”, etc.., Yuei Vu noticed that the words “Favorability 5” had popped out on his forehead at least three times during the game just now.

So presumably the president shouldnt disqualify him…

“Come on, anyway, there will be a battle between God card holders sooner or later.” Kaiba was full of enthusiasm, “There is no need to wait, you and I will directly fight here, with the glory of the duelist as the ante.

One shall stand, one shall fall!”

Yuei Vu: “…”

By the way, President, your brother was kidnapped a minute ago! Now that he has finally escaped, but you didnt pick him up in person… The first thing was to play cards with me

President, your card addiction didnt seem to be cured…

Should I fight him here

Yuei Vu silently took out six puzzle cards.

“Hey, youve collected all six puzzle cards As expected of a man I like.” Kaiba chuckled lightly.

Yuei Vu said in his heart: President, could you please stop using such a misleading statement The group of screwballs in the back has already started to draw doujinshis…

“According to the rules, those who have six puzzle cards do have the right to refuse all dueling challenges.” Kaiba said lightly, “But as a real duelist, are you going to back down in the face of our fated battle”

Fated battle Wasnt it the thing between you and Yugi What did it have to do with me

President, you pester me here every day, what should Yugi do

“Cough, its not impossible if you have to fight, President, but honestly, the duel just now placed a great strain on me.” Yuei Vu said, “Even if I fight with you now, Im definitely not in the best state, theres no way I can play at a normal level.

Under these conditions, it doesnt matter if you win, right”

This remark was not an original script by Yuei Vu, but a reference.

That senior was the S-class hero King from the “One Punch Man” studio next door.

When facing the challenge of a powerful enemy, he said with a sullen face that he was in a hurry to go to the toilet.

The reason was that “if I hold my urine, I will definitely not be able to perform at my normal level”, so the other party really waited for him to go to the toilet…

Kaiba thought for a while and felt…

…it seemed to make sense!

So the president snorted: “Okay.

Then this showdown will be reserved for the future.

But we all know that this battle is inevitable.

This is a battle for the glory of the duelists, and it is also the sequel to the last duel that we failed to complete!

Only the duelist who overcomes all obstacles and defeats all enemies and stays to the end in this Battle City will be the king of the world! ”

Yuei Vu murmured, “The last time was when you pulled out the screw…”

“What did you say” Kaiba frowned.


I said Im looking forward to fighting with you again.”

He said that, but whether or not he would encounter Kaina was still a question.

It was also possible that Kaiba would be eliminated from Yugi before the two of them met in the rematch.

Speaking of which, Kaiba now had Obelisk the Tormentor in his hand, and according to the animation, the Sky Dragon should be in Yugis hand.

But now Mariks delivery service has gone to the wrong address and was accidentally signed by Yuei Vu.

Without a God card, Yugi may suffer a loss when dueling with Kaiba.

But who could say that for sure

After all, “President Kaiba cant beat Yugi” was almost a rule of the world.

Even if Kaiba had Obelisk the Tormentor, he may not be able to beat Yugi…


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