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Battle City, the other side.

Jonouchis eyes were straight and unblinking, staring at the turntable in front of him, during which he couldnt help swallowing…

Time Wizards turntable pointer finally stopped slowly.

“Yeah!” Jonouchi laughed, “Time Wizards effect is activated! Destroy all monsters on the opponents field!”

The passerby duellist on the opposite side: “Why did you get hit again! Where is the referee I want to report, this person is cheating @#%&…”

“Hahaha, so I won! Gearfried the Iron Knight, attack directly!”


【Passerby, LP 0】

“Great, Jonouchi has won !” Anzu expressed excitement.

“Jonouchi, you can do it well when you want to do it.” His good friend Honda also praised him.

The newly made friends (players) Jonouchi were all overjoyed at this time.

“God of Gamblers is awesome!”

“Once upon a time, Chen Daozai could win 37 million RMB with 20 RMB, but it would be nothing compared to Jonouchi who throw a die to enter the semi-finals!”

In this way, Jonouchi also made up for the two cards that he lost to Yuei Vu.

Now he only needed to get to the final scene in the first eight.

It was at this moment that he received a call from the hospital.

His parents divorced when he was a child, and his sister Shizuka was his only relative.

Shizuka suffered from an eye disease and relied on the huge prize money won by her brothers best friend, Muto Yugi, in the Duelist Kingdom to be able to perform surgery in the hospital.

The call at this moment was from Shizuka in the hospital.

She excitedly told her brother that she had recovered and could be checked out from the hospital, and wanted to cheer her brother in the fight.

From another point of view, Jonouchi was quite a traditional protagonist template.

A hot-blooded male who paid great attention to friendship, was surrounded by a large number of friends, his parents were divorced, had a beautiful sister.

…Oh yes, there was also the beautiful elder sister Kujaku Mai who has a very high opinion of him, but Jonouchi was so dense at love.

Jonouchi, who hung up the phone, was very happy, after all, the fact that his sister could leave the hospital in a healthy way was the top priority in his heart.

But at this moment, he has just collected six puzzle cards and was busy preparing for the promotion.

If he delayed the time to go to the hospital to pick up his sister, he might not be able to arrive at the final venue before the first eight.

Yugi has finally reached this stage, and it would be too much of a loss to lose the qualification like this.

Just when he was struggling, his good friend Honda “unconsciously” appeared in his field of vision, pointing to himself with crazy hints and a peachy face.

As if to say-

– Im going, Im going! Let me pick up Shizuka!

The friendship between Honda and Jonouchi was even longer than Yugi.

The two often formed a group to fight with bad boys.

They belonged to the kind of best friends who could share a pair of pants.

While Jonouchi was busy with dueling affairs, Honda would go to the hospital every three days to visit his sister Shizuka in behalf of him.

Even if he couldnt duel, he has been silently supporting Jonouchi in his own unique way.

Although he never said it, he had already made a silent promise to Jonouchi in his heart—

——Since the moment I saw your sister, you were my brother!

Yep, its a little hard to say.

However, although Jouchi regarded him as his brother, Honda actually wanted to be his brother-in-law…

However, now Honda has ushered in a group of powerful new opponents.

He was still pointing at himself to insinuate madly, but many screwball players have already come to the face of Jonouchi and blocked his vision.

“Ill go, Ill go! Ill pick up your sister for you!”

“How can you be distracted at the important juncture of promotion Let me pick her up for you!”

“Not only pick her up, but its also fine for me to nurture her for my entire life!”

“Bro, are you picking a fight with everyone here”

What Why did they want to help Jonouchi

At that time, it was because his sister was gentle, sweet, and lovely…

……Ah, no, wasnt it normal for brothers to help each other

Jonouchi was very moved by this.

He just felt that these odd men he met at this conference were all friendly people, so he asked them to go.

When this group of people rushed to the hospital, passers-by might not think they were picking up a rich lady from the hospital.

The crowd was so exaggerated…


More than half of the day has passed, and by this time the preliminary round has largely settled.

At this point in time, most of the players who should be promoted have already collected enough puzzle cards or lacked only one.

If this went on, the list of eight promotions should soon be determined.

The leader of Ghouls, Marik Ishtar, finally joined the game himself.

Of course, as a noble leader, he didnt have to go off the field and go to a duel to collect puzzle cards.

He had just landed in Domino City, and his subordinates had already prepared six cards for him.

However, Marik, who was rushing straight to the final location, encountered a little obstacle on the way.

At this moment, in a dark alley standing in front of Marik, there was a young man with long silver hair, the kind that was very good at playing cards.

The young man had a sinister smile on his face, arrogantly unbuttoned his shirt, and short sleeves with blue and white stripes, and stood with his waist crossed in a posture that he did not recognize his six relatives.

Of course, the aura and the look in his eyes were what Marik noticed later.

The first thing that made him pay attention to the opponent blocking the road in front of him was the golden circle hanging on the opponents chest.

The Millennium Ring, one of the seven Millennium Items.

That boy was the Yami Bakura.

Bakura was also a classmate in the same class as Muto Yugi, but his body hosted the evil spirit that resided in the Millennium Ring, the great evil god Zorc.

It was Zorc who was now controlling this body to face Marik.

“What do you want to do” Marik cautiously took out the Millennium Rod and asked coldly.

“Im very interested in your Millennium Rod.

Give it to me.” Yami Bakura snorted, “Whoever collects seven Millennium Items will gain the ultimate dark power, and that will be mine.”

Marik narrowed his eyes slightly.

How could this guy… know the secrets guarded by the Tomb Keepers

But maybe this guy could be used by him.

Marik smiled lightly, playing with the Millennium Rod in his hand.

“Its not impossible to give it to you, but not now.” He said, “Im not interested in collecting the seven items, gaining power or something, but before that, I have a goal that I have to achieve, and that is revenge.

I want to take revenge on Muto Yugi – more precisely, the Pharaohs soul inside him.

If you are willing to help me achieve this goal, then the Millennium Rod is no different to me than waste, and I can naturally give it to you.

“Idiot, dont you understand what Im talking about” Yami Bakura said coldly, “Im telling you to hand it over obediently.

Why do you think you have room to bargain with me”

“Oh” Marik didnt expect this guy to be so bold.

But he was not afraid, and opened the Duel Disk with a humming: “If you are really so confident in your own strength, then come and see.”

As soon as the words fell, Mariks pupils shrank, and he lifted the Millennium Rod in his hand at a speed that was almost conditioned reflex and released a dark wave to deflect a dark bullet shot by the Yami Bakura.

Marik frowned.

This guy……

…havent even played cards

Yami Bakura was holding the Millennium Ring in his hand, his body was full of black energy, and he had a gloomy smile on his face.

Duel Why should I Today Im going to rob you!

After all, Im the Great Evil God, and Im confident in my strength.


Marik snorted coldly, brought up the Millennium Rod, and directly began to compete with Yami Bakura for dark energy.

Both sides stood still in an instant, motionless like a tree stump.

Invisible forces collided in the air, and the majestic darkness on both sides was like tsunamis.

The two sides were called thunder and fire, and each strike represented the invisible bombardment between two of the current worlds top dark forces…

A passer-by at the entrance of the alley, a little girl, tilted her head, licking a lollipop and inexplicably watching the two big brothers staring at each other affectionately.

The little girls mother appeared from behind: “Little Li”

The little girl tugged at her mothers skirt: “Mom, these two big brothers look so strange! Are their brains broken”

The mother quickly picked up the little girl and walked away quickly: “Dont talk rudely about the disabled!”

Marik: “…”

Yami Bakura: “…”

No one knew if it was an illusion, but both of them felt that a crow was flying over their heads, flapping its wings and screaming “caw caw”…

Then Yami Bakura put away the Ring: “Hmph, I didnt expect your dark power to be okay.”

Marik also tacitly put away the Rod: “You are not bad.”

Although the two of them didnt say any reason, they both agreed that they didnt want to continue the comparison…

“Okay, I accept the conditions you said.” Yami Bakura snorted.

Anyway, the Millennium Puzzle was in Yugis hand, so if Yami Bakura wanted to collect all the Millennium Items, he must confront Yugi sooner or later.

Theres nothing wrong with taking this opportunity to team up with Marik to kill Yugi.

“Very good.

If our two strengths join forces, no one in this world can stop us!” Marik seemed to be very optimistic about the prospect of their powerful alliance.

“Hmph, maybe.” Yami Bakura snorted, “As long as you dont drag my legs.”


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