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The fierce competition for puzzle cards in the preliminary round basically came to an end.

Yuei Vu placed the collected six puzzle cards on the Duel Disk, and the projections of the six cards were pieced together in mid-air to form a map projection, which seemed to indicate a specific coordinate in Domino City.

Following the guidance of the map, Yuei Vu quickly found the position pointed to by the coordinates, which was also the starting point for the finals of Duel City.

The reason why it was said to be the starting point was that Yuei Vu knows that it was not the real stage for the finals.

The Kaiba Corp would wait there for the first eight duelists to arrive.

After all eight of them were gathered, the organizer will send a dueling speedboat floating in the air to welcome everyone to board.

Next, they would duel in the air while flying to the real stage for the finals, completing the quarter-final elimination to determine the final places that could advance to the semi-finals.

Yuei Vu seemed to be the second person to come to the venue of the final.

Of course, the first to arrive was Seto Kaiba, the owner of the tournament, and the organizer himself.

By the way, Yuei Vu actually thought about it secretly, if Kaiba really failed to grab the top eight promotion, could his subordinate really eliminate his own boss

I always felt that there was a shady scene…

Ahem, of course, the butt decided the head.

Now Yuei Vu was considered half of the organizer of the competition, even if there was a shady scene, he would naturally have no opinion.

Speaking of which, he still flew over in the same helicopter as Kaiba…

Although they had already collected six puzzle cards after defeating Mask of Light and Darkness, it was not difficult to imagine that Kaiba would never take the initiative to invite others to take his plane.

When the helicopter landed, the president turned around, flicked his windbreaker, and strode toward the aircraft.

Then Yuei Vu came up behind him very “consciously”…

……Sure enough, the president only glanced at him and didnt say anything.

It was acquiescence.

The players watching after this step naturally couldnt keep up, but after asking for the presidents approval, Yuei Vu authorized his tool, Miss Yuehua, to keep up.

After all, the latter was equivalent to his mobile camera, and he intended to take the anchor lady to live broadcast the whole finals.

And she was still holding the Ghouls Duel Disks that Yuei Vu snatched in her hand…

Strictly speaking, when Yuei Vu asked the president for his opinion, the president didnt say anything, just turned his head and “hum”.

So Yuei Vu acquiesced that this was the meaning of permission.

Miss Yuehuas mood at this moment is hard to describe with excitement.

She felt like a hundred and eight deer were running around in her heart… Sounds like a car accident scene

Sharing the same cockpit with Yuei Vu and President Kaiba!

Did anyone else get this treatment

Didnt you

The helicopter arrived at the designated spot for the rematch as the sun was about to set.

Sure enough, they were the first two players to arrive.

The third qualifying player appeared about twenty minutes later.

It was a slender, dark-skinned player with handsome white hair and flashing eyes…


According to the animation, Marik concealed his identity when he boarded the ship, but he didnt at this time.

He held the Millennium Rod in his hand and went to that station generously, which was equivalent to saying “I am Marik, who has the gut to face me”.

Kaiba waved his hand: “Marik! I can declare your disqualification as the organizer now, but as a duelist, I will at least give you this chance! I will defeat you in an open and fair manner and win your God card!”

Marik smiled and did not answer with a confident look, as if everything was under his control.

Yuei Vu glanced at him and said nothing.

In fact, how did he not know that little scheme in Mariks heart Marik came here mainly to capture God cards.

In addition, he was thinking of finding an opportunity to use the Millennium Rod to brainwash Kaiba and obtain his secrets.

If Mariks rudimentary plan succeeded, then Yuei Vu feels that he could change his surname to Ma on the spot.

Not to mention the temperament of President Kaiba, Marik may have to wait until the next life if he wanted to deceive him.

Even if Marik really caught this opportunity, this plan may not be able to come true.

To be honest, Yuei Vu really wanted to see what happened if Marik tried to brainwash the president.

The true identity of the Kaiba was the reincarnation of the priest Seto, who was the master of Millennium Rod three thousand years ago.

The Millennium Rod was also held by the priest Seto on the stone slab of the battle of the century unearthed in Egypt.

Moreover, at the critical juncture of Kaibas duel in the animation, Millennium Rod in Mariks hand even secretly helped Kaiba to open the hook and forcibly rewrite the fate of defeat.

It could be seen that this thing should still be more loyal to the old owner in comparison, and not very interested in the new owner.

If Marik, who didnt know anything, foolishly used Millennium Rod to brainwash Kaiba, the tin stick may go back to Kaibas hands on the spot, helping Kaiba retrieve his past priests memory.

Its going to be funny…

The one that came after Marik was Bakura, a vessel possessed by the great evil god Zorc.

Speaking of which, this guy was really capable.

It was almost dark before he started participating in the Battle City Tournament unhurriedly, but he actually managed to find a way to get six puzzle cards in such a short period of time.

According to the plot of the original work, Marik should also send his right-hand man, Rishid, to pretend to be himself to participate in the competition, but this time he did not come.

Yuei Vu speculated that either it may be because Rishid had already met him before and his identity was exposed, or it may be because he robbed him of a piece of “Temple of the Kings” and the whole deck was shut down… ..

After a little while, the next person to appear was a mature and slim woman in a white robe and a veil.

She and Marik were also dark-skinned, with elegant and confident steps, and smart and intelligent eyes, like a light curtain of water, as if they could see through everything.

That was Ishizu Ishtar, Mariks older sister.

Mariks heart skipped a beat when he saw his sister, and his eyes instantly became sharp.

However, before he had time to say hello, he saw his sister walking past him as if she didnt see him, and took out six puzzle cards and showed them to Kaiba, who was the organizer.

Kaiba snorted and nodded, and Ishizu put away the puzzle card and stood aside.

Marik never looked up at all.

Although he really wanted to ask her a question, he finally held back and stood aside and didnt speak anymore.

In this way, there were already five contestants on the scene: Yuei Vu, Kaiba, Marik, Bakura, and Ishizu, and there were only three places left.

Although President Kaiba said no word and appeared stoic on the surface, in fact, he was secretly worried about a certain object of concern.

Yugi, where are you now Why havent you come yet

You cant be the kind of duelist who cant even make it this far, can you

…so what was Yugi doing now

So many people have collected all six puzzle cards, and Muto Yugi, the real protagonist, was no exception.

At this moment, he had already got six puzzle cards in his hand, and he joined Kujaku Mai and Jonouchi who had also collected the puzzle cards on the way.

The three of them were rushing towards the rematch site together.

……Its just that they encountered a little accident on the road at this time.

A foreign uncle in a white suit suddenly came out of nowhere – he seemed to be a Hollywood movie star, who was stalking Kujaku Mai, insisting that she go back with him to be his wife…

The uncle said that he fell in love with Mai at first sight, and would challenge her with the thing shes best at – dueling.

If Mai lost, she must accept to be his wife…

Sister Kujaku Mai rolled her eyes and was ready to refuse without thinking about it.

Are you kidding Why does a young lady like me have to be your wife if I lose

Besides, Sister Mais heart was only with Jonouchi now, so she had no interest in the Hollywood star at all…

“Youre so charming, Mai! There are Hollywood stars chasing you!” Jonouchi said with excitement, “I think its not bad for you to marry him so that I can brag for people that my good friends husband is a superstar.




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