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“Battle!” Snow Wave waved his hand directly, feeling that he had reached the peak of his life at this moment, “Elemental HEROs all-out attack!”

Nova Master, Thunder Giant, Wild Wingman, Grandmerge, and the fusion monster summoned by Grandmerge who used himself as a sacrifice to call out after attacking.

In total, this wave was a five-hit combo of fusion heroes!

The “Mirror Wall” effect on the Kujaku Mais field has been destroyed by the Wild Wingmans effect.

Her three set cards in the first turn were “Mirror Wall”, “Shadow of Eyes” and “Elegant Egotist”, all of which have been used by now…

…But its useless even if she still has more set cards.

“Elemental Hero Wild Wingman” could destroy a Spell Trap Card by discarding a card.

Even if she set other cards in the last turn, it would also be blown away by the effect of Wild Wingman.

Of course, Kujaku Mai couldnt take on such a fierce attack.

Her three poor Harpie Lady were pressed on the ground by a group of tall heroes, and the light effect of the scene was very gorgeous.

Among them, there was the muscular and shirtless Wild Wingman, who flapped his wings and came up with a burst of punches and kicks, without the slightest intention of pity.

The Harpie Ladies were rubbed by the heroes, exhausted, and tragically exited the stage…

【Kujaku Mai, LP 4000 → LP 0】

Kujaku Mai was knocked to the ground, staring blankly at the circle of heroes surrounding her in front of her, and then looking at Snow Wave who looked like a funny incarnation in front of her.

She couldnt help but begin to doubt her life.

……Did I lose

She has always had 4000 LP unscathed.

The opponent only had 600 LP left.

She almost won…

…… then she was actually OTKed!

The audience in Miss Yuehuas live broadcast room was in a high mood at this time.

“Fuck, he really made it to the quarterfinals!”

“Hes so handsome! Dont say it, Im going to find Yuei Vu to bootlick, so I can play such a game too!”

“Dont, this is a deck played by a heavenly hand, you will be beaten up when you play…”

Although Snow Wave played a gimmick deck, this combo was really impressive.

But if you really have to ask players, no one would really think that this deck was strong.

First of all, most of his deck were Normies, and they were extremely dependent on “Heart of the Underdog”.

Not to mention the tactical success rate of this deck was debatable, and even this combo was a bit monotonous when played, it was purely an entertainment gimmick deck.

The decks strength was acceptable in a slow environment like DM, but if he had to face a bigshot like Yugi or Kaiba, this deck stood no chance.

However, it could be seen here that Snow Wave was essentially a casual player, because he actually used such a gimmick deck in competitions like Battle City.

So many professional players failed to be shortlisted, and he was really the only one who came in.

This wave was the victory of the casual players.

But in this way, Kujaku Mai would be disqualified from the competition.

“Actually…it doesnt seem like its a bad thing” A barrage audience asked, “If she gets eliminated, she wouldnt meet Marik, would she”

“Indeed, according to the animes plot, she will lose in the Shadow Game.

It seems that it was because of the psychological shadow left behind this time that she turned black and joined Dartz.”

“Yes! Then if she is eliminated, she shouldnt turn black”

“So it seems that brother Snow Wave has done a good thing!”

But of course, from the perspective of Kujaku Mai, she didnt feel that she was saved.

Obviously, the promotion was very close at hand, yet being eliminated at the last moment, was not easy to accept.

But she didnt feel annoyed.

After all, the other party didnt play any underhand tricks but defeated her with the strength of a duelist.

She felt that she was not wronged, and even admired Snow Waves unconventional and powerful tactics that could instantly suppress the audience.

Well, not only Mai, but Kaiba, Yugi, and even Marik were secretly impressed by Snow Wave.

Kaiba: Interesting, is it an OTK tactic with extreme explosiveness It seems that I have the qualifications to fight against my arggo deck!

Yugi: This duelist is very strong!

Marik: An all-out attack that can kill instantly.

This is the first time I have seen such a tactic! Looks like I have to be careful…

The three bosses all admired Snow Waves gimmick deck, because all of them ignored issues such as starting hand and dead draw by default…

What Dead draw What the hell is that

Isnt it always possible to play the combo as long as the rights card are inserted into the deck

Kujaku Mai, who lost the duel, got up without saying a word to leave.

At this time, Jonouchi, whose whole emotional intelligence was disconnected, who was suspected to have assimilated with wood, finally got enlightened.

After some mouthfuls, he finally coaxed Kujaku Mai, who insisted on leaving, to stay.

Yuei Vu couldnt help but nodded slightly as he looked at the back of Jonouchi, who was working hard to do ideological work.

Jonouchi, you were not beyond saving!

Its just that that scene reminded him of the scene in his previous life when he tried his best to coax an angry girlfriend…

…Oh wait, I dont seem to have a girlfriend in his previous life

The episode was over, and now the list of eight finalists was officially put together.

President Kaiba didnt talk nonsense, just waved his hand–

“Come on! Release the Battle Ship!”

The huge airship descended domineeringly from the sky, and the whistling wind pressure blew people suffocating.

The oval-shaped balloon landed on the open space, with a striking “KC” icon printed on the side.

The stairs were lowered from the side of the airship, and President Kaiba threw his windbreaker domineeringly and took the lead in walking in.

“Are you going to have a rematch on this” Jonouchi was surprised, and immediately started rolling up his sleeves, “Im starting to get motivated!”

Little sister Shizuka cheered: “Brother is so handsome!”

The duelists boarded the boat one after another.

However, when the cheerleading team and the support team got on the boat, there was a little interlude.

“Wait!” Kaiba Corps security guard elongated his face and stopped Anzu, Shizuka, and others, “Those who dont have a puzzle card are not eligible to participate and cannot board the boat!”

“Why is this” Anzu said, “Please be accommodating, we want to cheer for our companions.”

“No, no! This is the rule!” The black suit guy didnt move.

In the end, it was Mokuba who came out to make a clearance: “Dont do this, let them come up.

I dont have a puzzle card, why dont you stop me”

“Ah This…” The two security guards looked embarrassed.

Why dont we stop you Dont you really know yourself You are the little master! If we dare not let you on board, wont the president send us to the Siberia branch to dig potatoes tomorrow

In fact, although Kaiba was arrogant, Mokuba got along pretty well with Yugi and his friend group.

After all, they have experienced many things together, and they could be regarded as companions who could trust their lives to each other.

Since the young master spoke, the black suits naturally had nothing to say.

But then they found their next target: “You! Stop! You cant enter without a puzzle card!”

Miss Yuehua, who wanted to take the opportunity to infiltrate the failed camera tool, was in a hurry: “Hey! But they can enter without a puzzle card!”

The black suit rolled his eyes: “If I say no, it is a no!”

Hmph, I cant afford to provoke people who are related to the little master, but you arent one of them.

If we let you up again today, wouldnt we two really become Chihuahuas

Yuei Vu, who had already boarded the ship at this time, saw it, thought for a while, and decided to bring the tool with him.

“Kaiba, shes with me, let her up.”

Kaiba glanced at the entrance, snorted proudly, and pretended to “disdain such trivial matters”: “As you like.”

Then turned away.

Miss Yuehua was overjoyed.

I knew it! Yuei Vu had me in his heart!

… Anyway, I still hold his Duel Disk in my hand!

She happily squeezed between the two black suits, then turned her head and stammered: “Did you hear what your boss said”

Then she followed Yuei Vu and boarded the boat.

The two black suits looked at each other, speechless.

Having been with Kaiba for so long, they knew the personality of their president.

It looked like he just said something casually, didnt care about it at all, turned his head and left.

However, if you really didnt take the presidents words seriously…

…then you had to go to Siberia to dig potatoes tomorrow.


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