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From all aspects of the Battle City, the huge wealth and influence of the Kaiba Corp in this country could be seen.

After all, not just any organization had the ability to stop the normal operation of an entire city and make every street in the city give way to playing cards.

Gathering people to play cards at this level and scale, only President Kaiba ứa able to do that in the whole world.

From this, it could also be seen that President Kaiba has a high degree of investment in the card game.

For him, dueling was not only entertainment and enjoyment, but also the meaning of his life and the direction of his ultimate goal.

He used a duel to deny everything of his adoptive father, Kaiba Gozaburo, and tried his best to transform the Kaiba Corp, a large arms manufacturing company, into his own game company.

Therefore, dueling was also equivalent to the direction of his life for him, representing the new path he chose after surpassing Gozaburo.

Kaiba Gozaburo expressed disdain for Kaibas ambition more than once during his lifetime.

The old man insisted that playing cards and things were childrens games, and the real ambition of a man should be in the sea of ​​stars.

He thought that Kaibas indulging in chess and cards all day was not a proper job.

He should use his talents more in military affairs, building Gundam, or something to conquer the world.

However, in fact, Gozaburo was really wrong.

In this world, building Gundam was not a proper job – dueling was.

Arms and weapons were just for fun.

If you really wanted to conquer the world, what you should do was to play cards.

In fact, judging from the various follow-up works after the DM, it seemed that the virtual image technology of Kaiba has a tendency to cover the whole world.

It was estimated that it would not be long before any corner of most countries in the world was directly connected to the server of Kaiba Corp.

In Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, Kaiba Corp even vigorously developed the aerospace industry in order to make cards (by putting card templates into rockets and launching them into the depths of the universe).

The famous ace of Yuki Judai, the Elemental HERO Neos was born in this way.

In The Dark Side Of Dimensions, a Domino citizen was not even given a registered permanent residence if he did not register a deck at the request of the Kaiba Corp.

Going forward in the timeline, in the era of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5DS, people even developed perpetual motion machines that could not exist according to inherent cognition through playing cards.

The entire earth has entered an era led by perpetual motion machines, and dueling monsters closely related to the operation of perpetual motion machines have become the main theme of the world…

…..To a certain extent, Kaiba might have really fulfilled Gozaburos expectations.

Kaiba Corp really conquered the world…just in a different way.

The dueling boat with eight contestants and a group of relatives and friends set off.

The sumptuous meal in the hall soon made the players (especially Jonouchi) feel that this trip was not in vain.

The God of Gamblers who entered the lobby quickly entered gluttony mode.

After confirming to the waiter that the dishes in the room were all brought out for free by the generous president to reward the hard-working players, Jonouchi immediately rudely started.

Kaiba walked over to him with his arms crossed and snorted: “Horse bone is still horse bone.

Sure enough, the heads of idiots are empty.

you can only be so leisurely and optimistic before the game because you cant imagine what brutal battle you will face.”


Jonouchi, who has always been on the wrong side of the road with Kaiba, was so angry that he raised the chicken leg in his hand and was about to beat someone… But then he thought that the chicken leg in his hand, strictly speaking, seemed to be Kaibas thing, so Jonouchi only pouted and made a “disdainful” look, not a Kaiba.

However, in fact, Jonouchi was not the only one who walked in without saying a word.

Yuei Vu didnt show courtesy to the president at this moment, took a plate of spaghetti, and started to eat.

It was originally a free gift from the president, if you didnt eat it, you were an idiot!

He hasnt eaten dinner since he has been playing cards all day, and he couldnt compete with the big shots above when having an empty stomach.

The finals would not be as easy as the preliminary round.

Yuei Vu must mentally prepare for this.

Although most of the duelists in the DM era used decks, most of the duelists who entered the top eight were duelists of Rank 8 or above, and some of them could not be understood with common sense.

Playing cards with this group of people, Yuei Vu didnt have the confidence to win against any of them…

…then he glanced at the Snow Wave that was waving a knife and fork, ready to strike at a large Australian lobster.

…well maybe except for this guy.

At this moment, Kaiba came to Yuei Vus side.

The president still folded his arms with a cool look on his face and smiled humbly: “Hum, as expected of you, at this time, you can eat without any hassle.

Are you ready”

Not far away, Jonouchi, which had just calmed down, exploded again.

Ouch, you Kaiba, what does this mean When I eat, Im an idiot.

When other people eat, its confidence.

Is it such a double standard

…Is it possible because I am not as handsome as him

“It wont help no matter how nervous you are.” Yuei Vu shrugged and continued to eat noodles, “Its better to eat some good food and adjust to the best state.”

“Hmph, so it is.”

Kaiba put away his smile and his face became serious.

“That guy Marik said before, theOrisis the Sky Dragon is in your hands, right”

Yuei Vu did not deny it.

“If you didnt do that before, then I advise you to do it now – put the God card into your deck.” Kaiba said solemnly, “A decisive battle that can be won by a half-hearted attitude.

If Im going to finish the unfinished duel with you, then I want to see you give it your all, otherwise, theres no point! ”

Yuei Vu: “…”

What Why dont I use the Sky Dragon

Of course, its because not only its a traitor, but its also a dead draw!

Well, in fact, Sky Dragon was in his deck, but it is not the original version, but the real card rewarded by the system.

And the reason for putting this card was purely to make use of the “force” contained in this card.

In this way, his duelist Rank was increased to 5 stars, which could increase the bond with the card deck and reduce the probability of a brick hand.

The card that was rewarded by the system should only be able to hold a small part of the power of the god, so the “force” that he could borrow was very limited.

However, the president who finished speaking did not wait for him to reply, turned his head, and walked away.

Because Yugi came over.

“Yugi!” Kaiba stopped Yugi who was passing by “This duel will not only determine the title of Duel King, but it will also be the end of the battle between us.”

Yugi stopped and looked at him sideways: “Kaiba.”

“I hope you will be ready to deal with it in your best condition,” Kaiba said, “and I will defeat you and move on!”

Yuei Vu looked aside.

It was clear that Kaiba only said that he had a destined duel with him for a second, but when he saw Yugi for a second, he immediately forgot about him, which always felt a little subtle…

Moreover, the president said something about “the end of the battle”, but Yuei Vu didnt really believe it at the moment.

You dont think that the president really wont bother with Yugi after playing today, right

If you did think so, then remembered who would go all the way to the underworld to find Yami Yugi to play cards…


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