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After a simple meal on the boat, the duelists returned to their rooms to rest or make final pre-match adjustments to the deck.

According to the rules of Yu-Gi-Oh! competition in reality, all contestants needed to register their respective decks.

The actual card game would be decided according to the best-of-three-game system, and players were allowed to have a maximum of fifteen additional cards during the game.

Players could trade cards from the side deck according to the different opponents they faced and the characteristics of the opponents deck.

But there was no such rule here.

According to Kaiba himself, duelists could “adjust the deck arbitrarily according to their needs” at any time.

Then Yuei Vu would not be polite.

According to this rule, his entire card library was equivalent to his own side deck and could be changed at any time according to the different opponents he faced in each game.

As for the main deck, Yuei Vu thought about it carefully and finally decided to mix Dark Magician and Elemental HERO, and set up a dual-system mixed deck.

In the real card environment, the combination of two archetypes that were not compatible with each other was extremely undesirable, because in this way, the dead draw rate would be very high, and the actual combat efficiency would be reduced.

But now Yuei Vus duelist Rank has reached five stars, and he was already considered to be a leader at the forefront of the overall duelist.

He might be unable to use divine draw at will like Yugi, but at this level, at least the probability of dead draw was very small.

Under this premise, he felt that he should be able to control a dual-system mixed deck.

If it went well, he would be able to play the respective advantages of Elemental HERO and Dark Magician decks in actual combat at the same time, greatly enhancing the decks ability to adapt to complex situations.

Before the game, Yuei Vu finally checked his card library and reconfirmed the cards he had now.

The top eight players didnt seem to be easy to mess with.

If he had to pick out one of the most delicious targets other than Snow Wave, it might be Yami Marik…

Although Yami Marik won against Kujaku Mai and Jonouchi, in both cases he relied on out-of-the-box tricks (cheating).

Winning against Kujaku Mai was because he bullied the girl who had no mystical background, and couldnt control the Winged Dragon.

According to the duel rules, Mai had already summoned the Winged Dragon to her field, but Yami Marik read a string of ancient priests words, then Winged Dragon directly betrayed on the spot…

Do you dare to believe that you need to be proficient in a foreign language ​​to play cards Not to mention it was not a modern league, but the one used three thousand years ago.

There was nothing to say about the win against Jonouchi.

He made use of the pressure of the Shadow Game combined with the attack of the gods directly causes the opponent to faint.

To quote a famous saying – “this cannot be called a duel”.

Strictly speaking, its a foul…

Although Yami Marik also defeated the duo of Bakura and Marik fair and square, it was entirely because Mariks main personality was an even worse duelist and strategist.

It was rare for Bakura to listen to others.

Marik confidently said that he knew the effect of the sun god, so Bakura believed him and adopted his tactics, but found that this guy couldnt even remember the effect of his own card.

So the dignified evil god Zorc was pitted to death by his teammates…

Taking all the supernatural factors out of the way, Marik would lose to Kujaku Mai and Jonouchi, so he should be the most disheartening.

The deck adjustment time was over, and everyone was quickly gathered together to use a “Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon” style bingo machine specially provided by Kaiba Corp to randomly draw the lottery to determine the order of battle.

Yes, even the bingo machine was in the shape of a white dragon.

The president had a typical late-stage of white dragon addiction which was hopeless to cure…

Like the original plot, the first game was between the worlds protagonist Muto Yugi and Bakura who was possessed by the great evil god Zorc.

However, Yuei Vu was actually a little curious about how this game would perform.

Because according to the animation plot, the key to the final turnaround was the Sky Dragon.

But now Mariks delivery service sent it to the wrong address, and the Sky Dragon came to Yuei Vu.

So in this duel, would Yugi lose to the Bakura

The answer was……

……of course not.

First of all, during the whole process of Bakuras game, Marik was beeping endlessly in his mind, saying “why you cant play like this”, “how can you play like this”

As we all know, one of the most vicious curses in the world was that “you will be directed by outsiders when playing cards”.

So it could be imagined that Bakuras mentality exploded throughout the whole process.


…who is Muto Yugi

Without the Sky Dragon, wouldnt he print another card to make a comeback

If he couldnt even turn the table with the printed card, wasnt there still BISS

…As expected, even if there was no Sky Dragon in Yugi, Bakura still lost without any accident in the end.

In this duel, Bakura used the “Destiny Board” tactic.

When his monster “Dark Necrofear” was sent to the Graveyard, he activated the Continuous Trap Card “Destiny Board”.

Five death messages, “D, E, A, T, H” would appear on his field once per turn.

When the five cards spelled “DEATH” on the field, he would directly win.

This tactic was the same type as Exodia the Forbidden One, using special rules other than conventional means to win.

Similar to the animation scene, in the last turn, Bakura collected four death messages on the field.

As long as it came to his turn, the fifth card would appear, and this duel would result in his victory.

According to the original animation, in the last crucial turn of Yugi, he would draw the Sky Dragon, tribute three monsters on the field to call it out, and directly attack Bakura.

Then when Bakura asked anxiously if Marik, who was beeping all the way behind, had a way to defeat the Sky Dragon, Marik laughed and said: Why did you think so much God was invincible and could not be defeated!

To translate, Marik roughly meant: the God card must be awesome, after all, it was given by me.

But obviously, there was no Sky Dragon in Yugis hand now.

So when everyone held their breath, Yugi drew the last card in this duel…

…”Activate the Spell Card!” Yugi directly played the drawn card, “Soul Release! Banish up to five cards from any graveyard!

Bakura! I removed your monsterDark Necrofear which is a maintenance condition for theDestiny Board in your graveyard! The effect of the Destiny Board is thus invalid! ”

Bakura: “!!”

At this time, the great evil god Zorc roared in his heart.

Soul Release What the hell Dont lie to me, do you have this card in your deck

WDNM, did you know before the game that I would use the Destiny Board or what Why did you bring something like this in the deck

Could you do whatever you want because you are a true duelist

…… Damn Pharaoh ah ah ah! ! !

After the Destiny Board failed, Bakuras deck fundamentally lost its ability to fight, and then it was taken away by Yugi without any accident.

Of course, before Bakura started the game, he confidently made this a Shadow Game.

So after he was defeated, he was carried off the stage by a stretcher…

At the end of the first battle, the fierce and wonderful performance of the two duelists could be regarded as a good start for everyone.

“Please prepare for the next game!” Isono, an uncle in a black suit from Kaiba Company, stood on the stage and shouted loudly.

Isono was one of Kaibas most trusted subordinates and also served as the referee of this duel competition.

Speaking of this Isono, although it may seem that he was just an ordinary bodyguard, according to the audience of Yu-Gi-Oh, this may also be a hidden BOSS.

The uncle witnessed the arrival of the three gods during his tenure as a referee.

As a mortal, he was personally at the center of the three gods clash.

He witnessed the thousand-year battle between Millennium Item holders, and faced all kinds of supernatural powers in the Shadow Game… ..

The most amazing thing was that this uncle of the referee did not respond at all whether he was facing the coercion of the gods or the dark power among Millennium Item holders.

This referee must be more than meet the eye.

“The next round is between Yuei Vu and…”

The elevator on the side of the duel field just arrived at the top floor when the referee said this, and the elevator door opened at this moment.

The metal door panel slid open along the rails, and behind the door came the slender Egyptian woman in a white robe, with a white veil hanging on her face.

She walked slowly to the stage.

Only now did the referee realize that he didnt know her name: “This contestant, whats your name”

“…Ishizu.” She slowly pulled the veil off her face, “Ishizu Ishtar.”

Anzu on the side was shocked: “Yugi, that person is…”

“Well.” Yugi also recognized her, “The woman we met in front of the Egyptian slate who guided me to participate in this game.”

Marik, who saw her, also whispered a swear indistinctly, as if he was upset that his sister came to disrupt the situation.

Kaiba also behaved quite unexpectedly.

This girl…wasnt she the woman who gave me the God card and begged me to defeat Ghouls

Why did she also come here

Yuei Vus eyes also narrowed.

His opponent was Ishizu… he had a bad feeling.

Yuei Vu looked at this proud Egyptian lady, and his eyes stayed on the golden eye-shaped jewelry hanging around her neck.

Millennium Necklace, a Millennium Item with the ability to see through the future.

If Ishizu had foreseen everything through the Millennium Necklace and saw the future of her victory in this duel…

…Then this duel may indeed be a little difficult.


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