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“Wait.” Kaiba interrupted, squinting his eyes and holding his arms to look at Ishizu, “You give me Obelisk the Tormentor, let me find out about Ghouls and defeat them.

What is your purpose of participating in this knockout match in person”

Ishizu glanced at Kaiba sideways, and explained in a calm and slow voice: “I just followed the guidance of fate.

Everything that has happened until now is inevitable.”

“Explain in words I can understand,” Kaiba said coldly.

The meaning of the president was concise and to the point, to put it simply—speaking the truth in human language.

Ishizu let out a long breath and turned her eyes to Marik.

“The Ghouls is an organization that is active in the shadows all over the world, attacking duelists everywhere and committing unforgivable crimes… Its commander, Marik Ishtar, is my biological brother.”

Everyone showed surprised expressions, and their eyes turned to Marik.

The latter snorted and pouted, and looked away.

“You said Marik is your biological brother” Kaiba narrowed his eyes.

“Yes,” Ishizu said slowly.

“It is for this reason that I asked you to hold this contest, Seto.

I must personally end my brothers crimes, even at the expense of myself.”

She lowered her head and gently stroked the golden pendant on her neck with her long five fingers.

“Millennium Necklace has the power to reveal the future,” she said.

“I came here following the guidance of the item, and saw a faint possibility of saving my brother.”

As she spoke, her eyes returned to the opponent in front of her.

Yuei Vu remembered it, and it seemed that there was an explanation in the animation.

Although Millennium Necklace could show the future, it only gave vague pictures and impressions.

And there was not only one future but many different possibilities that have not yet come.

Its just that the holders of Millennium Necklace could see many different possibilities, and make the development of reality move closer to a specific possibility according to their own choices.

Thats why she said that there was a “weak possibility” of saving Marik.

Perhaps in the future that Millennium Necklace showed her, there were very few endings in which she successfully saved her brother, and more endings were tragedies.

…Of course, the president has always sneered at this kind of thing.

“Its boring!” President Kaiba shouted, waved his hand, and turned to Yuei Vu, “The path of a true duelist is created by himself, and everything in the future is illusory!

Yuei Vu! If you are a true duelist, then smash the so-called future and show me your promotion! ”

Yuei Vu: “…”

President, you are putting a lot of pressure on me.

Yuei Vu really wanted to say that Im not you.

Neither I had any Millennium Item, nor I was the reincarnation of a priest…

“Come on, master!” At this moment, the Dark Magician Girl spirit floated out, holding her small fist to cheer him up, “You can definitely win!”

Yuei Vu smiled at her.

Oh yes, he also has a spirit partner.

When Kaiba confronted Ishizu in the animation, it seemed that using Obelisk the Tormentor as a sacrifice to summon the Blue-Eyes White Dragon was the key to breaking Ishizus prophecy about the future.

So… lets follow this example here, should I use Slifer the Sky Dragon as a sacrifice, and try to summon Dark Magician Girls

Yuei Vu thought, subconsciously looking at the girl beside him.

The magical girl accidentally dropped the wide brim of her hat to block her eyes.

She hurriedly straightened the little hat with a “Yeah” sound.

…This spirit didnt seem to be very reliable.

“Come on, Yuei Vu- san~!” Snow Wave shouted and waved desperately from below.

When Miss Yuehua saw it, she didnt want to be outdone, and shouted, “Come on, Yuei Vu!”

“Damn, Im so envious!” Honda, who was also watching the battle, clenched his fists, “He has the support of beautiful girls!”

“But then again, this brother is really handsome,” Shizuka whispered.

Jonouchi nodded slightly while holding his chin: “Well, the people are also quite good, and the duel is also quite powerful, giving people a very reliable feeling.”

Honda: “!!”

Why do you two brothers and sisters act like being conquered

Honda, who was determined to catch the heart of his best friends sister, has silently regarded Yuei Vu on stage as a potential number one enemy in his heart!

“Duel!” x2

【Yuei Vu, LP 4000】

【Ishizu, LP 4000】

“You are the first striker.” Ishizu closed her eyes lightly and said calmly.

According to the rules of the game, the one who went first was randomly determined by the Duel Disk of the two sides.

But for Ishizu, everything that would happen next was inevitable, nothing was random.

Sure enough, the words “first” popped up on the display of the Duel Disk in Yuei Vus hand.

“Everything about this duel is inevitable.” Ishizu said softly, “Of course, the result is already predestined.”

The Dark Magician Girl floated beside him with a worried look: “Master…”

“Its ok.”

Yuei Vu smiled at her and indicated not to worry, and then concentrated on the duel: “Then Ill go first, draw!

Activate the Spell Card – Pot of Greed, and draw two more cards from the deck! ”

Yuei Vu was lucky here, and he started with Pot of Greed.

The greedy and wretched pot appeared on the field, helping Yuei Vu to speedily draw two cards.

“Then I set a monster.” Yuei Vu quickly operated, “Set an S/T card, and I end my turn.”

“My turn.” Ishizu said, “Draw a card.”

If she could see the future, then Ishizu should know every card he would draw and every card he would play.

But seeing it was one thing, and being able to deal with it was another matter.

In any case, players could only use the six cards in their hands in a duel.

Even if they knew what the opponents cards were, there may not be any means to deal with them in the six cards in their hands.

Unless she doesnt shuffle…

“The monster you set isMagician of Faith.

When it is flipped up, you can add a Spell Card from your GY to your hand.

Do you want to add thePot of Greed to your hand again”

Ishizu said calmly: “Then I will use this card, the Spell Card – Nobleman of Crossout.

This card can target 1 face-down monster on the field; destroy and banish that target.”

Yuei Vu: “…”

What are you… Really not shuffling cards

Yuei Vu watched silently Magician of Faith set in his field was directly cut open, having no chance to trigger the flip effect, and being removed from the game with a coquettish snort.

…well sure enough it shouldnt be left to chance.

According to the system rating, Ishizus strength must be at least a duelist of Rank 7 or higher.

Think about it, how could a true duelist not even be able to draw the card they needed to use

“Using the Spell CardGraceful Charity, draw three cards and discard two cards.” Ishizu passed the card once, “Next, I will summonAgido in attack position.”

Ishizu placed the card in the monster area, and the electrical signal was transmitted, and a red spherical monster was released through the projection system, with silver-white blades in both hands and golden eyes in the center.

[Agido, ATK 1500]

This monster was only a Level 4 Normie in the animation, but when it was released in real life, Konami made it an effect monster.

Of course, what Ishizu summoned here must be the Normie one.

“The card you set in the Spell Trap Zone is the Trap CardDivided Wall.” Ishizu continued, “If I attack directly with a monster, my monsters attack power will be reduced by 800 points for each monster on my field.

Then I activate this card first… Spell Card – Nobleman of Extermination!

Target 1 face-down Spell/Trap on the field; destroy and banish that target, then, if it was a Trap, each player reveals their Main Deck, then banishes all cards from it with that cards name.”

Another sword fell out of thin air, cutting the card in Yuei Vus back row into two pieces.

Sure enough, as she said, it was a “Divided Wall”.

“No way, can this woman really see the future” Jonouchi looked at Yugi in astonishment.

Yugi looked serious: “Well.

If that is the power of the Millennium Items, it is indeed possible.”

“Does it mean that Yuei Vu cant win”

Judging from his expressions, Jonouchi seemed to be even more excited than Yuei Vu.

At this time, Kaiba also frowned, but he still had the expression “I believe in science”.

“Is it possible to see the future Humph.” Kaiba stared straight at Yuei Vu without blinking, “But that kind of thing wont stop a true duelist.

That kind of boring future, hurry up and use your strength to break it down!”

Yuei Vu didnt know why the president seemed to have more confidence in this duel than himself…

Yuei Vu looked at the vanishing Trap Cards on the field, and shrugged: “Hey, sister, its not good for you to do this Is this already deliberately choosing a future that is beneficial to you”

Ishizu closed her eyes without denying it.

“Yes, it is absolutely forbidden to use the power of Millennium Necklace in a duel to artificially choose a future that is in my favor,” she said, “but in order to save my brother, to correct the mistakes of our family, this must be done.

As long as I can put an end to everything, Im ready for any punishment afterward.


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