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“The duel continues.” Ishizu raised her right hand and pointed forward, “I will use Agido to attack directly.”

The red spherical monster flew out and flew straight across the audience toward Yuei Vu.

With the field being cleaned up, Yuei Vu had no means of defense, for the time being, so he abruptly ate the knife swung by this monster.

【Yuei Vu, LP 4000 → LP 2500】

“Finally, I will set another card, and I end my turn.” Ishizu said.

“My turn.” Yuei Vu drew again.

If the opponent could always see the tactics hes going to use, and always got it right, the duel could really turn out to be quite unfavorable.

But Yuei Vu did not give up.

After all, Yu-Gi-Oh was not such a simple game, you had to calculate resource consumption in addition to clearing the field and interrupting the opponents moves.

Even if Ishizu could block his actions all the time, as long as Yuei Vu could exhaust her resources faster, there was still a chance of victory.

Even if Ishizu said the outcome of the duel was doomed or something, he certainly couldnt just sit back and wait without trying.

And compared to the apparent pressure of the current situation, Yuei Vu is actually more concerned about another ace card that Ishizu used in the animation.

The ultra-rare Trap Card, Exchange of the Spirit, has been regarded as the ultimate nightmare by Yu-Gi-Oh players for a long time.

It had a powerful ability that surpasses the era and surpasses the version.

“This card can only be activated by paying 1000 Life Points while there are 15 or more cards in your Graveyard.

Both players swap the card(s) in their Graveyard with the card(s) in their Deck.”

There was once a player who stuffed a deck of forbidden cards and built one of the most famous decks in the history of Yu-Gi-Oh with this trap as the core, which was commonly called “Sudden Death” by YGO players.

The core idea of ​​​​this deck was to directly exchange the decks of both sides with the graveyard, and throw all the opponents deck into the graveyard so that the opponent had no cards to draw, and directly won the game.

At that time, such a routine could not be defended, could not counterattack, and had no means of resistance, and was regarded as the ultimate solution of this card game.

Of course, Ishizus tactics were also different from the OTK that the players developed.

Her deck did not have the powerful deck-thinning method of the decks that the players have built, so its not impossible to deal with it.

But as the representative card of Ishizu, of course, Yuei Vu would be especially careful of the activation of this card in this duel, so as to avoid the situation he had to surrender all the resources of the deck being exploded.

“I summon Rapid-Fire Magician!”

A magician in black appeared on the Yuei Vu Field, throwing colorful magic balls in his hands.

[Rapid-Fire Magician, ATK 1600]

“Then I activateGraceful Charity, draw three cards from the deck, and discard two.” Yuei Vu waved his hand, “At this moment, the effect of the Rapid-Fire Magician is activated – Inflict 400 damage to my opponent each time I activate a Normal Spell Card.

The red magic ball was thrown from the magicians hand, flew out from the duel field where the wind was howling, and hit Ishizus slender body straight.

Ishizu closed her eyes lightly and took the damage indifferently.

【Ishizu, LP 4000 → LP 3600】

“Next is the Spell CardGalaxy Cyclone.” Yuei Vu played the next card, and a white and transparent whirlwind rolled up from the row beside him.

“This card can destroy a set S/T on the field, and I will destroy the set card in your Spell Trap Zone!”

The whirlwind swept out and lifted the cover in the Spell Trap Zone of Ishizu.

It was a Trap Card, Blast Held by a Tribute, which could destroy a monster that was summoned by an opponents monster when it attacked, and inflict damage to the opponent equal to that monsters ATK.

(animation effect)

This was also one of Ishizus signature traps, and the key to her original plan to defeat the Kaiba in the animation.

“The effect of Rapid-Fire Magician has triggered again.” Yuei Vu said.

【Ishizu, LP 3600 → LP 3200】

“Battle! Rapid-Fire Magician, attack Agido!” Yuei Vu pointed directly at the monsters on the Ishizu field.

The magician in black immediately started, and the magic sphere pierced through the spherical body of the monster on the spot, and it shattered directly.

【Ishizu, LP 3200 → LP 3100】

“I end my turn.”

“My turn, draw.” Ishizu drew a card and glanced at it.

“I activate Pot of Greed, draw two cards from the deck.”

Ishizu added the card to her hand, but did not rush to attack.

Her eyes flickered, and she looked directly at Yuei Vu with those blue eyes that were incomprehensible.

“Although there is no set card in the Spell Trap Zone, you have designed a more ingenious and clever trap.” She said softly in a soft voice, “The card thrown into the graveyard byGraceful Charity last round was the Trap Card Skill Successor, right

If the Skill Successor is removed from the game, the ATK of one monster on the field increases by 800.

If I attack directly, my monster will be destroyed instead.

The audience on the side was in an uproar.

“Trap Cards in the graveyard! No one would have imagined such a thing!” Jonouchi was surprised.

“Its really a very clever tactic.” Yugi nodded in approval and frowned, “But even if Yuei Vu set up such a hidden line of defense, it was still seen through by Ishizu… Does the power of the Millennium Item allow her to see that far into the future”

“Sure enough, I cant deceive you.” Yuei Vu smiled, “But even if you know this, if the trap is in the graveyard, it wont be so easy to remove, right”

“Indeed, using ordinary means cant affect the traps in the graveyard.” Ishizu said lightly, and drew a card in her hand, “So I want to summon this card.

Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer! ”

Appearing on the field was an eminent monk with a rosary around his neck, a monks robe, and a bright forehead.

[Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer, ATK 1800]

“As long as Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer is on the field, the opponent cannot remove cards from the graveyards of both sides.” Ishizu said, “In this way, theSkill Successor in your graveyard cannot be activated.”

Yuei Vu: “…”

“Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer, attack Rapid-Fire Magician.”

It turns out that monks seem to be better than juggling magicians.

The spirit destroyer came to the magician in an instant, and a string of brilliant physical techniques lifted the magician as a sandbag and hammered it, and the latter shattered and disappeared.

【Yuei Vu, LP 2500 → LP 2300】

“Then at this moment, another effect of Kycoo was also triggered.” Ishizu said, “When Kycoo deals battle damage to the opponent, remove up to two monsters from the opponents graveyard from the game.

I banish the Rapid-Fire Magician and the Magician of Faith! ”

The Ghost Destroyer began to recite the incantation, and the mysterious power transformed by the complex incantation penetrated reality and the underworld, capturing the souls of the two-body monsters in the Yuei Vu graveyard.

Both of them disappeared from the game.

Under the stage, Jonouchi looked anxious: “Hey, isnt this completely helpless”

Sister Shizuka also looked worried: “Is Yuei Vu going to lose”

Speaking of which, Yuei Vu was obviously a stranger to her for the first time, but she felt anxious for him for no reason… It can only be said that people are really visual animals, and their appearance can really add points.

“No!” Jonouchi gritted his teeth, “Yuei Vu is a very strong duelist, I can feel it after fighting against him.

He will definitely be able to think of a way to break the game.”

“Set two cards.” Ishizu said, “I end my turn.”

“Then its my turn, draw!” Yuei Vu said, “First, use a Pot of Greed to draw two cards.

Then I activate Field Spell from your hand – Fusion Gate! In this way, fusion summoning can be performed without Polymerization spell.

“Flip the set card.” Ishizu pointed to a card at her feet, “Quick Play Spell – Mystical Space Typhoon.

Destroy the Fusion Gate.”

The lightning descended, and the whirlwind rolled up, turning into a tornado that rose from the ground and rushed towards the chaotic vortex that opened in midair.

The vortex of the fusion gate was instantly smashed by the storm, and the Spell Card was forcibly ejected from the field area of ​​the Yuei Vu Duel Disk, losing its effectiveness.

“Then I summonElemental HERO Solid Soldier!”

What appeared on the stage was the new hero Yuei Vu had drawn from the system card pool before the game, a warrior covered in sturdy white armor.

[Elemental HERO Solid Soldier, ATK 1300]

“The effect of the Solid Soldier – When this card is Normal Summoned, I can Special Summon 1 Level 4 or lower “HERO” monster from my hand.” Yuei Vu said loudly, “Come on! Elemental HERO Blazeman!”

This time, a hero with flames all over his body appeared.

He had red eyepieces, clenched his fists tightly, and the scorching flames wrapped around him made the air seem to sway.

[Elemental HERO Blazeman, ATK 1200]

“The effect of Blazeman, when the summoning or special summoning is successful, add the Spell CardPolymerization from the deck to the hand.” Yuei Vu said, “Then the Spell Card – Polymerization is activated! Fusion of the Solid Soldier and the Blazeman on the field… …”

“Flip the set card,” Ishizu pointed indifferently to another card beside her, “Counter Trap – Magic Jammer!

Discard a spell card, negate the activation of the spell and destroy it.

Ishizu discarded the cards in her hand, and a magic circle surrounded by pitch-black mist appeared on the field.

Polymerization Spell Card appeared in the center of the magic circle, and the surrounding black mist surged, and the boundless magic power sealed the power of the Spell Card.

It seems that every move of Yuei Vu has been cracked, and all actions are blocked.

But this still did not exceed Yuei Vus expectations.

Yuei Vu stared at Ishizus hand the whole time – here, Ishizus last hand card has been abandoned to the graveyard as the price of “Magic Jammer”.

So far, the resources in her hand have been completely exchanged by Yuei Vu, and there is not a single card left.

However, after the black magic circle disappeared, the ground beside Ishizu suddenly opened a whirlpool.

The incandescent beam of light rose from the ground and rushed straight into the sky.

Yuei Vu frowned.

What is this Is there such a thing in Ishizus deck

“Youve been on the lookout for myExchange of the Spirit, right” Ishizu said suddenly.

Yuei Vu: “…”

“Although I dont know why you know my tactics, Millennium Necklace also told me that you will be prepared for that set of tactics.” Ishizu said lightly, “So this time, I chose another tactic.

The cards in my hand that I discarded when I activatedMagic Jammer just now are monsters with powerful special abilities.

When our side launches a counter-trap, its special ability triggering conditions can be met.

I removed from the game the two Fairy-Type monsters in the graveyard,Agido, andZolga that had been discarded into the graveyard from the previousGraceful Charity, and Special Summoned from the graveyard——

——Sacred Arch-Airknight Parshath! “


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