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【Ishizu, LP 0】

The duel was over, and it was Yuei Vu who won.

In the end, Ishizu didnt do anything, just stood there with her eyes closed and calmly accepted the attack of the Flame Wingman, and her LP returned to zero.

It even made Yuei Vu feel a little strange.

Did it turn out that she really didnt have any hidden tricks anymore

Yuei Vu put away the Duel Disk and stepped forward.

Ishizu opened her eyes and said calmly, “I lost.”

“But you said the end of this duel…”

“It was already doomed, yes.

But I never said it would be me who would win.” Ishizu smiled, “I saw all kinds of futures, all kinds of possibilities.

But about this duel, all results, without exception, are my defeat.”

Yuei Vu: “…”

Thats why she said that the ending was already doomed, and thats what she meant…

Yuei Vu was really curious for a while just now, wondering how Ishizu would make a comeback when she ran out of ammunition and food… After a while, it turned out that she didnt plan to make a comeback in the first place.

“I have tried my best to do my best, but even if I use the power of the Millennium Item, I still cant defeat you.” Ishizu said lightly, “In the end, the Millennium Necklace is just a tool forobserving the future, but it is not I am not allowed to rewrite the future I have seen.

Losing to you here is my destiny and inevitable.

At the same time, I also believe that this is the best arrangement.

Ishizu paused and found a card out of nowhere in her white robe.

“Similarly, the Millennium Necklace has already told me which card you want to take from me,” she said.

“If it can be decisive in the next battle, then take it.”

Yuei Vu took the card she handed over and opened it to see that it was exactly the one he wanted.

Trap card, Exchange of the Spirit.

How rare was it

In the animation, even a card-playing master like President Kaiba has never seen this card.

It was suspected to be a special edition for the Tomb-Keeper family, and its rarity is evident.

“But there is one more thing I need to ask you.” Ishizu said seriously, “or you can take this as my personal request.”

Yuei Vu had guessed it somewhat: “Is it about your brother, Marik”

“Well.” Ishizu nodded, “In the future I see, almost all endings lead to the destruction of our Tomb Keeper… or even worse, others may be implicated.”

As she said that, her eyes flashed, and her eyes were full of hope when she looked at Yuei Vu.

“But you are different, and I see the possibility of you defeating Marik and saving him from the darkness,” she said.

Yuei Vu pondered for a moment, then nodded: “I see.

As long as the situation allows, I will do my best.”

Anyway, if he did bump into Marik, he wouldnt be able to let it go.

If he played a Shadow Game with Marik, he must show the strongest trump card in his hand.

After all, he would disappear if he lost in a fight with this guy, so there was no room to hide.

Marik watched Yuei Vu chatting with his sister in the audience, and he couldnt help frowning – Yuei Vu and his sister were standing too close, and the sound of the wind was too loud, thus he couldnt hear what the two were talking about.

Of course, he didnt see what card his sister gave Yuei Vu.

But Marik didnt care.

“Humph! It doesnt matter what it is, there is no way in the world to defeat theThe Winged Dragon of Ra in my hands!”

And for some reason, when Marik saw this nasty boy whispering so close to his sister, saying something that he couldnt hear, he felt a wave of anger!

Thinking of the card and the Duel Disk that Ghouls lost in Yuei Vus hands, he couldnt help but get even angrier!

I must revenge for this!

The six-year-old thought angrily and glared at Yuei Vu when he stepped off the stage.

“Amazing!” Jonouchi quickly stepped forward and patted Yuei Vu on the shoulder enthusiastically, “You are really strong!”

Next to him, President Kaiba smiled and snorted, pretending not to care about Yuei Vus promotion, but when he glanced out of the corner of his eyes, he also had the expression “As expected of a man I recognize.”

“The third duel!” Judge Isono raised his arms and shouted from the stage, “The contestant is Seto Kaiba… President!

Against Jonouchi Katsuya! ”

Maybe it was because he felt that it was inappropriate to call the boss by his name, so the referee, who had a strong desire to survive, wisely added the title of “President” when he called Kaiba.

Kaiba flicked the windbreaker behind him, walked onto the stage in a dashing manner, and snorted: “Its boring, is my opponent actually a mere horse bone”

Jonouchi, who had just jumped onto the battle platform, hummed while moving his muscles and bones: “Finally, its time for me to show! Kaiba, wash your neck and wait, you are the eleventh duelist who made me serious!”

Among the audience, Anzu covered her face: “Why isthe eleventh duelist Such a scattered number…”

Honda also showed a painful expression: “Maybe…because it seems more convincing…”

“Hmph, sure enough, idiots cant feel the pressure” Kaiba hummed disdainfully, “Even if I win, it wont give me any sense of accomplishment…

…but thats fine.

Just let you see how big the gap in strength is between us! ”

“Duel!” x2

The Battle City quarterfinals, which have deviated from the original, officially kicked off the third game.

First of all, according to the special rules of the Kaiba Corps competition, the referee Isono announced that his own president will take the lead…

…Well, of course, its still a random decision for the Duel Disk.

President Kaiba summoned a handsome Hunter Dragon (1700 attack power), and set two cards in the Spell Trap Zone before directly announcing the end of the turn.

President Kaiba has a “Just as planned” smile on his face——

——The cards he set on the field were “Crush Card Virus” and “Shrink”.

When Jonouchi attacked, Kaiba would use the Quick-Play spell “Shrink” to halve the attack power of his own monster to less than 1000.

Then, when a monster with an ATK of 1000 or less was attacked, Kaiba can further activate the “Crush Card Virus” to destroy all monsters with an ATK of 1500 or more in Jonouchis hand, field, and deck.

This was the most classic deck destruction chain of President Kaiba.

As long as this combo went through, most of the decks in Yu-Gi-Oh! DM would be scrapped.

President Kaiba had an expression “You will never see through my high-end tactics”.

Yuei Vu saw through everything: “Deck-destroying virus.”

Snow Wave also saw through it at a glance: “Isnt it just Crush Card Virus”

Yugi also found a problem: “This formation… Did Kaiba really use the tactics of the virus card”


Well, in fact, only the president himself thought that his combo was the hidden trump card.

After all, this combo has been used from episode 23 of Yu-Gi-Oh to the finale, and he didnt even consider updating it.

Any new villain popped up and knew the Presidents tactics, so except for the first time against Yugi, this combo never succeeded in the animation…

Jonouchi calmly and cautiously looked at the situation on the Kaibas field, his brain was running at full speed, and he thought carefully.

“There is a monster on the Kaiba field… two set cards…”

Yugi looked at the pondering expression of Jonouchi on the stage, and couldnt help nodding in approval.

Very good, even Jonouchi realized that something was wrong…

“…This is an opportunity to attack!” Jonouchi said loudly, “Very good! I summon theGearfried the Iron Knight with an attack power of 1800! Gearfried, attack Hunter Dragon!”



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