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Everyone have already guessed what the two set cards were, but our Jonouchi just didnt play cards according to the routine.

Isnt it just two pits I am not a coward!

Jonouchi may have pretended not to see it, launched an attack directly, caught Kaiba by surprise, and made him too panic to activate his trap…

…… Well, this author really couldnt make it up.

“Hahaha, as expected, horse bone is still horse bone.

You have stepped on my trap! Open set card: Shrink! Halve my monsters attack power!

Then I activate Trap Card – Crush Card Virus! Tribute the Hunter Dragon whose ATK has been dropped below 1000 on my field, and destroy all your monsters with an ATK of 1500 or more! ”

Jonouchi was shocked: “What! There is such a thing!”

“Hahaha, in this way, all monsters with ATK above 1500 in your field, hand, and deck will be destroyed!” Kaiba laughed with arms crossed, “You are finished!”

Jonouchi obviously didnt think about the set card at all.

His dueling style has always been so simple and rude – thats the end of the matter, and everything else was left to chance.

In this way, the duel was completely caught in the pace of the Kaiba.

Kaibas deck was mainly based on high attack suppression, and most of his monsters had an attack power of 1800 upwards.

In the next turn, the president casually summoned Vorse Raider with an attack power of 1900 to attack directly, making Jonouchi groan in frustration – there was no monster with such a high attack power left in his entire deck.


Kaiba didnt appreciate Jonouchi at first, and now that Jonouchi stepped into this trap, he didnt feel the need to take this duel seriously.

Your deck is doomed, how can you beat me What can a horse bone do to solve my Vorse Raider

If you can use a low-star monster to turn the table today, I, Kaiba Seto, will immediately turn my head and jump off the Battle Ship on the spot!

Jonouchis next turn: “…Okay! Ill summonSwordsman of Landstar (ATK 500), and then activate a Spell Card – Graceful Dice! Roll a six-sided die and select 1 monster with 500 or less ATK.

Multiply its ATK by the number rolled.!

……The dice rolled five! Swordsman of Landstars attack power becomes 2500.

Attack Kaibas Vorse Raider! ”

The small swordsman swelled rapidly under the influence of the Spell Card and split Vorse Raider in two with a slash.

Kaiba: “…”

Well, it may be inevitable that there will be occasional unexpected situations during the duel…

“Hmph, is this what people calledbeginners luck” Kaiba pretended that nothing happened, with a look of indifference, “But your deck has been destroyed by the destruction virus of death, can you still rely on this accidental dog ** luck to win the duel”

Jonouchi said in his heart: Oh, you dont understand this, President.

Not only do I have to rely on dog ** luck to win this duel, but Ive always relied on it from the preliminaries to the promotion…

President Kaiba was very angry and decided to get serious.

Then it was the presidents turn.

He took out an “Enemy Controller” directly, summoned a gamepad, and entered the cheat command – Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, then paid 1000 LP to take control of “Swordsman of Landstar”.

Then Kaiba used the spell card Cost Down to reduce the level of the monster in his hand, and then used the Swordsman of Landstar as a sacrifice to tribute summon!

“My strongest servant!” President Kaiba raised his finger to the sky and shouted loudly, “Blue-Eyes White Dragon!”

The bright light bloomed, and the white dragon descended.

The huge dragon of light spread its wings and landed on the Kaibas field, roaring at Jonouchi!

“Its your honor to be buried by the white dragon!” Kaiba shouted, “Blue-Eyes White Dragon, direct attack! Burst Stream of Destruction!”

The Blue-Eyes White Dragons attack power was as high as 3000, while Jonouchi only had 2100 LP left after being attacked by the Vorse Raider in the last turn.

In this way, Jonouchis journey in Battle City would come to an end.

…if he didnt set a dubious card on the last turn.

“Open the set card!” Jonouchi waved his hand, and the trap at his feet activated immediately, “Trap Card – Graverobber! This card allows me to use a card.

in the opponents graveyard.

What I want to use is… Enemy Controller! ”

“What!” Kaiba was taken aback.

“I will use another effect of Enemy Controller- pay 1000 LP to destroy a monster on the opponents field!”

Graverobber snatched the card from Kaibas graveyard, and the game controller appeared in front of Jonouchi, who followed the example of Kaiba and entered the cheating command.

So the Blue-Eyes White Dragon that just debuted exploded directly on the spot.

His wife was taken down as soon as she was summoned, no wonder why President Kaiba was so angry that his eyes were almost split.

However, he never thought that this was just the beginning.

In the next turn, Jonouchi played a Monster Reborn, and directly resurrected the Blue-Eyes White Dragon that was blasted into the cemetery in the previous round to his field.

– Kaibas wife was summoned by Jonouchi!

This time, President Kaiba almost vomited blood in anger…

“Blue-Eyes White Dragon attack!” Jonouchi waved his hand, “Burst Stream of Destruction!”

But unfortunately, his counterattack was blocked by Kaibas trap card “Counter Gate”.

The president was so angry that he trembled all over: “You bastard… how dare… how dare you…”

He snorted and said viciously: “Blue-Eyes White Dragon, rather than let you be manipulated by that horse bone, it is better for me to destroy you with my own hands!”

In his turn, the president played a Card of Demise to replenish his hand, then directly slapped the spell card Ancient Rules, which allowed him to Special Summon 1 Level 5 or higher Normal Monster from his hand.

Of course, what he wanted to summon was…

… – Blue Eyes White Dragon No.


Kaiba didnt hesitate at all and directly ordered the second Blue-Eyes White Dragon to attack the one on Jonouchis field.

The two white dragons destroyed each other, and both disappeared from the field.

This gave Jonouchi a sore face.

“By the way, why is that kid Kaiba so angry” he whispered, “Isnt it just playing a card Is it because I stole his Blue-Eyes White Dragon”

I dont understand, I dont understand at all…

“Monster Reborn is not your monopoly.” Kaiba smiled and played a card from his hand, “… Activate Spell Card – Monster Reborn!”

“What!” Jonouchi was shocked.

“Blue-Eyes White Dragon! Come back to your rightful master!”

The White Dragon of Light has come again, letting out a roar like breaking through the sky.

Kaiba folded his arms and laughed.

“Strong! Invincible! Strongest!” he shouted, “This is the ultimate power of the White Dragon! Shatter that horse bone for me! Burst Stream of Destruction!”

What followed was another classic three-segment laugh, as if the president was very happy every time he summoned the Blue-Eyes White Dragon…

In this way, the president seemed to be quite generous.

At this moment, it seemed that he has already forgiven White Brides adultery in the last turn…

At this time, Jonouchi no longer had any means of defending against the White Dragons attack, so he could only take this blow head-on.

【Jonouchi, LP 0】

So far, the third knockout duel has ended.


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