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The knockout round of the Battle City was still in full swing, and the dueling airship also continued to march.

It could be said that Kaiba really put a lot of effort into this competition, and actually built such a flamboyant airship to serve as the competition venue.

And judging from the performance of the Kaiba, even this airship did not seem to be the final venue for the finals.

While the competition was in progress, the airship will continue to travel and fly to another specially arranged competition venue in Kaiba.

……Could you really believe that you had to play cards while flying in the sky

Whats even more unbelievable was that after spending so much money on such a big battle, but from the promotion game to the quarter-finals, not even one ticket was sold.

Only the semi-finals on the Duel Tower would be broadcasted online.

President Kaibas exaggerated effort could be compared to the determination to grab the news headlines of Grandpa Suzuki of the studio next door… (1)

It could also be seen from this that the president was willing to spend all this money on competitions purely for personal interest.

To put it bluntly, it was a card addiction.

From the beginning, he never thought about making money back.

The reason why the semi-finals were broadcasted 80% was to satisfy the presidents desire to show off his Obelisk to duelists all over the world, and by the way, let the world see the moment he defeated Yugi and won the title of Duel King.

Of course, “Kaiba cant beat Yugi” was the natural law of the Yu-Gi-Oh world, so the president still lost at the end of the animation.

Spending so much money on this game, but the president still didnt get the Duel King title, and the God card was also lost.

It was quite a tragic loss.

The quarterfinals were not played one after another, and there was actually a short break between each game.

Players could use this period of time to modify the deck and adjust tactics before they played.

In addition, sometimes after a duel, the contestants may be shocked or even wounded due to various force majeure factors.

Therefore, President Kaiba wisely arranged a medical team on the dueling boat in advance.

After all, as we all knew, dueling was a very high-risk sport that could kill you.

However, when the third game between Jonouchi and Kaiba was underway, Marik did not show up to watch the game.

Like Kaiba, Marik also felt that Jonouchi was just a “duelist with little talent”.

He felt that there was no suspense in this game and there was nothing to see.

In addition, he had more important things to do now.

While everyone was watching the battle on the airship deck, Marik silently left his room, passed through most of the airship, and came to the door of the infirmary.

The metal door panel automatically slid open in front of him, and Marik walked into the room with a gloomy smile on his face, holding a Millennium Rod in his hand.

Lying on the bed was Bakura, who was lost in the Shadow Game and fell into a deep coma for unknown reasons.

Marik laughed and walked up with the rode in his hand, his expression was very wretched, as if he wanted to take advantage of the empty infirmary to seize the opportunity to find the unconscious Bakura…

He walked to the head of the bed and rudely lifted the sheet that was covering Bakuras body, suddenly revealing the…

…the Millennium Ring.

Heck, what were you thinking Marik was a serious villain.

You should remember that he brainwashed the pure and beautiful Miss Anzu for so long in the animation, and made her obey his words like a puppet.

However, all he ordered Anzu to do during the period was to wander around, run errands, send a message…

… nothing else.

From this, it could be seen that Marik Ishtar was a villain with good morals and no filth in his thoughts.

He was not a cheap netizen who was crazy about “mind break”, “netorare” as soon as seeing the brainwashing plot…

So here, Marik was just staring at Bakuras Millennium Ring.

However, he didnt expect that Bakura – or the Great Evil God Zorc – suddenly woke up at this moment.

The Millennium Ring released a golden glow and bounced Marik away from the bed.

Bakura sat up alertly and looked directly at Marik, with “What do you want to do” written all over his face.

Marik narrowed his eyes: “You bastard… Didnt your soul get wiped out after losing in the Shadow Game”

“Hmph.” Bakura snorted proudly, “Who do you think I am Its just a Shadow Game.”

Marik frowned and said nothing.

Losing in the Shadow Game yet being able to escape the punishment of the game… Its not that he hasnt heard of such a thing, but he has never seen it with his own eyes.

In fact, Shadow Games were a bit idealistic.

Compared with physical power, mental power was the key.

For example, laser beams had no effect on Yami Marik when he was holding the Millennium Rod, and he can blow up a large number of automatic defense robots equipped with various advanced thermal weapons with a single wave.

(Noah arc)

However, even if his dark power level was so high, his Shadow Game could not punish the invincible Jonouchi.

After being knocked down in the duel with Marik, Jonouchi got out of the hospital bed in a short time and jumped alive.

However, the Bakura in front of Mariks eyes was completely different.

Bakura was unaffected not because of his mental strength, but simply because he was too powerful.

This guy was the one with the most defeats in the Shadow Game in the entire anime.

This guy lost to Yugi several times, lost to Yami Marik once, and ate the direct bombardment of Slifer the Sky Dragon and The Winged Dragon of Ra in the Shadow Game…

…… However, he could still continue to do things next time.

“Hey, were teammates, arent we” Bakura sneered, “What do you mean by sneaking up on me”

“Hmph, because I changed my mind.” Marik said, “You who lost to Yugi seem to be not strong enough, I have no reason to continue to cooperate with you.

But your Millennium Ring does hide quite a powerful force that might help me.

“Does that mean youre going to steal it” Bakura sneered.

“Yes.” Marik raised the Millennium Rod with a confident look on his face.

At this time, Marik obviously did not realize the seriousness of the problem…

“Come on then!” Bakura showed a grim smile, and the ring hanging on his chest showed a golden glow.

In fact, playing cards was not the specialty of the great evil god Zorc, and in the original work, he almost never won when playing cards with any important character…

But hitting people directly was his specialty.

Back in the Duelist Kingdom, Bakura used brute force to rip the Millennium Eye out of the eyes of Pegasus, the founder of Duel Monster, and skipped the card-playing process very tactfully.

As expected, Marik was completely suppressed by the power of the Millennium Ring not long after the battle between the two holders.

“…How is it possible!” Marik was shocked, “Such a huge dark force…is actually stronger than the last time we fought! What kind of character is he Could it be that the power of the Millennium Ring is greater than that of my Millennium Rod”

Not only he couldnt beat others at poker, but now he also didnt seem to be able to fight directly!

“Hey hey hey.”

Bakura smiled smugly, pressing step by step, the Millennium Ring released a majestic and terrifying energy, like a stormy sea that filled the entire room.

Marik gritted his teeth and could only barely maintain a layer of golden transparent protective shield to resist, but the man had been forced to the corner.

Weak, poor, and helpless.

He even wanted to shout…

…dont come here! ! !

But he still had a chance!

Even if his dark power was no match to the opponent, the Millennium Rod also had special abilities that the Millennium Ring did not have!

Seeing that Bakura felt that the victory was in his hands, his vigilance seemed to have relaxed, Mariks pupils shrank, and the Millennium Rod was handed forward—

–Its now!

The light of the artifact carried Mariks consciousness and sent out a stab, penetrating the defense line of the Millennium Ring unpreparedly.

The target was… Bakuras brain!

Bakura suddenly realized that there was a foreign mind intruding, he was startled, and said with a grim expression, “You bastard!”

“Hahahaha!” Marik, who had broken into Bakuras consciousness space, laughed loudly, “Bakura, Im in!”

TLs note:


Jirokichi Suzuki, a character in Detective Conan (Case Closed).


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